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Compare Turkish lira exchange rates offered by online travel money providers and you could save time and get more cash to take on your trip to Turkey.

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Compare Turkish lira exchange rates from leading providers

Looking through a range of options gives you more chance of securing a great deal. You'll only find results from genuine companies. Our data experts check each company before we add them to our comparisons.

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How to compare Turkish lira exchange rate


Run an exchange rate comparison

Some lenders and brokers only operate digitally, so comparing quotes online is a must if you want the best Turkish lira exchange rate and transfer deal.


Compare your options

Look for the most favourable exchange rate and the lowest transfer fees. Focus on the overall cost and not just the exchange rate to find the best offer.


Choose delivery options

Picking up your money at the airport can save on delivery fees but check that it will arrive in time for your trip. Once you have the right deal, it’s time to exchange your money.

View Turkish lira exchange deals

Actual rates may differ due to the fluctuating nature of currency exchange. For the latest rate please check with the provider.

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Getting the best Turkish lira exchange rate

Compare as many exchange rates as possible, but remember to look for:

  • the highest exchange rate

  • any delivery charges

Some companies do not charge for delivery, and others cut the cost if you order over a set amount.

Here are more ways to find the best deal on Turkish lira.

Where can I buy Turkish lira?

  • Compare deals online: rates are usually better online, and you can have your currency delivered straight to your door

  • Search on the high street: you can still find a good exchange rate and take your Turkish lira home with you immediately

  • Buy at the airport (in the UK or abroad): these exchange rates are not always competitive, so only use airport exchanges in an emergency

  • Withdraw Turkish lira from an ATM in Turkey: the exchange rate can be quite good but be careful not to get stung by foreign usage fees on your card

What is the Turkish lira?

It is the national currency of Turkey but it’s also used in Northern Cyprus. Each Turkish lira () is made up of 100 kurus (pronounced “koo-roosh”).

What coins and notes can you get?

The Turkish lira comes in a range of denominations, including:

  • Kurus coins: 5, 10, 25 and 50

  • Lira notes: 5, 10, 20, 50, 100 and 200

There are no customs limits on the amount of Turkish lira you can take into Turkey. When you order Turkish lira online, you won’t receive coins, only notes.

Can I use old Turkish lira?

In December 2003, Turkey decided to replace its existing currency with a new one, which would also be called the lira. This was done to redenominate the currency and make it more manageable. One million old lira would equal one new lira.

This new Turkish lira was introduced in January 2005. By December 2005, the old Turkish lira was no longer valid. This means that any Turkish lira you may still have from trips prior to the 2005 change are no longer legal tender. If you want to spend cash in Turkey, you need to take the new Turkish lira with you.

Turkish lira FAQs

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