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Image of a person doing paperwork with a model of a house on their clipboard.

10 things you could be doing that invalidate your home insurance reveals 10 simple things that could actually stop you from being able to claim on your home insurance.

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Football transfer header image

Football transfer fever - the top 10 most expensive transfers in history

With the Football Association transfer window opening in June, the investing experts at looked back at the most expensive transfers of all time, and estimated what they would be worth today.

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condiments campaign meta

The world’s most popular condiments has analysed 43 condiments alongside 55 condiment brands from around the world to reveal which are the most popular in the 35 of the world’s wealthiest countries.

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Meta image for exotic animals

Where in the UK are dangerous animals being kept as pets?

The pet insurance team at reveal where in the UK is home to most exotic and dangerous animals being kept as pets.

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meta image for Luxury Fashion Index

Luxury Fashion Index

We delve into the world of luxury goods to discover the cost of iconic fashion around the world.

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meta image wedding pinterest report

Wedding Trends Pinterest Report

We’ve delved into Pinterest data to see which wedding trends are being pinned the most - from top bridal looks to popular destinations for the big day.

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Side hustles aren’t the only way to grow your earnings

The side hustle capitals of the world

See where in the world is spending the most time on their side hustle, with more and more of us looking to turn our passions into payments.

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Title image reading Eco-landmarks and showing a picture of Big Ben

Six world-famous landmarks reimagined as green energy hubs

Six of the world’s most famous landmarks have been given a green makeover and reimagined as environmentally friendly energy hubs.

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A graphic of card reader and a hand holding a contactless debit card.

Cashless Countries

Using data from the World Bank and the largest debit and credit card providers, can reveal the most cashless economies in the world.

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The Delorian reimagined

Cars of the green screen unveiled

Our car insurance experts have reimagined classic cars from the silver screen, bringing the old fuel guzzlers right up to date with a green screen eco makeover.

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A graphic reading: Pubs to people

Pubs to people

The consumer spending experts at have studied government data to discover which area in the UK has the best pub to people ratio.

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A picture of a dog with a title which reads: Dog Theft Hotspots. Which area in the UK suffers the most from dog thefts?

Dog Theft Hotspots requested information from police forces up and down the country on the number of dog thefts people have reported in the last five years, as well as which types of dog were most commonly stolen.

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Mellonsfolly Ranch, Ruiatiti, New Zealand

From Arizona to Sweden here are the towns you can actually buy

Mortgage experts reveal where in the world you can buy a whole town.

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Pride of place campaign meta image

Pride of place: car product placement in film and TV

The most advertised cars in film and TV and the most valuable product placement deals

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Mortgage Affordability Report meta image

The Mortgage Affordability Report

Discover the world's most affordable places to buy a house

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Meta image - ultimate lockdown home

Ultimate lockdown home

Analysing the most sought-after property features for home buyers pre and post-pandemic.

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Image of modern houses in a green landscape

Lowering your energy bills: lessons from science

How to transform your house into an ultra-energy efficient eco-home

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Most searched for investments by country

Analysing the most popular searched for stock investments in each country around the world.

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A graphic of the ultimate Oscars dress with the title: Ultimate Oscars Dress: What's the winning formula?

The Ultimate Oscars Dress

Research from into the outfits of previous winners alongside expert fashion analysis reveal the dress nominees should be wearing in order to win a coveted statue.

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Photo of a watch with packaging and title reading Pricey Packaging Report

The Most Valuable Luxury Brands’ Packaging

Discover which empty packaging from your favourite luxury brands could be worth up to £160.

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The most watched dogs on TikTok

Discover which breed of dog has the most views on TikTok and which famous dogs are cashing in on social media.

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Meta image forThe Celebrity Investments Index

Celebrity Investments Index analysed $11.9bn of total funding for 339 different investments to determine who is the most prolific celebrity backer.

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Eco Pets League meta image

The Eco Pets League

Discover which of our beloved pets have the least impact on the planet as our energy experts present The Eco Pets League.

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A dog tattoo stencil which reads: The ultimutt guide to the world’s most popular dog tattoos.

The world’s most popular dog tattoos

Discover the world’s most pup-ular dog breeds for tattoos, as well as other favourite pets people get inked on their bodies.

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Meta image: Mortgages on the Moon brochure

Mortgage on the moon

A comprehensive guide on how to get a mortgage on the moon.

