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It can be expensive and distressing when your pet is injured or ill. The best pet insurance can offer you peace of mind by covering your vet bills if something goes wrong. And the benefits don't stop there.

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Direct Line
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Why get pet insurance?

Your pet is part of the family, so it can be a worrying and stressful - not to mention costly – experience if something happens to them.

The right pet insurance can cover the cost of trying to put things right and provide some welcome peace of mind in the face of expensive bills that you may run-up in the process. With your insurance covering your pet's vet bills, you can focus on making sure they get the care and attention they need.


Accident-only pet insurance covers your pet's injuries if they have an accident. It's the cheapest type of pet insurance with the most basic cover. Some policies give limited vet fee cover if your pet becomes ill due to an accident.


A time-limited pet insurance policy lets you claim for a specific condition for a set time period – usually one year. Once the time period set out in your policy has expired, you have to pay to treat your pet's condition yourself.


A max-benefit pet insurance policy lets you claim for vet treatment along with a defined set of other costs up to a set limit – for example, £8,000. Your insurer won't pay out for any losses once your costs exceed that limit.


Lifetime cover is the most comprehensive type of pet insurance. It is also the most expensive. It lets you claim up to a set amount, such as £12,000, for each year of your pet's life, for any condition they suffer.

How to get a pet insurance quote


Compare our pet insurance deals

Choose the deal from our table that best suits your lifestyle and the needs of your pet.


Tell your chosen provider about your pet

Fill out the quote form with your chosen provider. This will include details such as your pet's age and breed.


Tell your chosen provider about yourself

Your provider will likely need certain details, such as your address and phone number.


Adjust for the level of cover you need

Tell your provider how much cover you will need to meet the cost of for your pet's vet bills.


Choose the best policy for your pet

Purchase your pet insurance policy, or select an alternative provider to compare quotes.

Pet insurance deals

12 results found, sorted by affiliated products first. How we order our comparisons. Commission earned affects the table's sort order.
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ManyPets Pet Insurance
New cover starts for pets aged from
4 weeks
Maximum vet fees
£15,000 a year
15% multi-pet discount
ManyPets Pet Insurance
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Maximum pet valueUnlimited
Available online
UK resident
Maximum cat age when cover startsUnlimited
Minimum cat age when cover starts4 weeks
Maximum dog age when cover startsUnlimited
Minimum dog age when cover starts4 weeks
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Waggel Pet Insurance
New cover starts for pets aged from
8 weeks
Maximum vet fees
£10,000 a year
Introductory discount
Waggel Pet Insurance
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Waggel offer a comprehensive Lifetime policy that covers reoccurring conditions and includes dental. It allows you to adjust the coverage and excess so that you can find a price to suit your budget.
Maximum pet valueUnlimited
Available online
UK resident
Maximum cat age when cover startsUnlimited
Minimum cat age when cover starts8 weeks
Maximum dog age when cover startsUnlimited
Minimum dog age when cover starts8 weeks
Pet Insurance Provider of the Year: Moneyfacts Consumer Awards 2020
The Insurance Emporium Pet Insurance
New cover starts for pets aged from
5 weeks
Maximum vet fees
£8,000 per condition a year
10% multi-pet discount & 20% introductory discount
The Insurance Emporium Pet Insurance
Voted Pet Insurance Provider of the Year at the Moneyfacts Consumer Awards 2020. Tailor your policy with Optional Benefits to suit your needs and budget. 20% Introductory Discount available for the first year of cover, T&Cs apply.
Some policies from this insurer may not let you claim on the same condition again once your policy has been renewed.
This is an insurance broker.
Maximum pet valueUnlimited
Available online
UK resident
Maximum cat age when cover startsUnlimited
Minimum cat age when cover starts5 weeks
Maximum dog age when cover startsUnlimited
Minimum dog age when cover starts5 weeks

Pet insurance is designed to cover the cost of vet treatment for your pet if they have the misfortune to have an accident or become sick. It can also cover the costs of recovering your pet if they are stolen or stray. Dog owners can also get cover against any injury their animal might cause to other people or their property.

Your pet is likely to require a trip to the vet at some point in their life. It might be because they get a little over-adventurous and have an accident, or just because they need a routine check-up. Pet insurance lets pet owners save themselves from paying any surprise costs out of their own pockets.

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What you get with your policy will depend on the type of policy and level of cover you choose. This means that you need to work out how much cover you need before you compare pet insurance quotes or purchase a policy.

If you want cheap pet insurance, you may be tempted to settle for a lower level of cover. But while this might cover the basics, it's worth remembering that there's no point in an insurance policy that doesn't give you the cover you need.

Make sure that the policy you buy covers the items that are essential to you and your pet.

