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How to compare currency buyback exchange rates

Enter your currency and amount

Tell us how much travel money you have to sell and which currency you need to exchange.

Compare your options

Use our comparison tables to compare different firms and check their fees and charges to find the best currency buy back deal.

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Getting the best high street currency buy back rates

If you have euros, dollars or other currencies left over from a trip abroad, you can sell them to a currency buy-back service that will convert them into pounds. 

When you sell foreign currency, you get a buy-back rate from your chosen provider, which tells you how many pounds you can get for your unwanted travel money. 

For example, if the best euro buy-back rate available is 0.85, you will get 85p for every euro you sell.

But to find the right deal, you need to look beyond the best currency buy back rates.

Delivery costs, fees, and commissions also affect how much you receive, so work out what you'll get back in pounds after any expenses when you sell travel money.

Average amount of leftover holiday cash in UK homes[1]
The months of the year when the most people exchange their foreign currency back into pounds.
Which months see the most people exchange their foreign currency back into pounds.

Source: currency buyback data for 2022

Currency buy-back FAQs

Where can you find the best travel money buy-back rate?

You can look for the best currency buy-back rates on the high street, but you could miss out if you ignore what’s available online. Use this comparison to check currency buy back rates including the best euro buy back rate from our selection of online providers. 

Rates may differ due to the fluctuating nature of currency exchange, so for the latest rate, please check with the provider.

What does it cost to sell currency online?

The costs you incur when you sell travel money can vary widely. So, you need to factor in:

  • The exchange rate: choosing the highest foreign currency buy back rate available should help to ensure you get the best possible deal

  • Any delivery costs: you will usually have to pay to send your cash to the buy-back provider

Some providers do not guarantee currency buy-back rates before you send your money to them, which could affect the amount you get back.

You can use any of the providers in this comparison to sell euros or other foreign currencies and exchange them back into pounds.

Here is more information on dealing with leftover currency

Can I sell any foreign currency?

No. You can sell euros, dollars, and other common currencies, but buy back services are not available for all currencies. Check with providers to make sure you can exchange your money, then compare rates and charges to find the best deal.

Can I swap my foreign currency into another?

Yes, if the travel money provider you choose allows it, you can exchange one currency for another; you could, for example, switch euros to US dollars.

Am I guaranteed to get the rate I see online?

Not always. Check the terms and conditions when comparing rates online – some currency buy back providers only agree a rate once they receive your money, which could make a big difference to how much you receive.

Can I send coins to be exchanged?

No, only notes are accepted, and some providers only take specific denominations, so it’s also worth checking this when choosing where to exchange any unused currency.

Can I exchange multiple currencies at once?

Yes. Provided the currency exchange you've chosen accepts all of them, you can swap more than one currency at a time. 

How long do I have until my foreign currency goes out of date?

This depends on the currency. 

US dollars never go out of date, while other countries periodically 'expire' older bank notes.

In many cases, they will still be accepted anyway. For example, new euro notes were introduced between 2013 and 2019, but the old versions have retained their value and can be exchanged. 

Turkish lira from before 2005, however, is no longer accepted by businesses including foreign currency buy back services.

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1. The Independent: Research reveals astonishing amount of foreign currency sitting in our houses