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Lucinda O'Brien

savings expert

About the Author

As a trained journalist, Lucinda has spent the past 10 years writing and editing content for regional and national titles, including The Mirror, WalesOnline and Manchester Evening News.

She started her career as a freelance writer for Yahoo, where she reviewed trending television shows and interviewed celebrities for exclusive features. Lucinda then worked as an editor for B2B magazines in the education sector, reporting on breaking news and investigating the challenges facing the education system.

Lucinda was commercial editor at Reach plc for four years. She joined the team in Wales primarily, before becoming deputy group content marketing editor. She delivered campaigns with a commercial and audience value across all platforms and brands of Reach plc. This included working regularly with the government and financial services, including NatWest and Admiral, to deliver key messaging.

Now as a personal finance editor at money.co.uk, she applies this industry knowledge to ensure readers can make confident financial decisions. She also specialises in savings, and she is passionate about helping people to save for what matters most.

Outside of work, Lucinda is an avid shopper and she is always hunting for the latest bargains. 


  • Savings accounts

  • Budgeting

  • Tips and hacks for saving


  • Magazine Journalism MA, Cardiff University

  • English Literature BA Hons, Swansea University

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Woman with shopping cart in aisle checks and examines a sales receipt after purchasing food in a grocery store.

Is the 50/30/20 budgeting technique still realistic for savers?

It’s recommended to save 20% of your monthly income, but our survey found a quarter of consumers are saving less than 5%.

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11 ways to enjoy summer festivals without breaking the bank

Festivals can be pricey but there are ways to cut the cost of food, travel and even festival fashion

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69% of people haven’t switched savings accounts while interest rates have skyrocketed

Our recent survey highlighted many people are still missing out on earning some extra cash

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‘ADHD is my savings superpower - here’s how it helps me to manage money’

Regularly comparing savings accounts and creating financial flowcharts can keep you on the right track.

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Savers still have time to get inflation-beating interest rates but they won’t last forever

It’s good news for savers as the base rate remains at 5.25% for another month

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Magnifying glass, wooden blocks with ISA written on them and a calculator sitting on a table.

Why ISAs are a popular option for savers in 2024

April was a record-breaking month for ISA deposits, according to data from the Bank of England

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Someone putting a coin into ceramic piggy bank over yellow studio background

Hundreds of savings accounts are now offering interest rates above inflation

Savers can still snap up a great deal as top interest rates are more than double inflation.

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Couple sitting on a sofa looking at a calculator and holding pieces of paper

How to save an extra £500 in one year by opening a savings account

Interest rates are still competitive so there’s an opportunity to earn some extra cash on your savings.

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A hand holding four £10 notes.

What is cash stuffing and how does it work?

This savings technique is encouraging people to use cash in a bid to boost their finances.

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Multiple percentage symbols with a magnifying glass on one of them.

Bank of England holds interest rates at 5.25% - but will this be the last time?

Savers have another month to make the most of competitive interest rates

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Father and sons walking along the coastline in the UK

9 ways to save money during the May bank holidays

Make the most of the long weekend without putting pressure on your finances

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Little cat and large dog in bed at home

11 ways to save money on purchases for your pet

Keep your furry friend happy without breaking the bank with these money saving tips.

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Arrow down from the elements of wooden blocks with percentage sign

Top rates on fixed-rate accounts fall by nearly 25% during base rate freeze

Historic interest rates on fixed accounts prove it’s not a waiting game for savers.

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Family with a child having financial problems, doing home budgeting, calculating expenses.

7 ways to reduce financial stress and take control of your money

Financial stress is common and many of us will experience it in our lifetime - but there are small steps you can take to ease this pressure.

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2024 year calendar on table with business woman using laptop computer.

How savers can make the most of their money before the end of the tax year

April is an important time for savers to move their money.

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Feature image with the title 'UK cost of living statistics 2024' with an image of someone sat at a table with lots of paperwork, calculating their expenses on a calculator

UK cost of living statistics 2022

We’ve pulled together the latest UK cost of living statistics and trends for 2022, covering inflation rates, average UK living costs, income, house prices, and more.

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Grandmother baking Easter treats with grandchildren

Easter activities to try at home that won’t break the bank

Keep your family entertained during the long weekend with these Easter-themed activities.

