Where can you find a mortgage broker?

As the UK housing market continues to grow based on new building developments and various government supported house buying schemes, the number of qualified mortgage advisors has risen to cater for a greater demand. This should make finding a mortgage broker you trust easier as there are so many to choose from.

Firstly, you can use our whole of market mortgage specialist search form which can help you find a fully qualified broker in your area. This will give you plenty of options, but you will need to look at a few brokers to see which you will get on with before choosing one.

Alternatively, most high street banks, building societies and estate agents will be able to arrange for you to sit down with one of their own mortgage advisors at a time and date suitable for you, although a bank or building society mortgage broker is unlikely to be whole of market and will only be able to offer you their employers mortgage products.

How to tell if you've found the right mortgage broker?

It may be that you hit it off with the first broker you speak to, which is fine, but ideally you should speak to a few so you can gauge whether or not that broker really is the one for you.

You need to be able to trust your broker, to find out exactly what you need to know, and have the ins and outs of your mortgage explained to you in a way you understand.

If you find a great mortgage broker who has swept you off your feet with their charm, take a moment and make sure that they're fully qualified and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority before you start reeling off all of your personal information.

If you're not sure what type of questions you should ask a mortgage advisor to make sure you pick the right one for you, read our guide How To Interview Your Mortgage Broker Before They Start Your Search.

Should you rely on the opinions of others?

If you have friends who have used a mortgage broker already and had a good experience, then it is worthwhile taking their advice on whether he/she is a good broker. Having said that, what works for them may not work for you - we are all different - so you will still need to be sure you get what you want from the broker.

Making your final decision

Ultimately, you need to feel comfortable with the mortgage broker you choose, and feel that you can trust them. If you feel that a mortgage broker doesn't explain things properly to you, or who drags their heels when it comes to arranging the mortgage then consider finding another mortgage advisor.

Finding an efficient mortgage advisor is also vital or you could lose out on a property altogether if they are too slow in dealing with your application.

If you aren't able to find a mortgage broker you trust, read our guide Mortgage Broker or Direct Deal for an alternative approach to taking out a mortgage.