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A graphic which reads: The most in demand University degrees.

Degree Demand Report

Deciding whether to undertake a higher education qualification is a large financial and life decision made by many every year. But how has the coronavirus pandemic affected degree demand? And how do job prospects differ by degree discipline?

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Photo of stamp collector's collection and magnifying glass

The world’s most popular collectibles

From sports memorabilia to vintage wine, we look at the collectibles the world loves to splash out on and work out which collectibles have the highest price tag.

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EV University header image

The EV University league

From EV charging points, the cost to charge to the number of EV parking spaces available on campus, the EV University league from reveals which institutions provide the most support for green transport.

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A graphic showing a sandcastle in a pink circle. Underneath the title reads: Safecation. The new post-lockdown staycation. Brought to your by money.

The Safecation Report

With the end of lockdown in sight, searches for staycation holidays surged in popularity. With this in mind, the consumer spending experts at have mapped out the perfect locations for a safe staycation in the Safecation Report.

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Lucrative Landmarks Report

Lucrative Landmarks Report

The postcode premiums of the world’s greatest landmarks revealed in a new report from

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A graphic which reads: Most searched for luxury cars around the world.

The most searched for luxury cars around the world

These are the world’s most wanted luxury vehicles, according to Google.

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girl listening to music in front of pink background

Plays for property - the streams musicians need to pay the mortgage

Our team of mortgage experts have explored how many streams musician on Spotify need to achieve to pay for the mortgages on their epic homes.

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Rising tides - the impact of surging sea levels on tourist hotspots

Rising tides - the tourist destinations that could disappear by 2100

With global warming and sea levels rising, we could lose some of the biggest tourist spots in the next 100 years. Find out which tourist hotspots are most at risk.

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meta image graphic for innovation investment index

Innovation Investment Index

Governments around the globe recognise the need to promote, protect and finance the innovation economy to help new businesses to flourish. But which of the world’s economies are doing the most to drive innovation?

The places providing the most help
TVreboots meta

Best and worst TV reboots according to Twitter

We've seen many TV shows making their return over the years, but how many of these reboots actually worked? We reveal the best and the worst.

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Dickens Birthplace

Great (financial) expectations

Experts from reveal the true value of the homes, flats and mansions that inspired the works of Charles Dickens.

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Work life balance pebbles

Work-Life Balance Index 2021

The mortgage experts at have delved into data to uncover where you should locate to, if you want to chase a good work life balance.

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Graphic for the header of the shape of love guide

Valentine's Day guide to burning love and calories

The energy experts at investigate how much exercise is needed to burn off your Valentine's Day treats.

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Ranked: Europe's most pet-friendly cities for 2021

The most pet-friendly cities in Europe

If an overseas home move, or even just a visit, is on the cards in 2021, the mortgage experts at have ranked 20 of Europe’s most densely-populated cities, based on the things that matter most to owners of furry, scaly or feathered friends.

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Image of healthy food

Revealed: the top 20 healthiest places to live

The mortgage experts at rank the healthiest countries and cities in the world, with good food, good company and good transport links all being great for the people who live there.

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Image of two people watching tv

Revealed: The best and worst episodes from some of the world’s favourite TV shows

Our broadband experts at have crunched the numbers to discover which TV series keep getting better and which fail to continue to keep the fans happy.

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An illustration of different beauty products.

The Beauty Index 2021

The Beauty Index 2021 by has analysed Google search data for over 6,500 products across 20 different categories to reveal which specific beauty products the UK public has been searching for the most.

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A graphic with a woman which reads "Ranked: Self-care capitals of the world revealed for 2021".

Self-care capitals of the world

If 2020 taught us anything it is the importance of taking time for ourselves. Wellness and self-care are at the top of everyone's list right now after the challenges that this year has thrown at us so has researched which capital cities around the world are leading the way for their self-care credentials.

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Graphic header image

Festive calories around the world - an energy expert's guide to holiday treats

'tis the season to treat yourself but which holiday treats from around the world have the most calories? This new guide reveals a list of the healthiest and the most calorific Christmas puddings.

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Graphic title image for video calls with Santa

Video calling Santa this holiday season

Kids can’t meet Santa in 2020, so we found the best places and services to virtually call Santa from at the North Pole. Explore our guide for more information on which states have the best internet and broadband speeds.

