Current account guides

Whether you are looking for your first current account, one with bonus rewards or a high-interest current account, our current account guides contain everything you need to get the best account.

How Often Can You Switch Bank Accounts?

Everyone hopes they open the right account, but what if the one you settle on isn’t up to scratch? The simple answer is to switch bank accounts.

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What is a Standing Order?

Anyone with a bank account can set up standing orders to take care of regular payments. In this guide, we explain how they work and why they’re a good idea.

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What is a Direct Debit?

Direct Debits are the easiest way to schedule vital monthly payments, such as your rent, mortgage and utility bills, and ensure they go out of your current account on time.

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What Different Types Of Bank Accounts Are Available To You?

Money management is essential, and the right bank account will ensure your cash is safe and working for you. Make sure you open the right one with our guide.

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How to Pay Off Your Overdraft Fast

A large overdraft can be crippling, especially if your bank blocks further payments. Here’s how to pay off your overdraft debt quickly.

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How to Switch Bank Accounts

Discover how to save money and get better customer service by switching bank accounts.

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Can You Switch Banks With an Overdraft?

You don’t need to panic if your overdraft has got out of hand. Instead, shop around for a current account that charges less and switch bank.

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How to rescue your finances if you've been refused a bank account

It's hard to imagine life without a current account, but this is the stark reality for thousands of Brits. We look at what alternatives are out there if you can't get a bank account.

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Hand writing a cheque

How to write a cheque

If you don’t know how to write a cheque already, that’s probably because it’s a dying art. But, now and then, the need arises. So here’s a simple guide to help you out.

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Is debit card protection the same as for credit cards?

Purchases made on your credit card offer you some protection, but the rules for debit cards are different. Here is how the Chargeback scheme provides protection for your debit card.

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What is a packaged current account?

You can get rewards with some bank accounts for a monthly fee. The benefits can be cost effective and convenient, but only if it is the cheapest option. Here is how to check.

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Current account or savings account: which is right for you?

Current accounts and savings accounts are the two main types of account on offer from banks and building societies - but what exactly is the difference between the two and which type of account is right for you?

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a cluster of credit cards

When should you use a credit card or debit card?

When it comes to credit cards vs. debit cards, is one better than the other? Each has its advantages, so it's useful to know when to use one over the other.

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What is interest?

Borrowing costs money. A lender will usually charge a borrower a percentage of the money lent, rather than a flat fee. This is called interest. This guide covers the basics of how interest works, what it is and what it means for your finances.

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