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What is gadget insurance?

Gadget insurance covers electronic devices such as mobile phones, laptops, cameras and tablets.

If you’ve ever cracked your phone’s screen or dropped your mobile in the sink, you’ll know it’s not cheap to repair or replace. This is where gadget insurance can come in handy.

Yes, you might be covered for some gadget problems with your home, car or travel insurance. But the level of protection will be limited and exclusions typically apply. For example, you’re not usually covered for loss or accidental damage to devices, particularly with policies that offer a basic level of protection. 

Cover may also be limited to items, such as your games console, that you keep at home. But this isn’t very useful for gadgets, such as your mobile phone, sat-nav or smartwatch, that you use when out and about. Standalone gadget insurance could prove a worthwhile investment if you want more comprehensive protection.

If you have expensive gadgets, it could be worth seeing how much specialist insurance would set you back.”

Do I need gadget insurance?

A good way to tell if you need tech insurance is to consider whether you could afford to replace your device if something went wrong. If you couldn’t, yet can’t live without your device, gadget insurance may be worth considering.

Don’t forget to check your existing policies. Your home contents or travel insurance, for example, might give you some cover. Also, check what’s offered as part of your packaged bank account – if you have one.

Check whether the gadget insurance cover offered on your existing policies satisfies your needs. Remember to look at the excess: you don’t want to stump up most, if not all, of the cash for a replacement gadget.

Check whether the gadget insurance cover offered on your existing policies satisfies your needs. Remember to look at the excess: you don’t want to stump up most, if not all, of the cash for a replacement gadget.

How to choose the best gadget insurance

It’s important that you find the right cover for your needs, so here are four things to consider during the decision-making process:

Cover options

Consider what you need to protect your gadgets against, then find a policy that offers this sort of cover. You might have to pay extra for extras such as loss or theft cover.

Variable cost

Costs vary depending on how many gadgets you insure, what level of cover you select, and the excess. Look for the cheapest policy that offers all the elements you want from your insurance.

Maximum cover

The maximum cover is the most an insurer will pay for any single item on your policy. Check how much your gadgets cost and find a policy that’ll pay out enough for you to replace them if you need to claim.


The “excess” is how much you pay towards each claim you make. Your policy will set out how much excess you’d need to pay. For example, the cost of insuring a gadget that would cost up to £500 to replace may come with a £50 excess.

What items are included in electronic gadget insurance?

If you’ve got an electronic device you use regularly or have spent a lot of money on, it may be worth protecting it with gadget insurance.

The best gadget insurance covers many entertainment and social electronic devices, including:

  • Smartphones

  • Laptops

  • Cameras

  • Tablets

  • E-readers

  • Sat-navs

  • Games consoles

  • Smartwatches

Gadget insurers tend to cover devices that are pretty new, in many cases less than 18 or 36 months old, so check the policy carefully. You should do a little digging if you need more flexibility - the solution could be out there if you shop around. 

If you have an expensive item that you’ve had for more than the upper limit of 18 months, for example, contact the policy provider to see if they can help. The insurer may agree to provide cover for a small extra cost. Otherwise, shop around when the policy expires.

What's covered and what's not covered?

What could be covered

Theft: Gadgets are appealing to thieves, so getting cover will protect you if yours are targeted. Cover typically extends to a quota of unauthorised call charges
Loss: If you lose your device outside your home, decent gadget insurance should cover you
Accidental damage: Your insurance should cover you if you drop and damage your gadget
Mechanical breakdown: If your gadget dies after your warranty expires, quality policies will cover the cost of a replacement or repair
Water damage: This will cover you if your gadget’s dropped in water

What might not be covered

Loss of information: It's unlikely that data stored on your gadget - such as music, photo or video files - will be covered, so get in the habit of regularly backing-up your files
Second hand: You might not be covered if your device is second hand as many providers will require proof that you have purchased the gadget yourself. Alternatively, you’ll need a receipt if it was a gift or a letter from the original owner confirming you now own the item
Wear and tear: You might not be covered for scratches or dents that appear over time but don’t stop the device from working

Can I get multi-gadget insurance?

If you’ve got lots of gadgets at home, you can get an umbrella policy to insure them all. Multi-gadget insurance can be a good option if you’re a family of tech lovers. It can be cheaper because most insurers offer a discount when you add additional gadgets to your policy. 

You can cover all manner of devices on a multi-gadget insurance policy, including mobile phones, tablets, laptops, smartwatches and cameras.

How much cover do I need?

It’s more important to get the right level of cover than to find a cheap gadget insurance policy, but that doesn’t mean price isn’t a factor. . The gadget cover comparison listing above includes a range of policies that you can use to find the right cover at the lowest price.

Note: do your research before going ahead. Read the policy carefully and check reviews to ensure you’re happy with the level of cover offered. Reviews are a handy way to see what experiences others have had with specific insurers.

If you find cheap gadget cover, do your research before going ahead. Read the policy carefully and check reviews to ensure you’re happy with the level of cover offered. Reviews are a handy way to see what experiences others have had with specific insurers.


When can I make a claim on my gadget insurance?

Whether you can lodge a claim depends on your specific policy; they all have different rules. Sometimes gadget cover doesn’t let you claim until a certain time has passed since you took out the policy. This moratorium period is designed to prevent people from taking out gadget insurance to fraudulently cover devices that are already broken.

How quickly will my insurance provider be able to help me?

Every insurer is different. Some of the best gadget insurers aim to send you a replacement device within 24 hours. This fast service can be great if you’re reliant on certain gadgets, such as phones or laptops.

Am I covered if I lose my gadget?

This depends on whether loss is included in your policy. Some insurers include it automatically, with others you may need to pay extra to cover it.

Can I insure more than one gadget?

Many insurers offer a discount if you take out a multi-gadget insurance option.

Will my gadgets be covered by my home insurance?

Gadgets might be protected under your home contents insurance policy. But you may not be able to claim for accidental damage or loss away from home, so check the small print.

Will I get a brand-new replacement if my gadget breaks?

Possibly. Some insurers may repair your gadget instead or provide you with a new one that is similar but not an exact match. Check whether a new-for-old cover is included.

Can I cover secondhand gadgets?

You can only insure gadgets you buy brand new, that have been gifted to you or those that have been refurbished to the manufacturer’s standards. You’ll need to show proof of purchase or ownership to get cover.

Will I be covered when I take my gadgets abroad?

Yes, many policies include up to 90 days of cover anywhere in the world.

Is gadget insurance worth it?

Buying gadget insurance is a judgement call. It could be if you’re a gadget aficionado, especially if you have pricy devices. But, as ever, check the terms and conditions of any policies you’re considering.

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