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What is golf insurance?

Golf insurance covers accidental injuries you inflict on yourself and others, as well as damage to your own or others’ property during your time on the course. In can also protect you against the cost of:

  • Repairing or replacing damaged or stolen golf equipment 

  • Club membership or tournament fees if you can’t play due to illness or injury

  • Buying drinks after hitting a hole-in-one

Do I need golf insurance?

Before launching in and buying golf insurance, it’s worth seeing what cover you have under other policies – although check excesses and claims limits. 

  • Home insurance: You could find that home contents insurance will protect your clubs against loss or damage if you’ve paid extra for personal possessions cover. However, check cover limits, especially if you have an expensive set of clubs. 

  • Travel insurance: Golf clubs and other equipment, as well as green fees if you aren’t able to play, can feature in travel insurance policies, either as standard or as added extras. 

  • Golf club cover: Some golf clubs and associations, such as England Golf offer members personal liability insurance as standard. Other clubs may offer golf insurance with or as an added extra to membership or green fees. But this is often limited to personal liability and won’t cover loss or damage to equipment.

Your golf equipment may already be covered while inside your home or locked away in a garage. Check your contents policy carefully to see what protection it offers.”

How much cover do I need?

Determine how much you spend on golf. Your costs will help you find the right policy. Consider the cost of your:

  • Golf clubs

  • Accessories including balls, clothing and GPS gadgets

  • Club membership

  • Entry fees for competitions and events

Take advantage of what’s on offer when getting a golf insurance comparison so you get cover that matches your outlay. 

Note that policy providers frequently offer different levels of cover to cater for a range of requirements.

For example, if your golf clubs, bag, buggy, clothing and accessories cost £2,000, look for policies that offer at least this amount of equipment cover, or provide new-for-old replacements. Likewise, you might want cover to extend to days on courses in Europe or further afield. 

It’s worth comparing cover levels for personal injury-related claims, including for dental care and daily hospitalisation payment rates, as well as any excesses that apply. Paying a few pounds more for better cover could be worthwhile.

What are the different types of cover?

Unfortunately, a lot more can go wrong on and off the course than just theft or damage to your clubs, buggy and other equipment. Here are some of the additional benefits you should look for when comparing cover:

  • Personal liability: covers claims where your action cause damage to property, such as an errant shot hitting a car or breaking a neighbouring property’s windows.

  • Personal accident: this type of personal liability cover can include medical and dental claims made against you, including for death caused by a shot you hit.

  • New for old cover: some policies offer this enhanced form of protection for loss or damage to your golf equipment.

  • Hire cover: this will pay up to a set limit for any golf equipment you need to hire if your set of clubs, for example, are lost or stolen.

  • Hole-in-one cover: ensures your big moment on the course isn’t tarnished by a huge bar bill.

  • Club and tournament reimbursement: this will pay toward the cost of a tournament or reimburse any unused club subscription if you’re unable to attend due to injury or illness.

  • Worldwide cover: this would ensure all policy benefits apply if you are playing overseas.

How to choose the best golf insurance

You can choose from a wide variety of golf insurance policies, with an array of options to fit your personal needs. To find golf cover that suits you best, think about the following:

Level of cover

Decide what you want protection for, such as golf buggy insurance, golf club insurance, as well as cover for range finders and clothing, and for injury-related claims

Cost of replacement

Consider how much your golf equipment would cost to replace or repair

Check your home insurance policy

See whether you’re already covered through a policy like home insurance


Most of the benefits offered will come with claims limits, compare and pick a policy that offers a generous level of cover


Check what excesses would be applied to different types of claims

Payment options

Annual payments are often cheaper, as no interest is added. But if you only play for part of the year monthly payments are an option.


Are my clubs covered on a new-for-old basis?

Most insurers offer a new-for-old replacement if your golf equipment is stolen or damaged. This cover element can cover you for around three years. Longer terms of cover, including for the life of your clubs, are typically available for an extra cost or with a higher-grade policy, such as gold or platinum.

Is my golf equipment covered while it is in my car?

Most golf policies cover golf equipment while you’re travelling to or from a golfing event. But they might not while your clubs are in the boot and you’re in the clubhouse or elsewhere. Check what’s included before you buy a policy, and any excess. Also, check what’s covered under your car insurance policy.

Am I covered if I hit someone's car with a golf ball?

Yes. Golf insurance includes third-party liability, which covers the cost of damage you cause to someone else's property, including their car.

Does golf insurance cover me to play overseas?

Some policies include European or worldwide cover as standard. With others, you might have to pay extra to play outside the UK.

Does golf insurance cover me to drive a buggy?

Yes. It gives you third-party liability cover when using a buggy on a course, but you need to pay extra to cover a buggy you own against theft, loss or damage.

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