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What is European breakdown cover?

European breakdown cover protects you if your vehicle breaks down while you're in Europe. If you break down without it, you may have to pay hundreds of pounds out of your own pocket.

The best European breakdown cover can include assistance at the roadside if your vehicle breaks down during a journey, and even help with costs if your car needs to be taken back to the UK for repairs.

European breakdown cover is not included in standard UK breakdown policies. If you visit Europe often, it's a good idea to compare quotes and find a European breakdown policy that can cover your vehicle overseas. Don’t just opt for the cheapest – pick the policy that best suits your needs.

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What is covered by European breakdown cover?

Europe-wide breakdown policies offer the same cover as standard UK policies, including roadside assistance and vehicle recovery. Here’s what a breakdown policy covers.

European breakdown cover provides you with a 24-hour helpline to call in the event of a breakdown, after which your insurer will arrange to send a local patrol car to your location to help you.

You can also get extra protection with European breakdown cover, including:

  • cover before departure

  • vehicle and passenger repatriation

  • customs duty indemnity

Decide what you need your policy to cover before comparing policies to ensure you get the protection you want.

Which countries will I be covered in?

You should be protected in most of Europe, although most policies split the countries they cover into three zones. 

These are the territorial zones as defined by the RAC (other providers may differ):

Zone 1

Andorra, Belgium, France, Germany, Luxembourg, Monaco, Netherlands and Republic of Ireland

Zone 2

Austria, Denmark, Finland, Gibraltar, Italy, Liechtenstein, Norway, Portugal, San Marino, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and Vatican City

Zone 3

Albania, Armenia, Belarus, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Estonia, Georgia, Greece, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Malta, Moldova, Montenegro, Poland, Romania, Russia (west of the Urals), Serbia, Slovakia and Turkey

Breakdown cover may be offered at different levels in different countries, so check your policy documents for exact details. Not all insurers cover the same countries, and some providers may also define the zones differently.

Should I get a standalone European breakdown policy?

That depends on your circumstances and what cover you already have in place. There are two ways to get European breakdown cover: 

  • Add it to your policy if you already have standard breakdown cover

  • Buy a standalone European breakdown cover policy for your trip

The comparison on this page shows providers that offer standalone European breakdown cover.

However you get European breakdown cover, make sure it gives you the cover you need. Find out more about what European breakdown cover includes here.

Which type of insurance is the best European breakdown cover for me?

That depends on how often you drive in Europe. There are two main types of European breakdown cover to choose from:

  • Single-trip policy: this covers one short trip or holiday abroad, usually for between one and 31 days

  • Annual or multi-trip policy: this covers you whenever you drive in Europe over the course of a year

If you’re only going away once, a single-trip policy is the cheapest option, but a multi-trip or annual policy may work better if you regularly drive in Europe, as this is cheaper and easier than arranging multiple single-trip policies. 

Here’s more about finding the best European breakdown cover

How much does European breakdown cover cost?

The cost of European breakdown cover depends on several factors:

  • The length of your trip: the price differs depending on whether you're going for a few days or several weeks. If you opt for annual European breakdown cover it’s likely to be more expensive. However, if you make several trips to the continent in a single year, an annual policy is likely more cost-effective

  • Which country you visit: while policies usually cover most of Europe, certain countries may be more expensive than others, especially for vehicle repairs

  • The type of vehicle you’re driving: some cars are more expensive to repair in different parts of Europe, depending on the availability of parts. Breakdown cover should cover these costs for you, but your vehicle’s make and model may affect your premiums

  • The level of cover: the more extensive the cover, the more it will cost

As always, comparing European breakdown cover quotes is the best way to find a policy that gives you the cover you need at a price you can afford.

Can I get European breakdown cover for older vehicles?

If your car is more than ten years old it can be more difficult to get breakdown cover in the UK or Europe. Older vehicles are more likely to break down and can be more expensive to repair. 

That said, while there fewer insurers are willing to provide cover, and it may cost more, you can still get breakdown cover for an older car. Paying a little more for your breakdown cover would still be cheaper than having to pay out of pocket.

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