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Mortgages can be complex. Our guides break down the intricacies of every vital mortgage topic including; deposits, guarantors, fixed or tracker and the lending available to first-time buyers. What type of mortgage are you looking for?

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Stamp duty calculator

Discover how much Stamp Duty you need to pay on your chosen property whether you're in England, Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland. We give you the current Stamp Duty rates fand explain how to pay your tax if you need to do it yourself.

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World Housing Market Index:

The most expensive property markets in the world

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Education premiums

We all want the best for our children, but how much does living close to one of the country’s best schools add to house prices?

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A row of Victorian terrace houses

HMO mortgages

If you want to buy a property to let to individual tenants you’ll need a specialist mortgage. We explain what you need to know about HMO mortgages.

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Moving for Work

Whether you’ve been offered an opportunity in a new city, or simply want a change of scenery, there are lots of reasons you might choose to relocate for work. But which major cities offer the greatest job opportunities and salary potential?

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Photo of three friends at the pub.

Global pubs to people

Here in the UK, the argument over which town has the best selection of pubs has raged for centuries, but who can claim the honour on a global scale?

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Picture - perfect places

Moving abroad to start a new life in the sun is a dream for many people, but where are the world’s most photogenic places?

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Most LGBTQ+ accepting cities

It’s important to feel comfortable being yourself in the place you live or even go on holiday. We’ve compiled a list of the most accepting cities for those in the LGBTQ+ community.

The least prejudiced places to visit

Global event effect

Renting out property on a platform such as Airbnb can be a very shrewd source of income, but lots of factors affect just how much money can be made.

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A photo of a woman in a wheelchair.

Most accessible cities

It’s increasingly important for cities to try to cater to visitors with disabilities, but which cities are the most accessible? has analysed disabled parking spaces, wheelchair facilities at airports, restaurants and more at the 20 most visited cities in the world to find out which are the most accessible.

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Image of sky scrappers

Every country’s favourite architect

From Alvar Aalto to Zaha Hadid, our mortgage experts have looked at the world’s most searched architects.

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Three women working in a lab.

Tech-savvy cities

Technological innovation is at the heart of most modern cities, it’s also fast becoming one of the biggest employers around the world too.

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image of woman at an event

Sporting capitals

Sport is a huge part of any area’s identity and local sporting teams are often the first thing people associate with certain locations around the world.

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Image with a plate of healthy food

The world’s healthiest places to live in 2022

On a new year health kick? Discover the healthiest cities and countries around the world, factoring in food, safety, healthcare and much more.

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Header for the hottest celebrity brands

Hottest celebrity brands

From Yeezy to Kylie Cosmetics, what are the most in-demand celebrity brands?

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Woman holding her ears to cover sound

Europe's noisiest cities

Where are the loudest and most chaotic places to live in the Europe? To find out our experts have compared 23 major cities around Europe to find out where is noisiest.

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People watching a film

Best cities for film lovers

Movies offer us an escape to new and exciting lands without having to leave the comfort of our sofas, but if you’re a true film buff, where in the world can bring that movie magic to life?

Step into a film set in these cities
Smiling graduates

Global education countries

Where in the world is has the best global education status? Our mortgage experts analysed academic performance, government funding, and enrolment rates to find out.

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An image of a brunch meal on a table

Brunch capitals of the world

Find out which city is the best to live in if you’re a big fan of brunch, bottomless or otherwise.

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A family outside a house

Relocation Report

Where is the best place to relocate in the world? By taking into consideration a number of important factors our mortgage experts have been able to reveal the most attractive cities to move to.

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A women looking at a painting in a gallery

Arty Areas

Art isn’t necessarily confined to gallery walls, it can be found in architecture, monuments, and even on the streets themselves. But which are the best cities in the world for art lovers?

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Row of houses on a street.

Empty homes

Around the world, there are millions of homes lying unoccupied, while many remain homeless. But which countries have the biggest share of these vacant homes?

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An image of a house underwater

The cost of living underwater

In response to the rising sea levels, our mortgage experts reveal the best spots for subaquatic settlements and how much they’ll cost you.

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Meta image for Beautiful Cities

Pageant places - revealing the world's most beautiful cities

Our mortgage experts reveal which cities around the world are the most beautiful, based on the number of pageant winners they have produced.

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Live music hotspots meta

Live music hotspots around the world

From jazz to country, pop to rock, the mortgage experts at reveal the destinations house hunters should consider to be close to the live music action.

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Neighbourhood in Edinburgh

The great postcode lottery

Discover which postcodes can have the biggest impact on your house price, with some unfortunate letter combinations costing homeowners a small fortune.

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Global property increases

Global property increases

Our mortgage experts reveal which nation has had the biggest increase in property prices over the last ten years.

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A photograph of home with a tennis court and overlay text reading Sport Star Homes

Sport Star Homes

The mortgage experts reveal how long it would take some of the worlds greatest sports stars to afford a home in 105 countries

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A photograph of a Villa with a swimming pool and overlay text reading Celebrity Homes

Celebrity Homes

The personal finance experts reveal how long it would take for your salary to afford some of the most famous celebrities' beautiful homes.

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Elvis Presley Boulevard

Celebrity street names

From royals to rockstars, we found out if living on a celebrity street name could impact your property value before your next move.

