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Our guides show you the best ways to make your money go further and work harder. They contain all the latest financial information and are set out clearly to help you make smart decisions.

Money insights

Latest insights into what's going on behind the headlines, and what you can do to make your cash work harder for you from the money.co.uk team:

Piggy bank with Santa hat and festive scarf.
01 December 2023

12 ways to avoid overspending in December

Here’s how to have a stress-free Christmas and enjoy the festivities without breaking the bank.

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Houses of Parliament and Big Ben, London
24 November 2023

What the Autumn Statement means for your savings

ISAs had a moment in the spotlight with some key changes coming in 2024.

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A laptop surrounded by Christmas decorations with someone writing a shopping list.
10 November 2023

8 savvy saving tips for Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Savers will need to prepare to make sure they get the best deal.

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Bank of England building
02 November 2023

How the unchanged base rate could impact your savings

The Bank of England decided to hold the base rate at 5.25% for another month.

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Calendar with 'no spend day' written on the 16th day and a blue circle around it.
01 November 2023

How to save £500 in one month for last minute Christmas shopping

Savings challenges are going viral but do they really work?

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Man and woman in a kitchen looking at a computer screen.
27 October 2023

The top easy access savings accounts with 5% interest

Rates on easy access accounts remain competitive, enticing savers to move their money from low interest accounts.

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Latest guides

See our most recently published comprehensive guides to money matters across all categories:

Top view owe, mortgage asian woman, female sitting on floor home, stressed calculate expense from bills, no money pay in mark circle deadline on calendar.Debt, bankruptcy or bankrupt person concept.
15 June 2022

How long does bankruptcy stay on your credit report?

Becoming bankrupt is one way of dealing with debts, but it will affect your credit rating. Here we explain everything you need to know.

It does clear eventually
Bearded man with glasses looking at his phone
15 June 2022

How long does a CCJ stay on your credit report?

As if having a county court judgment issued against you isn’t bad enough, the fact that it’ll damage your credit score is no laughing matter. Here we look at the effect a county court judgment can have on your financial prospects and what you can do about it.

How long it will take
A woman in glasses at a desk in an office investigating
15 June 2022

How do credit reference agencies work?

Credit reference agencies are the go-to places for banks and other lenders after they get requests for credit from the likes of you and me. This is why it’s important to know who they are and how they work

What they already know about you
Black man voter in polling election
15 June 2022

How to check if you are on the electoral roll

Registering to vote doesn’t just mean you can exercise your rights and get a say in who runs the country – it has fairly hefty financial benefits too. Here’s what you need to know

How to check the electoral roll
Woman sitting and thinking near table at home. Businesswoman working online during the quarantine. Self isolation. Networking. Online education. Coronavirus. Crisis. Researching. Debt.
15 June 2022

How to deal with defaults on your debt

If you fail to make debt payments on time, you could be issued with a default. Here’s what you need to know about them and what to do next

What to do after a default
Woman paying with her phone in a shop using a contactless payment terminal
24 May 2022

How card payment terminals work

Payment terminals, or card payment machines, are a handy way to pay for goods and services while you’re out and about. Here we explain all about payment card readers - including how to get one for your business.

What's going on behind the screen

Research and reports

At money.co.uk we don't just report the news, we also carry out our own research and investigations to help make better sense of personal finance. Here are our latest reports:

Bill, invoice, tax man laptop
20 February 2023

What missing a single payment can ultimately cost you

What happens if you're late to a payment, or miss one entirely, and how long you have to fix it before the cost start piling up

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Pile of cash
18 January 2023

Millions of Brits could cut £767.63 from their credit card costs with one move

The average credit card holder can make themselves £767.63 better off in 2023 if they move to the right deal - but most aren’t planning to.

What to check
22 December 2022

UK personal debt rose a third in 2022

Spiralling bills and costs have seen the average adult’s debt (not counting mortgages) in the UK rise from £25,879 to £34,566 (£8,687) in 2022, with four in five adults revealing they will start the new year in debt, up from three in five in 2021.

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Shopping with a credit card - how to get the best credit card rewards
09 December 2022

Brits missing millions of pounds a month by using the wrong cards

More than 5 in 6 shop purchases are now carried out by card, the British Retail Consortium has found - how to make money from yours

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icon representing Money’s news article
17 November 2022

Workers pay the price for pension and benefit rises

In the wake of Chancellor Jeremy Hunt's Autumn Statement, financial experts at money.co.uk have asked whether it's fair for workers to be paying more while pensioners and other benefit claimants get cost-of-living rises.

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20 July 2022

Inflation rockets to 9.4%

Britain’s cost of living crisis is deepening by the day and there’s a growing expectation that things are about to get a whole lot worse.

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