Can you still use it?

Update: The Boiler Scrappage scheme has now closed. But there are other ways you can save money by replacing your boiler or by cutting your heating bills.

Here are other ways to save money on replacing your boiler, including getting a grant from the government's ECO scheme.

You can also save money on your heating bill by switching your energy provider. You can use uSwitch's energy comparison to look for a new tariff, check how much you could save and easily switch to a cheaper deal.

What was the boiler scrappage scheme?

The government's boiler scrappage scheme worked in a similar way to the car scrappage scheme, giving a discount on a new boiler. This was issued by the Energy Saving Trust in the form of a voucher to refund up to 400.

It helped people with older, less-efficient G-rated boilers with the cost of upgrading to a newer, more economical model.

Do you need to replace your boiler?

If you have an old G-rated boiler, replacing it makes sense, as they are far less energy efficient than modern ones.

For example, many modern boilers have efficiency ratings of 90% or more compared with just 70% for your old G-rated boiler.

Energy Saving Trust estimates that upgrading to an energy efficient model could save you 200 a year on bills and reduce your CO2 emissions by 140,000 tonnes.

Buying and installing a new boiler can cost thousands. However, the savings you could make on your energy bills mean the long term benefits are more than the initial costs.

How to replace your boiler

Choose the boiler that's right for you and shop around for a few different quotes to make sure that you get the best deal.

Get quotes from independent installers as well as the major supplies, as this could save you money on installation fees.

If you have your whole central heating system checked out as well as your boiler, they can look for other ways to improve your heating too.

Make sure that your installer is qualified to do the work they are quoting for and only ever use an OFTEC or Gas Safe registered technician.

What financial help can you get?

You could get government help with:

  • Your energy bills

  • Getting a new, more efficient boiler

  • Making your home more energy efficient

If your boiler is more than ten years old, you may be able to get a grant to help you replace it. Here is how to check if you can use the ECO scheme to help pay for an A-rated boiler.