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Wooden blocks with the percentage symbol

Top rates still above 5% for savers as Bank of England makes no change

The Bank of England decided to hold the base rate despite inflation falling to 3.4%

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Shopping trolley full of Easter eggs

How to cut the cost of your food shop for the Easter weekend

Enjoy the Easter festivities without putting pressure on your finances

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Two people sitting at a desk with a laptop and looking at sheets of paper.

40% of people in the UK are considering an investment ISA - why now could be the time to get one

ISA season is in full swing and there’s still a few weeks to maximise your £20,000 ISA allowance.

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Group of people looking at phones with social emojis

33% of Gen Zs investing their money rely on social media for information

A new survey reveals young people are willing to spend hours learning about investing.

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Man holding phone and looking at a calendar on his desk.

The lesser-known savings account offering inflation-busting rates

Notice savings accounts have some of the top rates in the market today.

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Piggy bank on rocket ship flying above money

NatWest launches new £200 switching offer - here’s what you can do with the cash

Switching bank accounts can help people to boost their savings pot and more.

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Door opened to a new house with a house-shaped keyring in the lock.

How a savings account could help you to buy a house or a new car

A new survey revealed 52% of Brits aren’t in the position to make big purchases in 2024, but a savings account can help to get you on the right track.

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Three wooden blocks with percentage symbol, one is green and has a man's finger on it.

The top interest rates for savers as the base rate remains at 5.25%

There are still competitive deals on savings accounts as the Bank of England decides to hold the base rate at 5.25%.

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Couple on tropical island holiday relax in the sun on their deck chairs under a yellow umbrella.

How to save up to £3,024 for a winter sun holiday in 2025

Start planning now and you’ll be able to hop on a plane and enjoy sunnier climes next January.

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Wedding day couple smiling with confetti.

How high-interest savings accounts can help to fund your wedding

Making the most of savings accounts could make your dream wedding a reality.

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 Title graphic with the title 'UK Savings Market Trends 2024'

UK Savings Market Trends 2024 - Savings Report | money.co.uk

UK Savings Market Trends is the definitive guide to the state of UK savings, exploring average savings, along with gender and age disparities.

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How to get a savings account above 6%

Switching current accounts could unlock an impressive interest rate on your savings

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UK Savings Account Statistics 2024 - Savings Report | money.co.uk

Explore the latest insights with UK savings account statistics, covering ISAs, help to save accounts and child trust fund statistics.

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UK Savings Statistics 2024 - Saving Facts and Stats Report

We’ve collated the latest UK savings statistics for 2024, investigating how people can save money, and the average amount of savings held by UK adults.

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Smiling couple sitting together at home looking at bills and paperwork

Savings rates peaked six months ago - but what does this mean for 2024?

Fixed-rate savings had interest rates above 6% last year, compared to today’s top rate of 5.30%.

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Christmas presents and Christmas tree decorations on a table with a notepad that says '2024 goals'.

7 new year resolutions for saving money in 2024

From starting a rainy day fund to making the most of high-interest savings accounts, here are some financial resolutions to try next year.

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Ice cube with a frozen percentage symbol

How interest rates on savings accounts compare to the frozen base rate

The Bank of England's monetary committee decided to hold the base rate at 5.25% for a third time.

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Close up of woman looking at bills and calculator surrounded by Christmas decorations.

Why now is the time to save for Christmas 2024

It’s never too early to start planning for a big savings goal, especially when interest rates on savings accounts remain competitive.

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Piggy bank with Santa hat and festive scarf.

12 ways to avoid overspending in December

Here’s how to have a stress-free Christmas and enjoy the festivities without breaking the bank.

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Houses of Parliament and Big Ben, London

What the Autumn Statement means for your savings

ISAs had a moment in the spotlight with some key changes coming in 2024.

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A laptop surrounded by Christmas decorations with someone writing a shopping list.

8 savvy saving tips for Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Savers will need to prepare to make sure they get the best deal.

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Bank of England building

How the unchanged base rate could impact your savings

The Bank of England decided to hold the base rate at 5.25% for another month.

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Calendar with 'no spend day' written on the 16th day and a blue circle around it.

How to save £500 in one month for last minute Christmas shopping

Savings challenges are going viral but do they really work?

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Man and woman in a kitchen looking at a computer screen.