If you have a pedigree pet, you may wish to consider a policy that offers a higher level of cover. Lifetime insurance can be the perfect pet insurance for these breeds because they often suffer from hereditary diseases as they get older.

It is important to consider that vet bills over the life of a pedigree breed can run into thousands of pounds, so lifetime or maximum-benefit insurance could save you a lot of money in the long run. You might also want to check what cover you have if your pet is stolen or lost.

If your policy does not include everything you need, you may be able to pay more for add-ons and extras.

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Level of pet insurance cover

Maximum vet fee cover

Pet insurance providers cover necessary treatment costs up to a specified amount².

You can claim vet fees for many procedures, but not all, so it's wise to put money aside for anything that's not covered or which exceeds the cover limits on your policy.

Treatment charges vary, with each practice setting its own rates. An initial consultation is likely to be under £100, but costs can soon rack up if specialist care or surgery is required.

This graph gives an example of the level of cover offered by pet insurance providers.

When should you get pet insurance?

It is a good idea to get cover for your pet as soon as possible, as they may need veterinary treatment or other support at any age.

Most providers won't insure your pet in its first weeks of life – the table below shows the age requirements listed by some providers – and any conditions your pet contracts in the first two weeks after you take out cover are frequently excluded. It, therefore, pays to buy cover ahead of time if you can.

Make sure you have proof that your pet is over the age specified by your chosen provider in your policy documents before you make a claim. It is likely to be rejected if your pet is too young.

ProviderBought By ManyAnimal FriendsThe Insurance EmporiumPet-insurance.co.ukHealthy PetsWaggelDirect LineTesco BankAgriaCo-op InsuranceCorinium Insurance Services
Minimum age 4 weeks4 weeks5 weeks5 weeks5 weeks8 weeks8 weeks8 weeks8 weeks8 weeks8 weeks

What pet insurance covers

Your pet's cover depends on several factors, including its species, breed, age and where you live.

But while these factors will affect the specific details of your policy, including the conditions and treatments that it covers, all pet insurance should offer some form of protection in case of accidents, illness and emergencies.

The basics

  • Accident cover means you're covered if your pet is injured or injures someone else.

  • Illness cover protects your pet if it becomes sick during the period covered by your insurance.

  • Emergencies cover helps if you fall ill and have to go into hospital. Some policies cover the cost of your pet's temporary care.

Which treatments and conditions are covered by pet insurance?

Most pet insurance policies have certain things in common, including standard cover and exclusions:

What is covered?

  • Alternative therapies (e.g. hydrotherapy or acupuncture) or any treatments for which you have a vet's referral

  • Diagnostic (e.g. blood tests)

  • Third-party costs if your dog damages someone else's property

  • Putting your pet to sleep

  • Emergency dental treatment

What's not covered?

  • Routine and preventative procedures such as vaccination or flea treatment

  • Routine dental treatment (unless it is an emergency)

  • Treatments or medication for pre-existing conditions

  • Paying for your pet to be buried or cremated

  • Neutering or spaying your pet

If you need cover for a particular treatment check your policy documents or phone your insurer.

Joel Kempsonquotation mark
Lifetime pet insurance policies may cost more, but they provide the most comprehensive cover. This could be especially important if your pet's breed commonly suffers from certain conditions as they age. Don't just go for the cheapest option – find the best cover for you and your pet.
Joel Kempson, Pet Insurance Expert

How to compare pet insurance

When you compare pet insurance quotes, you'll see different insurers offering different amounts. These prices are based on several factors. Your pet insurance comparison will take the following into consideration:

Your pet's age: Older pets are more likely to get sick, so their insurance costs more. For more information, read our handy guide to finding cover for your older pet.

Pre-existing medical conditions: If your pet's got any medical issues, then most insurers won't cover them. Those that do will charge you much more, because it's more risky for them to insure you.

Cost of your pet: Insurance for pedigree pets costs more than insurance for crossbreeds. That's because pedigree pets are more expensive to buy and can suffer from inherited health issues.

Type of pet: Small pets like rabbits are typically cheaper to cover than bigger pets like dogs and cats. That's because smaller pets cost much less to buy, and their vet fees are lower.

Pet insurance FAQs

Why compare pet insurance with money.co.uk?

By comparing pet insurance, UK pet owners could save money on their policy. The best value pet insurance will offer the cover pets need at an affordable price. Choose a cover plan from the best UK pet insurance companies and see the online discounts they offer.

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¹This policy provides annual cover including the cost of vet fees up to £2,500. Price per month for cover based on a dog, Biff, aged 10, no known medical conditions, neutered, up to date with vaccinations and microchipped.
²Prices compiled by Money.co.uk from a selection of pet insurance providers. Figures checked 15/07/21.

Last updated: 8 July 2022