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June 29th, 2023

What is domestic appliance insurance?

Domestic or home appliance insurance covers the cost of repairing or replacing your household appliances, such as your fridge, freezer, or dishwasher.

With it, you don’t have to find the money to replace an expensive item - such as your fridge, or washing machine - that you can’t live without.

If you want cover for smaller electronic devices such as tablets, mobile phones or laptops you should consider gadget insurance. This option gives you greater protection than standard home insurance would, covering your phone or iPad, for example, away from home and against accidental damage.

Do I need appliance insurance?

Your appliances are among your home's most expensive and frequently-used items, and they’re often devices you couldn’t live without. If your oven stopped working, for example, you’d surely need a replacement, but could you afford one? If the answer’s no, appliance insurance may be just the thing.

Of course, there may be alternatives. If any appliance goes wrong in the first six months after purchase, you’re entitled to a refund under the Consumer Rights Act

The manufacturer’s warranty, which typically lasts a year or two, also offers protection against mechanical faults. 

Standalone appliance insurance – usually bought after the manufacturer’s cover period has expired – covers your items for much longer. This option can work out cheaper than signing up for an extended warranty

However, given some providers will cover your appliances for up to eight or 10 years, it’s a solution that’ll offer protection for long after the warranty expires.

What about home contents insurance and warranties?

Both home contents insurance and warranties will provide cover for your appliances but with certain limitations.

For example, while home insurance generally covers appliances, there may be a limit on how much you can claim for damage to specific items. There will also be an excess to pay before the insurer steps in, and you may find call-out charges are excluded. 

Appliance insurance can cover you for more scenarios than an extended warranty will. A manufacturer’s warranty tends only to cover your appliance for mechanical breakdown.”

What’s covered by standard appliance insurance?


Mechanical or electrical breakdown
Parts, labour and call-out charges
Accidental damage
Emergency repair and replacement

Not covered

Cosmetic damage
Wear and tear
Appliances that are over a certain age
Appliances made by certain brands (although the major brands tend to be covered)

Keeping your appliance insurance valid 

Every home appliance policy is different, but they’ll all include warnings about actions that could invalidate your appliance insurance. You might not be covered if you:

  • Leave your home unoccupied for 30 days or more in a row

  • Use an unauthorised repairer

  • Cause deliberate damage to your appliance

  • Fail to follow the manufacturer’s instructions, such as overloading the washing machine

  • Claim for an appliance you use for business, such as a washing machine used as part of a laundry service.

How much does appliance insurance cost?

The price of appliance insurance varies depending on various factors. If you make a claim, you can expect an insurance provider to ask for proof of how much you paid and when. If possible, keep receipts or note what you paid, where and on what date.

You could also refer to your bank or credit card statements if you can’t find your receipts.Prices differ between insurers, and depend in part on the level of cover being provided. You’ll pay more if you’re looking to cover multiple appliances.

Is it worth the cost?

Appliance insurance may be worth having once your appliance’s warranty expires. Be aware that most insurance companies only provide appliance cover for most white goods up to a certain age.

Most appliance insurers will replace your item if it can’t be repaired. This could save you money, providing the replacement is of similar quality and value.


Does it matter how old my appliance is?

Yes. Most policies won’t cover appliances that are over eight to 10 years old. This varies between insurers, so check before you take out a policy.

How long does a policy last?

Most policies last for 12 months, but you may have the option to take out cover for longer or renew.

Do I need appliance insurance if I have a manufacturer's warranty?

Your manufacturer’s warranty covers repairs if your appliance breaks down. Check your purchase documents before you buy appliance insurance.

Does appliance insurance cover call-out charges?

Most policies cover call-out charges if your appliance can be repaired. However, check the insurer’s terms to avoid unexpected costs.

Can I get a multi-appliance warranty?

Yes. Most insurers offer a discount for insuring several appliances on the same policy.

Should I get appliance insurance or an extended warranty?

Although you’ll usually get a 1 or 2-year manufacturer’s warranty when you buy an appliance, you’ll probably be offered the chance to take out an extended warranty as well.

An extended warranty is often expensive and can usually only take it out when you’re buying the item. It’s also likely to be limited to a specific number of years, which will vary depending on the type of appliance.

In contrast, appliance insurance can be taken out whenever you like as long as your items aren’t too old. Also, multiple items can be insured at once, which will likely offer better value. 

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