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Get to know the team of writers and editors behind the words on money.co.uk.

Articles written by a team you can trust

Since 2008, when money.co.uk was founded, our editorial team have been on a mission to help consumers navigate the complicated world of finance products.

With the singular aim of helping consumers save money, money.co.uk has been a source of truth for all things personal finance. Our team of expert writers and editors bring a breadth of experience and depth of knowledge, which makes them uniquely qualified to bring you news and insights you can trust.

money.co.uk's writers and editors

James Andrews author profile pic

James Andrews

Senior Personal Finance Editor

James has spent the past 15 years writing and editing personal finance news, specialising in consumer rights, pensions, insurance, property and investments - picking up a series of awards for his journalism along the way.

Salman Haqqi circle headshot

Salman Haqqi

Senior Personal Finance Editor

Salman Haqqi spent 10 years as a journalist, reporting in several countries around the world. After moving to the UK, Salman now specialises in personal finance, with a desire to help people make informed financial decisions, especially concerning; borrowing and investments.

Lucinda O'Brien

Lucinda O'Brien

Personal Finance Editor

Lucinda has spent the past 10 years writing and editing content for regional and national titles, including The Mirror, WalesOnline and Manchester Evening News. Now as a personal finance editor at money.co.uk, she applies her industry knowledge to ensure readers can make confident financial decisions.

Cam Jaques

Cameron Jaques

SME Expert and Commercial Manager

Cameron has over five years of experience working within the SME industry and manages all SME commercial relations for money.co.uk. Applying his industry knowledge, Cameron is money.co.uk's in-house SME expert and spokesperson.

Nealam Ahuja - Author profile

Neelam Ahuja

SME Expert and Senior Associate

Neelam has a wide range of experience working with early-mid-stage startups in both the UK and India including a two-year stint building her own venture in India. Sharing her extensive knowledge of financial service products catering to the needs of smaller-scale companies, Neelam is a money.co.uk in-house SME expert and spokesperson.

Florence Codjoe

Florence Codjoe

Personal Finance Editor

Florence writes and edits personal finance content for money.co.uk, including savings accounts, investments, pensions and various types of insurance. Florence is also the car insurance spokesperson, helping motorists drive safely on the roads.

Joel Kempson

Joel Kempson

Personal Finance Writer

Joel Kempson was a personal finance writer for money.co.uk during the coronavirus pandemic (2020-21). During his time at the brand, he helped people navigate the world of personal finance and make informed decisions about their money.

Nisha Author Image

Nisha Vaidya

Mortgages Content Editor

Nisha Vaidya worked on money.co.uk as the mortgages commissioning editor, before taking on the role of content designer. She worked with our freelance writers to produce guidance around mortgages products. She was also the mortgages spokesperson for money.co.uk.


Hannah Maundrell

Former Editor in Chief

Hannah Maundrell was money.co.uk's Editor in Chief. During her time at the brand, she led the editorial team and produced a range of guides to help consumers make better financial decisions. She was also a spokesperson for money.co.uk.


Kyle Eaton

SME Expert and finance editor

Kyle is a finance editor specialising in all things relating to small and medium enterprises (SME). He has over ten years' experience working in financial services and as a writer.

Meet our expert contributors

Beyond our dedicated team of in-house writers and editors, money.co.uk employs a vast network of personal finance contributors.

Each of our contributing writers and editors is chosen for their subject matter expertise to add depth and authority to our articles.

Sara Benwell author pic

Sara Benwell

Contributing writer

Sara Benwell is a freelance journalist, consultant and editor, specialising in personal finance, pensions, investments, and consumer affairs.


Jessica Bown

Contributing writer

Jessica Bown is an award-winning freelance journalist and editor who has been writing about personal finance for almost 20 years.

Marianne Curphey

Marianne Curphey

Contributing editor

Marianne is an award-winning journalist, content strategist and author. She specialises in financial services, investment and insurance.

Rebecca Goodman author photo

Rebecca Goodman

Contributing writer

Rebecca is an award-winning freelance journalist, she has more than a decade of experience working for the UK's leading publications.

Cathy Hudson - new

Cathy Hudson

Contributing writer

Cathy has been a journalist since 2001, including 12 years, first as a money researcher and writer, then as an editor covering subjects such as money, home, tech and cars. 

Renaud-Komiya Nick

Nick Renaud-Komiya

Contributing writer

Nick Renaud-Komiya has been a writer and reporter for eight years, covering a range of areas, from the NHS to investment banking.

Rachel Lacey author pic

Rachel Lacey

Contributing writer

Rachel Lacey is a freelance journalist, with over 20 years' experience writing and editing personal finance news, guides and investigations.

Dan Moore author photo

Dan Moore

Contributing writer

Dan Moore is a financial and consumer rights journalist, covering everything from ISAs and savings, to business finance and credit cards.


Rachel Wait

Contributing writer

Rachel has written extensively on credit cards, pensions, insurance and mortgages for leading price comparison sites and the national press.

Nick Peers

Nick Peers

Contributing writer

Nick Peers has been a professional writer for 30 years and has been published extensively both online and in print in the UK, US, Australia and Europe.

Alex Cox Author Image

Alex Cox

Contributing writer

Alex is a self-employed writer, journalist and editor with over 25 years experience.

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Our editorial integrity

The money.co.uk editorial team is committed to delivering content that empowers consumers to make better financial decisions. Our award-winning writers and editors create honest and factually accurate content to help you make the right financial decisions for you.

Our editorial policy

Money.co.uk is about more than just helping you choose a financial product.

We want to help you develop a good understanding of personal finance, so you can make well-informed choices over time.

To achieve this, our editorial team operates under a strict policy of putting our customers first. You can read more about our editorial policy here.

Ensuring accuracy

Our financial writers have years of experience and check and update our guides before publication to make sure the facts in them are accurate.

Where key facts change, the team will review, amend and update, and this will be reflected in the ‘edited by’ date.

Where possible, our writers and editors also seek additional sources of information to confirm the statements in their articles and will cite these in the footnotes.