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Going on holiday

What you need to know to get as much holiday for your money as you possibly can - from where to go, how to get there, the best way to spend while away and what your rights are if anything goes wrong


Holidays - whether at home or abroad - are all about getting away from the day-to-day and heading somewhere special.

But where should you go to see the best beaches, experience vibrant nightlife, see stunning scenery or, just, well, get some sunshine for the least amount of cash?

Here are our guides to the best places to head - to offer up a little inspiration:

The picturesque harbour in Mousehole, an old fishing village in Cornwall

How to find cheap UK holiday destinations

With millions of Brits choosing to go on holiday without leaving the country, discover our top tips on how to find cheap holidays in the UK.

Where to go for a cheap UK holiday
Woman sightseeing on holiday in Tallinn, Estonia

Where to go for a super cheap holiday - best destinations

If you’re hoping to get away this year, our guide will help you discover the cheapest places to go on holiday and how to cut the cost of your trip.

Cheapest destinations for holidays named
Anse Lazio beach at Praslin island, Seychelles

Revealed: The most beautiful beaches around the world

Discover the most beautiful beaches around the world to give you inspiration for your future getaways.

More on Beaches

Highest-rated destinations according to travellers

We all have our own travel bucket lists that we’ve been adding to over the years. Planning and saving up for the But which are the highest-rated destinations according to travellers?

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Natural Beauty Report

The world can be a remarkable place and is home to some truly breathtaking sights and scenic landscapes. But which countries around the world can claim the most of these natural wonders?

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How to avoid Europe's biggest travel rip-offs

Whether you go on holiday to top up your tan or broaden your horizons, make sure that money worries do not get in the way of your trip. We spoke to over 2,000 British travellers to find out the biggest rip-offs so you can avoid them and focus on having a great time.

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Remember: Buy your insurance when you book your trip

if you don't, you might not be covered if you have to call it off later

Getting ready

What to do before you go to makes sure you get the best deals and protect your holiday from disaster.

Our guides take you through what you need to know - from making sure your trip is protected to steps you can take now to get more from your holiday for the same price.


Your ultimate checklist for a stress free holiday

Your holiday is a time to relax and concentrate on enjoying yourself, so let us help take the stress out of preparing for your trip. Here's everything you need to do before you jet off.

What to do now, so you can relax later
Travel insurance woman on a beach

Do you need travel insurance for your trip?

If you fall ill or have an accident while travelling the bills can be huge, so it pays to have cover in place. Here are the basics to help you find the right travel insurance policy.

When to take out travel insurance
girl in city holding red umbrella

How much money do you need to go travelling?

Wherever you plan to go in the world you will need to work out how much money to take on your travels. Here is what to consider before your trip.

How much money you need when travelling
woman walking with a bicycle

Travel money: should I get a travel credit card?

Using the best credit card for travel can solve a lot of holiday problems. You don’t need to think “how much money can I travel with?” or worry about where to find the best exchange rate.

Read more about travel money options

Should you get single trip or annual travel insurance?

If you are heading off on holiday, you’ll need to choose between a single trip or annual travel insurance policy. But what is the difference, and which is right for you? Here is how to find out.

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What car insurance cover do I need to drive abroad?

Driving overseas can be a great way to travel, but you need to make sure you are covered in case something goes wrong. Here is how to make sure you have the right insurance before you start your trip.

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Airport essentials - what to triple check for in the terminal

It might sound stupid - but you'd be amazed how often people get at least one of these wrong....

Passports - everyone's passports

If you're anything like us, you'll be checking you passport is still where you put it at least 27 times between entering the terminal and boarding the plane. But have you checked the rest of the group too?

Boarding pass

Have you checked in online? Have you printed your boarding pass? Do you definitely have the right one and not one for the return trip? If you can't answer yes to all of the above you need to get to the check in desk now.

Power in your phone

Boarding passes, flight details, hotel address and more are all on your phone. And that's before we talk about tracking down other members of the group. Is it definitely charged? Do you have a power cable for it in your hand luggage?

Parking details

It's easy in the hustle and bustle of getting to the terminal to forget things, but lose your parking ticket and on the way home you could have a rather more stressful time trying to track down your car amid the tens of thousands of others in airport carparks. Take a picture of it on your phone, too, just in case.