The top easy access savings accounts with 5% interest

Rates on easy access accounts remain competitive, enticing savers to move their money from low interest accounts.

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A child is holding a piggy bank

Children’s savings rates have increased by 160% in a year

It’s important to review your child’s savings pot so you can get the best deal.

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Two wooden blocks one with the percentage symbol and the other with a red arrow going down and a green arrow pointing up.

Interest rates are dropping on fixed-rate savings but there are still deals available

Top deals have been pulled from the market and providers are assessing their rates on longer-term accounts.

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Woman stressed looking down at her laptop

How to manage financial stress

If you’re in financial difficulty, you may be feeling stressed and your mental health could be struggling. Here are some tips to help you cope with this difficult situation.

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Close up of a woman's hands with a laptop and calculator next to her.

6 easy ways to track your savings each month

The key to savings success is to keep a close eye on your progress

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A group of people looking concerned at a laptop

ISA myths and the truth about tax-free savings

We debunk some common myths about ISAs to see whether this type of savings account is right for you.

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Bank of England building

Why savers should act now as the base rate remains at 5.25%

The Bank of England’s decision means it’s a good time to compare savings accounts.

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Jar of money with a leaf growing out of it

The green savings accounts helping you to save money - and the planet

Green savings accounts are offering interest rates with an ethical bonus on top, but how competitive are they?

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Image of a key in a lock

Unlocking top rates on savings accounts comes with a catch

Under-pressure banks are finally starting to release some decent savings accounts - just not to everyone.

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Person using a calculator

What happens when I exceed my personal savings allowance?

With millions of savers about to be liable for tax on their savings accounts, it’s important to understand when you have to pay it.

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A man is facing a whiteboard with lots of writing and mind maps on it.

How business savings accounts can help SMEs to grow

A savings account isn’t a legal requirement, but it can support your business in the long run.

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Woman holding phone and sitting at a laptop

Exclusive: How you can get 7% on your savings and a £10 voucher

Santander reveals a market-leading interest rate with its Santander Edge Saver

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Image of a clock next to piles of money which increase in size

People are missing out on extra money as billions added to 0% interest accounts

Latest stats from the Bank of England reveal £2.1 billion was added to 0% interest accounts in June alone.

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Picture of a blurred house with a someone holding a keychain with a wooden house.

Homebuyers set to be taxed on their deposit savings for the first time

Mortgage rates have gone up and now you might be paying tax on your savings too.

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Piggy bank

Why the interest rate on your savings should leap this month

The base rate has increased by 0.25 percentage points, but savers could see a far larger rise after the FCA launched an action plan to ensure higher interest rates are passed on.

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A couple are on holiday sitting in deck chairs and admiring the sea view.

How to choose the best savings account whatever your financial goals are

Whether you want to save for your first house or a dream holiday, there’s a savings account that will get you there faster.

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The Barbie Pay Gap

The Barbie Pay Gap

Money.co.uk has analysed Barbie's professions to find out the average salary across the UK and USA and the gender pay gap to reveal how different Barbie's earnings would be compared to her male counterpart Ken.

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Woman is sitting at her laptop looking at the screen and holding a receipt.

How much more interest you can now get on your savings

We take a look at the savings’ landscape to see how rates have changed over the first half of the year and see if the rises are over or the best is yet to come…

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Two piggy banks side by side, one is blue and the other is pink.

The high interest current accounts competing with savings accounts’ rates

Interest rates have been rising on savings accounts - but some current accounts are also vying for your attention.

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Bank of England building in London

What the new 5% base rate means for your savings

The Bank of England has increased its base rate to 5% in an attempt to tame inflation.

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A couple are sitting on a sofa with a laptop in front of them and they are high-fiving

Up to £32,000 free cash per person on offer from the government - just for using the right savings account

A lifetime ISA rewards your savings habits with a huge bonus, but all that extra cash comes with a couple of strings attached.

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Woman is looking at her phone and is wearing a Christmas jumper and hat.

How to save £1,000 in time for your Christmas shopping this year

The secret to a stress-free festive season is to start saving your money today

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Someone is putting spare change into a purse

13 life hacks to help you save money each month

Small changes that can make a big difference to your savings pot

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Multiple wooden blocks with a percentage symbol and up arrow

When interest rates stop being the most important thing about a savings account

We look at the top interest rates for fixed-rate bonds and compare them to more flexible savings accounts, and ask if that’s really what matters the most.