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The Event Effect

The Event Effect

The mortgage experts at reveal the top 2021 events impacting local Airbnb prices.

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A photo of an expensive house surrounded by a large garden.

Lustworthy Listings

View the most extravagantly expensive homes currently for sale across the UK with's Lustworthy Listings explorer.

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The cost of rent index

The Cost of Rent Index

The personal finance experts at reveal how rent compares to the cost of living around the world. Saudia Arabia, Greece and Turkey take gold, silver and bronze with the lowest rent to cost of living ratios.

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Trading Up

Trading Up

How much does it cost to buy a property on one of the 22 London streets that feature on the Monopoly board? The mortgages experts at have investigated to find out.

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Group of diverse friends outside a house in England

The ethnicity gap in home ownership

Many of the inequalities that affect home ownership are widely reported and debated, yet one lesser-known, stark disparity is persistent: the home ownership gap between different ethnic groups.

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A block of social houses

How to access and pay for housing as a refugee

Refugees are able to apply for help with housing in the UK, from money to pay for rent or a deposit to a place to stay. Here we explain the kind of support available, who can apply, how much can be paid, and where to go for it.

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Princess Homes Reimagined - meta image

Princess Homes Reimagined

Have you ever wondered how your favourite Disney characters would live in the real world? Experts at have reimagined what our favourite princesses homes would look like if the magic disappeared and they had a mortgage.

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The top influencer hotspots in the UK and US!

Influencer Hotspots

Discover which cities and states are the biggest influencer hotspots in the UK and US.

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Mellonsfolly Ranch, Ruiatiti, New Zealand

From Arizona to Sweden here are the towns you can actually buy

Mortgage experts reveal where in the world you can buy a whole town.

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Mortgage Affordability Report meta image

The Mortgage Affordability Report

Discover the world's most affordable places to buy a house

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Meta image - ultimate lockdown home

Ultimate lockdown home

Analysing the most sought-after property features for home buyers pre and post-pandemic.

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To let sign

What you need to know before getting a buy-to-let mortgage

Getting a buy-to-let mortgage can help you purchase your first rental property or expand your portfolio further. Read more to find out the key requirements for lending before you apply.

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Row of terraced houses

The cheapest and most expensive houses sold near you

New figures from the Office for National Statistics have revealed the postcodes with the cheapest and most expensive homes in England and Wales, with values ranging from just £25,000 to £5.8million depending on where you are in the country.

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Bank of England building

Bank of England holds interest rates at 0.1% in March 2021

The Bank of England base rate has again been held at the all time low of 0.1% for March, as confirmed by the Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) on Thursday.

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Rishi sunak

How the 2021 Budget affects homeowners

Here's a summary of the key changes that will affect homeowners following the 2021 Budget.

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Meta image: Mortgages on the Moon brochure

Mortgage on the moon

A comprehensive guide on how to get a mortgage on the moon.

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The 95% LTV mortgage guarantee scheme - mortgage application with 'approved' stamp

Explained: the government’s 95% LTV mortgage guarantee scheme

Following the 2021 Budget, we take a look at the government's new 95% mortgage guarantee scheme - what it is, and what it means for you.

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Lucrative Landmarks Report

Lucrative Landmarks Report

The postcode premiums of the world’s greatest landmarks revealed in a new report from

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girl listening to music in front of pink background

Plays for property - the streams musicians need to pay the mortgage

Our team of mortgage experts have explored how many streams musician on Spotify need to achieve to pay for the mortgages on their epic homes.

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Dickens Birthplace

Great (financial) expectations

Experts from reveal the true value of the homes, flats and mansions that inspired the works of Charles Dickens.

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Work life balance pebbles

Work-Life Balance Index 2021

The mortgage experts at have delved into data to uncover where you should locate to, if you want to chase a good work life balance.

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2021 housing market image (meta)

Trends to watch out for in the property market in 2021

As COVID-19 continues to shape the way we buy and sell property, has outlined what to watch out for in the property market over the coming year.

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Image of healthy food

Revealed: the top 20 healthiest places to live

The mortgage experts at rank the healthiest countries and cities in the world, with good food, good company and good transport links all being great for the people who live there.

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Header of mortgages for monarchs

The listing prices and mortgage repayments of some of the world’s most iconic palaces

The personal finance experts at have discovered the listing prices and mortgage repayments of some of the world’s most iconic palaces.

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Make Believe Mortgages Header Module- The Polar Express

Make believe Christmas mortgages

Want to find your perfect ho-ho-home? We’ve worked out how much the homes from Christmas classics would cost if you wanted to own them.

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Asian couple signing mortgage documents

Home ownership: joint tenants or tenants in common?

This guide offers a detailed overview of different home ownership options and explains why your choice matters.

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2 Scottish houses by a road. One house has a white door and the other has a red door.

Residential mortgages

If you’re buying a home we explain how the mortgage you need works, what to be aware of and how to choose the best deal for you.

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Row of houses

First time buyer mortgage rates

This guide explains why the size of your deposit matters and the sort of mortgage rates first-time buyers can expect to get.

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What is a commercial mortgage?

Commercial mortgages are used to buy non-residential property and they are different to the mortgage you would use to buy your own home to live in.

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Row of houses

80% buy to let mortgage

If you want to invest in a property to rent out you will need a buy to let mortgage, unless you have enough money to buy it outright.

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