Getting there

Holidays start from when you leave the house - but the journey to your chosen destination can make or break the trip.

This is what you need to know to make sure you don't spend more than you need on boring essentials, leaving you with more of your hard earned money on things you can enjoy.

We've also got tips to help make the journey itself more pleasant - from free flight upgrades to getting access to the food, drink and comfy chairs found in exclusive lounges.

A woman heads to the terminal with her luggage after parking her car at the airport

How much airport parking costs and how to find the best and cheapest options

Finding airport parking can be stressful and expensive, so it’s important to understand all the options available to you. Here’s how to find the best and cheapest solution for your needs.

Tips for saving on airport parking
A woman relaxes with a cup of coffee in an airport comfortable lounge chair

How to get access to airport and airline lounges for the least money

Getting access to an airport lounge doesn’t have to mean frequent flights or paying more for first-class tickets. Here’s how to get in cheaply or even for free.

What's on offer and what airport lounge access costs
A woman sitting in first class on a plane

How to get an upgrade on your flight ticket for free

It’s one of life’s great challenges, how to get elevated from economy to first class or business class. Here we reveal the top hacks to securing yourself a coveted flight upgrade free, or for the least money possible.

Free flight upgrades explained

The world's best airports revealed

As airports start to welcome travellers back through their gates, our travel experts reveal the airports offering the best experience to holidaymakers?

Read the Airport report
Photograph of someone pouring a draught pint of beer.

Spoons Savings: The hidden costs of a pre flight meal

As holiday-makers flock to airports to head off on a long-awaited summer holiday, money.co.uk has looked at the hidden costs associated with travel.

How to save money on pre-flight food

What are your rights if your flight is delayed?

If you have been left stranded at the airport, you could claim compensation from the airline. Here are your rights if your flight is delayed.

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Have you got your travel money sorted?

Compare rates and deals to get the most for your money

Holiday spending

How you choose to pay when on holiday can add hundreds to the cost of your trip - and that's money being lost for no good reason at all.

But are you better off paying in pounds or the local currency, do travel cards really make a difference and when is cash still king?

This is what you need to know:

three travellers standing on a cliff

Travel money: the basics you need to know

Spending abroad is simple when you understand which currency to use and how to exchange your money. This guide gives you the basics to get started.

More on travel money basics
Couple on beach jumping

Travel money: how to get the best deal

A good deal on your travel money means getting more holiday for the exact same number of pounds sterling. This guide will show you how to do it.

Read more about getting a travel money deal
Couple with shopping bags walk on the street

What is the best way to spend abroad?

Spending money overseas can end up costing you a fortune in fees and charges, so find out what options you have and which is the cheapest for your trip.

Read more about ways to spend abroad

3 holiday essentials for your travel wallet

Now that your holiday is booked, it is time to sort out your finances to make sure your trip abroad is as enjoyable as possible. Here is what to prepare before you jet off.

Read More
Happy couple shopping on holiday

Travel money: dealing with leftover currency

Being stuck with foreign cash after a trip overseas can leave you feeling short-changed. Here is how to get the most out of your unspent currency.

Read more about dealing with leftover currency
travellers in brazil

Spending abroad: last minute options

It is never too late to find an affordable way to spend abroad, here are your options based on when you plan to travel.

Find out about your last minute spending options

Paying in pounds vs the local currency

What's the smart move when the card terminal or ATM you're using on holiday asks if you'd like to pay in pounds? We explain all.

These days everything from ATMs to payment terminals in shops offer you the choice to "pay in pounds" when they recognise a UK card.

But should you?

The first thing to know is that whichever currency you choose to pay in, your bank or card provider will still treat it as an overseas transaction - so you'll get hit with any fees for that either way.

The second thing to be aware of is that, when you choose to pay in pounds, the retailer or ATM sets the exchange rate itself.

While they might do this in your favour, the odds are low.

Paying in the local currency, by contrast, means you get the Visa or Mastercard exchange rate instead - which is generally about as good a deal as you can find.

That means, while it might be a little harder to understand the cost by choosing the local currency option, you'll generally get a much better deal that way.