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Women is sitting on a chair smiling and looking at her laptop.

Why changing your savings account can earn you 322% more interest

Savings accounts are offering higher interest rates compared to last year, so now is the time to move your money if it’s in a low-interest account.

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Bank of England building

Savings accounts react to the Bank of England’s base rate increase

The Bank of England’s decision to increase the base rate to 4.5% marks the highest rate in 15 years - but have savings accounts matched it?

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Man and woman at home smiling as they look at a laptop. Man is sitting at the desk and woman is standing next to him.

The savings account deals for existing customers offering up to 7%

Is your bank offering the best interest rate or should you look elsewhere?

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Wooden blocks with percentage icon and an arrow going upwards.

Are savings accounts keeping up with the Bank of England’s base rate?

With rumours that the base rate will rise again in May, some savings accounts are failing to meet its constant increases.

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Two women on a bike cycling along the coast in the sunshine.

7 ways to be a savvy saver during the bank holiday weekend

From finding the best deals to making the most of free activities, you don’t need to spend big to make the most of the holidays.

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Young woman looking at debit card and mobile with notebooks next to her

Young savers offered top interest rates if they live, work or study in certain areas

Where you live could unlock some of the best interest rates in the market, and residents of Bath might be best off of all

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Man and woman sitting on the floor looking at phone surrounded by cleaning products

How to organise your savings with a financial spring clean

It’s not just your home that might need a declutter, now is the time to dust off your savings and get things in order

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Women at desk writing on a notepad with a laptop nearby

The ISAs you need to know about ahead of the new tax year

Your annual ISA allowance runs out on April 6, so if you’re planning to use more of yours before it disappears, here’s what you need to know

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Hands putting money in piggy bank

Help to Save scheme extended - here’s how it can help you

You could get an extra £600 added to your savings by the government after just two years.

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Bank of England building in London

What is a savings tracker account and how does it work?

As the base rate rose for the tenth consecutive time last month, we look at whether a savings tracker account is a smart move.

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The rise of notice savings accounts and how they can help you earn more

Interest rates on notice savings accounts are now nearly four times higher than last year

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Family of four putting money into piggy bank

The top children’s savings accounts offering up to 5% interest

Relax this Mother’s Day knowing you’ve found the best way to save for your child’s future.

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A calendar with a pin in the 14th date

How you can get hold of First Direct’s 7% regular savings account

Regular saving accounts are offering some of the highest rates on the market to encourage more people to save - this is what you need to do to get them

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Man and woman sitting down together looking at a laptop.

Top rates on easy access savings accounts rise above 3%

A vast improvement from last year sees providers compete to offer customers far better paying interest rates at last.

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The Help to Buy ISA scheme has supported first time buyers for the past eight years

Help to Buy: The government has paid £824m in bonuses since launch

The Help to Buy ISA was first introduced in December 2015 as a way to help people who were saving for their first home, and since its launch 531,507 property completions have been supported by the scheme.

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Cost of a wedding abroad

Getting married abroad is becoming more and more popular but is it actually cheaper? Experts at money.co.uk have looked into the average budget for weddings in 190 countries and created a tool to reveal the cheapest and most expensive countries to get married overseas.

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Money challenges that can help you to save for your next holiday

How to save £1,456 for your holiday next year

Try one of our challenges and your dream holiday could be a reality.

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Fixed rate bonds have increased

Fixed-rate bond interest rates have increased by more than 400% in a year

Interest rates have soared on fixed-rate bonds over the past 12 months, making them far more rewarding for people with a lump sum to save

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2022 Saving Report Banner

2022 Savings Report

How much did the UK manage to save in 2022? We surveyed the nation to reveal just how much is in our savings accounts.

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 Milestone Savings banner

Saving for Milestones in Life

From marriage to retirement, we reveal the most expensive milestones in life, as well as how to save for these.

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feature image with mince pies with sugar dusting and a holly on the plate

Revealed: The best value mince pies of the year

Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without mince pies, and with the big day fast approaching, personal finance experts at money.co.uk have looked into and compared the price, weight and nutritional value of these festive treats across the UK’s largest supermarkets.

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The most eye-catching wedding décor revealed

The wedding experts reveal the wedding decor wedding guests notice the most and the least to help you save money on your big day.

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