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Header of mortgages for monarchs

The listing prices and mortgage repayments of some of the world’s most iconic palaces

The personal finance experts at have discovered the listing prices and mortgage repayments of some of the world’s most iconic palaces.

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Header image graphic of Global fashion and celebrity inspirations

Revealed: the most searched for fashion and celebrity inspiration around the world

Want to discover the most popular fashion brands and the most stylish celebrities in the world? Our credit card experts’ global research reveals all. Worldwide search data analysed by using Google Keyword planner.

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Image of debt chart chasing man with chain of debt

COVID-19 Debt Index

The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has plunged millions into debt according to research from This guide explains how you can get the help you need to get your finances back in shape.

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Graphic header for truck yeah!

Car insurance experts reveal which country music stars love their trucks the most

Car insurance experts at explore the relationship between country music and trucks over the past 50 years.

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Make Believe Mortgages Header Module- The Polar Express

Make believe Christmas mortgages

Want to find your perfect ho-ho-home? We’ve worked out how much the homes from Christmas classics would cost if you wanted to own them.

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A graphic of a Christmas tree and presents with a title which reads: Christmas Hamper Index 2020.

Unwrapped: the hidden hamper tax that could cost you a fortune this Christmas

A Christmas hamper packed full of festive treats can seem like the perfect way to spoil friends and family - particularly if you can’t be together this Christmas. But are these hampers worth the cost? reveals all

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Image of anti-racism advert from Channel 4 #StandAgainstRacism

Broadband experts reveal the most talked about Christmas advert of the year

Our broadband comparison experts have analysed the social sentiment across this year’s retailers Christmas adverts to understand the publics reactions

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A photo of a playstation controller.

Retro tech - the cost of iconic devices through the decades

With the recent launch of the newest generations of Xbox and PlayStation gaming consoles causing a spending frenzy, the personal finance experts at comparison site have delved into the nation's passion for gaming technology.

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Graphic with jewellery around the edge with a title which reads: Kingdom of jewels; how much would gemstones fit for a princess really cost?

Kingdom of jewels: How much would gemstones fit for a princess really cost?

Working in collaboration with Purely Diamonds, the home insurance experts at studied the official and unofficial Disney Princesses to estimate how much their jewellery would cost in the real world.

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Car race graphic

The most heart pumping car films revealed

Using heart monitor technology we analysed some of the world’s most prolific car scenes to a test audience of 100 people, to find the most scientifically exhilarating movie races ever filmed.

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Bird eye view of houses

The Age of the First Time Buyer |

We take a look at the average age of a first time buyer across 25 countries, and the average price of the property available to buy there.

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Image of Santa holding popcorn

Revealed: The world’s most searched for Christmas films

We analysed the number of online searches made for over 30 popular modern and classic Christmas movies to reveal the most popular festive film around the world.

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A graphic showing shopping bags, a delivery driver and a title which reads: The Dirty Delivery Report.

The Dirty Delivery Report

As online shopping sales continue to rise, the experts at have investigated the environmental impact of delivery companies across the UK.

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The anatomy of successful apps by (graphic)

Revealed: The anatomy of successful mobile phone apps's mobile experts have conducted a study to reveal the “anatomy” of successful mobile apps.

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image of pensioners in front of mansion

Discover the UK and USA's most picture perfect retirement homes

When it comes to claiming your pension, why not do it in style? has ranked the most aesthetically pleasing retirement homes in the UK and the USA.

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Which universities have the most self-made women billionaires alumni?

Personal finance experts at have researched Hurun's Richest Self-Made Women & Forbes' Richest Self-Made Women in the World list to determine which country’s universities boast the most alumni.

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Screen time salary calculator

How much time do you spend, in £'s on you mobile compared to the average in your area

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Image to represent male grooming

The Most Searched-For Male Grooming Questions of 2020

Our personal finance experts analysed 5,300 UK Google searches to find out what’s on the minds of UK men when it comes to skincare and grooming.

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A graphic which reads: Celebrity Chef Credit Report, Revealing the world’s most successful celebrity chefs

Most successful celebrity chefs, revealed

Which celebrity chefs around the world are the most successful?

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A photo of a muscular man and woman high fiving with chalk on their hands.

Are these the fittest influencers on Earth?

This year the 2020 CrossFit Games have been split into two stages: an online competition and in-person finals in California. With many of the athletes streaming their workouts online, the broadband experts at were keen to find out how much this year’s competitors could earn from their social media following.

