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Our guides show you the best ways to make your money go further and work harder. They contain all the latest financial information and are set out clearly to help you make smart decisions.

Money insights

Latest insights into what's going on behind the headlines, and what you can do to make your cash work harder for you from the money.co.uk team:

Three wooden blocks with percentage symbol, one is green and has a man's finger on it.
01 February 2024

The top interest rates for savers as the base rate remains at 5.25%

There are still competitive deals on savings accounts as the Bank of England decides to hold the base rate at 5.25%.

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Couple on tropical island holiday relax in the sun on their deck chairs under a yellow umbrella.
30 January 2024

How to save up to £3,024 for a winter sun holiday in 2025

Start planning now and you’ll be able to hop on a plane and enjoy sunnier climes next January.

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Women sitting on a sofa smiling at a laptop
16 January 2024

How to get a savings account above 6%

Switching current accounts could unlock an impressive interest rate on your savings

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Selling items online
09 January 2024

How New Tax Rules Could Impact Your Side Hustle Profits

New side hustle tax rules mean it’s very important to keep a clear record of any additional income.

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Smiling couple sitting together at home looking at bills and paperwork
05 January 2024

Savings rates peaked six months ago - but what does this mean for 2024?

Fixed-rate savings had interest rates above 6% last year, compared to today’s top rate of 5.30%.

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Christmas presents and Christmas tree decorations on a table with a notepad that says '2024 goals'.
18 December 2023

7 new year resolutions for saving money in 2024

From starting a rainy day fund to making the most of high-interest savings accounts, here are some financial resolutions to try next year.

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Latest guides

See our most recently published comprehensive guides to money matters across all categories:

23 February 2024

What Is Compound Interest?

Compound interest can significantly increase your saving and investment returns. Find out more with our five-minute guide to compounding interest.

Find out how are investments taxed
23 February 2024

How Much Can You Put in an Isa?

ISAs are a tax-efficient way to save, but it’s important to understand how ISA allowances work.

Find out how are investments taxed
22 February 2024

Are Stocks And Shares ISAs Worth It?

A stocks and shares ISA can be a great way to grow your savings – especially over the longer term. Find out if they’re right for you with our quick guide.

Find out how are investments taxed
21 February 2024

Is It A Good Time To Invest In Stocks And Shares?

Predicting the best time to invest in stocks and shares is almost impossible. It's more about your appetite for risk and reward.

Find out how are investments taxed
18 January 2024

How Often Can You Switch Bank Accounts?

Everyone hopes they open the right account, but what if the one you settle on isn’t up to scratch? The simple answer is to switch bank accounts.

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17 January 2024

What is a Standing Order?

Anyone with a bank account can set up standing orders to take care of regular payments. In this guide, we explain how they work and why they’re a good idea.

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Research and reports

At money.co.uk we don't just report the news, we also carry out our own research and investigations to help make better sense of personal finance. Here are our latest reports:

Bill, invoice, tax man laptop
20 February 2023

What missing a single payment can ultimately cost you

What happens if you're late to a payment, or miss one entirely, and how long you have to fix it before the cost start piling up

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Pile of cash
18 January 2023

Millions of Brits could cut £767.63 from their credit card costs with one move

The average credit card holder can make themselves £767.63 better off in 2023 if they move to the right deal - but most aren’t planning to.

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22 December 2022

UK personal debt rose a third in 2022

Spiralling bills and costs have seen the average adult’s debt (not counting mortgages) in the UK rise from £25,879 to £34,566 (£8,687) in 2022, with four in five adults revealing they will start the new year in debt, up from three in five in 2021.

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Shopping with a credit card - how to get the best credit card rewards
09 December 2022

Brits missing millions of pounds a month by using the wrong cards

More than 5 in 6 shop purchases are now carried out by card, the British Retail Consortium has found - how to make money from yours

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17 November 2022

Workers pay the price for pension and benefit rises

In the wake of Chancellor Jeremy Hunt's Autumn Statement, financial experts at money.co.uk have asked whether it's fair for workers to be paying more while pensioners and other benefit claimants get cost-of-living rises.

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20 July 2022

Inflation rockets to 9.4%

Britain’s cost of living crisis is deepening by the day and there’s a growing expectation that things are about to get a whole lot worse.

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