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Graphic with words OK Commuter

OK Commuter: How much workers could save by ditching the daily commute

With more people than ever working from home, how much money could motorists stand to save by ditching the rat race for good?

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Graphic to illustrate property extensions

How much do celebrity property conversions actually cost?

An insight into how much underground tunnels and infinity swimming pools actually cost celebrities and how this can affect the long term selling price or their homes.

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Little boy doing the dishes wearing rubber gloves

Pocket Money Saving Tool - How much should you be paying your child for household chores?

Use's Pocket Money Saving Tool to compare your child’s pocket money allowance with the rest of the UK and also find out the average amount they should be given in pocket money for completing household chores.

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Photo of a woman taking a photo of a cake.

How much could bake-off contestants have made through Instagram?

With The Great British Bake Off returning to our screens this Autumn, the personal finance experts at have investigated how much previous and this year's contestants could earn with their increased social following.

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Image of man holding phone with apps pouring out

In-App Spending: The hidden costs of ‘free’ apps

Many apps and games which are free to download make their revenue from a litany of in-app purchases. has discovered what proportion of ‘free’ apps on the Google Play Store have the potential for hidden costs.

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Graphic to show broadband speed checker

Internet Speeds Housing Index | compare internet speeds and house prices

Find out the impact of internet speed on house prices. The broadband checker reveals the best places for fast home internet in 50 states across the USA.

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Graphic to illustrate cooking

What’s the best city to live in based on your diet?

Compare the cost of living for vegans and vegetarians around the world with this easy-to-use calculator revealing vegan cooking classes, speciality restaurants and food costs on a UK energy comparison site.

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Image of Kinder Cars Index header

The Kinder Cars Index | Get around while reducing your impact on the planet

Whether you’re looking for a car that’s leather free or has low emissions, these are the top 50 cars that mindful motorists should consider.

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Image of 2 blond girls watching a screen

Revealed: The UK's Most Family-Friendly Streaming Service 2020

Broadband experts rank the best and worst streaming service for families, based on price, functionality, and selection. And it's not Disney+...

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Animal crossing on nintendo switch

The make believe mortgage - how much would you have to spend to live in homes from films, TV and games?

If have you ever wondered how much it would cost to own some of tv, film and gaming's most iconic homes then wonder no more. Our new mortgage guide reveals what the cost of owning some of the most recognisable properties in the world would be...

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A pink graphic with writing which reads: Shop Now, Stress Later

Shop now, stress later: generation debt trap revealed

Are Buy Now Pay Later services enticing shoppers into a dangerous cycle of unmanageable debt? The consumer spending experts at have investigated consumers' relationships with BNPL services to find out if shoppers are being tempted into taking on unsustainable debt, without fully realising the risk.

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Graphic reading Pole Position, ranking the greatest drivers in F1 history

Pole Position: the best drivers in Formula 1 history revealed

From Nino Farino to Lewis Hamilton, car insurance experts crunched the numbers to find the greatest drivers of all time

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Empty football stadium

Concession Recession: The lost revenue of football stadiums

With the announcement that sports fans will be able to return to their seats later this year, albeit with reduced attendances, took a look at how much franchises are set to lose at the concession stand.

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Photograph of someone pouring a draught pint of beer.

Spoons Savings: The hidden costs of a pre flight meal

As holiday-makers flock to airports to head off on a long-awaited summer holiday, has looked at the hidden costs associated with travel.

How to save money on pre-flight food
Graphic to illustrate Renovation Nation Report

The 2020 Renovation Nation Report reveals which areas of their properties homeowners have been upgrading under lockdown

With lockdown restrictions keeping most of us indoors, homeowners have been busy upgrading their homes to make them more comfortable and usable while working from home. Some have used personal loans, money from their holiday fund or have remortgaged to fund the renovations.

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Graphic of 12 saves of Christmas

A guide to spreading the cost of Christmas and where to make the best savings

While shopping for Christmas so early might feel a little strange to the uninitiated, our experts reveal how it really could shave hundreds of pounds from the total cost of your Christmas wish-list.

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'this store is now closed' sign on door sprayed with white paint illustrating economic down turn on British high street

What will the future hold for the great British high street?

With effects of COVID-19 restrictions impacting the high street, our consumer spending experts predict what the future of the high street could look like

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A graphic showing a large shopping bag with the recycling logo in centre, a rubbish bin with 0% annotated, and 3 people holding plastic-free food.

Sustainable shopping on a budget

The consumer spending experts at have put together a guide on sustainable shopping on a budget to help you make greener choices without breaking the bank.

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Graphic to illustrate savings calculator from

Lockdown legacy best savings calculator | work out how much you could save

The personal finance experts at have developed a best savings calculator to reveal how much you could save if you stick to your lockdown savings habits.

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An illustration of a future high street which includes the bakers, a sustainable shop, a family butchers, a click-and-collect store, and al fresco dining.

The 2020 high street report

As coronavirus closures mean that the high street will look very differently by the end of 2020, the consumer spending experts at investigate the iconic high street's past, present and potential future in the 2020 High Street Report.

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Central London skyline overlooking the sunset

As lockdown measures begin to be lifted, reveals the top London pubs to enjoy a socially distanced drink

As lockdown measures begin to be lifted, has analysed the top 30 hot spots in London for your first socially distanced pub visit.

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Graphic to illustrate the new Degree Valuation Calculator by

Value My Degree | Degree Valuation Calculator

What's the true value of a university degree and does having one impact on future earnings and happiness? The experts at have investigated and created a degree valuation calculator to reveal the results

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Man wearing a blue face mask and checkered shirt placing a mask on boy in red jumper

As spending for Father's Day 2020 is set to fall by 30%, personal finance experts offer budgeting tips

After months of lockdown and with social distancing measures continuing, has the way we plan to celebrate changed? Research from reveals what a socially distanced Father's Day means for the UK.

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A lilac background with a gold diamond graphic which reads: The Brand-a-Lust Report - brought to you by Money

Brand-a-Lust: Revealing The UK’s Top Lockdown Brands

The unexpected brands we’ve been loving the most during lockdown.

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Graphic of two doctors with text to illustrate the article Surgery in Searches.

The most popular cosmetic procedures in Europe, according to Google searches.

We analysed the most searched for cosmetic surgeries across 31 countries, to determine the most popular procedures in Europe.

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Childhood Dream Job Calculator

Discover what you’d be earning now if you’d pursued your childhood dream job with’s Dream Job Calculator. Would you be better off? Find out here.

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Image of two people gardening in green overalls, one person spraying house, the other person holding a chair

How to manage your hay fever and plan a low-allergen garden

As parks reopen and people continue to take full advantage of their garden, has put together a guide to creating a low allergen garden and help hay fever suffers to manage allergy flare ups while enjoying the warm weather.

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Illustration of two couples. One with a baby in their arms and one with a pram and a dog.

Shared parental leave calculator

If you're a parent or a parent to be, it is important to work out your finances to see what maternity, paternity, or shared parental leave pay you may be entitled to. Use our shared parental leave calculator to find out how much time you can afford to take off based on your financial situation.

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Graphic of 2020 Key Worker Nation Report

The 2020 key worker nation report

Inspired by the heroic efforts of key workers across, the 2020 key worker nation report reveals which roles the UK is searching for the most.

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currency in colour header

Currency in colour: a visual guide to 157 banknotes around the world

We analysed 157 of the world's banknotes currently in circulation, looking at their colour, characters, buildings and animals to discover the DNA of our world currency

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Graphic of man holding three dogs on leads

Work out your walkies | Lockdown dog walk calculator

The coronavirus lockdown affects all areas of our lives - including our ability to walk our dogs. Use this calculator to find out how many laps of your garden you need to walk to give your pet the exercise they need.

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Photo of tribute to key workers

The UK’s best deals for all key workers revealed

The personal finance experts at have searched the internet and found the best deals available to ALL essential workers in our key worker discount database.

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bride dancing

The wedding music formula for the perfect dance floor filler

A new study from has revealed the number one hit guaranteed to get guests on the dance floor, according to science. Find out more here.

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Set of traveler essentials on wooden background. Travel and adventure concept

How to use interest free credit cards to book a holiday

Going on holiday is one of life’s great pleasures but paying for it can be a challenge. Especially if you don’t have the savings to pay up front. An interest free credit card lets you spread the cost of your holiday over several months, so you can enjoy some hassle-free sunshine without delay.

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Image of wooden blocks making up the word DEBT

New Year, Old Debt

More than half of UK adults will head into 2020 with debt of up to £10,000

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