Person paying with a card, using a terminal, dollars, euros and pounds by the side

Compare travel money pre-paid cards

no credit check travel cards for spending overseas

Travel rights

Cancelled flight? Hotel not built yet? Trouble with a purchase? The good news is there are plenty of rules in place to protect you.

Your rights abroad aren't quite the same as they are at home, but you might be surprised about how many of your legal protections are packed with you when you head overseas.

We take you through your rights when it comes to taking holidays as well as when you're abroad.

A man in an airport looking at the duty free section

How do duty free allowances work now?

From alcohol and cigarettes to perfume and electronics, if you’re buying duty free items and bringing them back to the UK, here we explain the rules you need to follow.

How much you can legally being back
Eiffel Tower in Paris, France

What is the UK Global Health Insurance Card (GHIC)?

Find out how the new Global Health Insurance Card (GHIC) works, how it differs from the old EHIC, how to get one, what they cost and when you need one.

How the GHIC works
Woman on phone at airport

What are your holiday cancellation rights?

If you need to cancel your holiday it is important to know where you stand before you speak to your travel agent or insurer. Here are your rights for cancelling your trip.

When you can - and can't - claim
Worried woman on phone

How do I get my money back if a company goes bust?

There are legal rights in place for consumers if a business closes down. Find out what they are and how they protect you and your money.

Who you need to call first
Gavel set on book on table

Section 75: Your free credit card purchase protection

When you spend money on your credit card you get extra consumer protection on your purchases. Find out more about Section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act and how it can provide you with additional peace of mind.

The free refund rights that come with your card
A woman in glasses sits in front of piled of work while a man taps his watch behind her

Your legal right to go on holiday explained

The UK has strict laws around how much holiday you have a right to take each year - but when it comes to exactly which days you can take off things get a little murkier.

Your rights to take holiday

Save and protect - travel credit cards

Getting a specialist travel card could save you a bunch on fees while abroad, while offering extra protection on spending

Travel hacks

The inside line on how people are making significant savings on their holidays.

People in the know are finding ways to cut the cost of everything from flights to hotels to the exact day they fly on.

Read on to get the inside line on the clever ways people are saving cash and holidaying for a lot less:

Woman carrying passport and plane tickets in front of airport departure board

How to find a cheap flight to anywhere you like

If you’re keen to get away for a much-deserved holiday but your budget is a little tight, this guide explains all you need to know about how to find cheap flights.

Cheap flight secrets
Two friends relax in a hotel room while on holiday

How to find cheap hotel rooms

Getting a great deal on accommodation can slash the cost of your holiday. From using comparison sites, to when a travel agent is best – here’s everything you need to know about finding cheap hotels

Tricks to saving money and finding cheap hotel accommodation
Best way to get airmiles with a credit card - happy man in airport

Best way to get air miles with a credit card

The right credit card could give you an upgrade on your flight, cheaper tickets or even a hotel stay for you and your family. Find out how a credit card with air miles could benefit you.

How air miles credit cards work
A happy couple planning their holiday

When is the cheapest time to go on holiday?

If you’re longing for a holiday but don’t want to break your budget, here we look at how finding a bargain break is all about picking the best time to book and seeking out affordable destinations.

When's cheapest to travel

8 easy ways to cut your travel insurance costs

Travel insurance could save you thousands if something goes wrong when you are away, but do not pay over the odds for cover. Try these eight ways to keep the cost down.

See how to save on travel insurance
Smiling family in ocean

6 ways to protect your holiday if you book without a travel agent

Did you know that the way in which you book your holiday can have a dramatic effect on whether you're protected if something goes wrong? We show you how to make sure you get to go on your holiday one way or another!

How to protect your holiday

The latest research and reports from the team at money.co.uk

The team at money.co.uk don't just work to get you a better deal on your insurance and travel money, we also conduct our own research and reports.

These cover everything from the countries where cash is still king to where to go if you want to step into your favourites scenes from the silver screen (and grab a quick selfie) or see a top-class sporting event.

Here are some of our favourites:

People watching a film

Best cities for film lovers

Movies offer us an escape to new and exciting lands without having to leave the comfort of our sofas, but if you’re a true film buff, where in the world can bring that movie magic to life?

Step into a film set in these cities
Global Beer Lovers’ City Index

Global Beer Lovers’ City Index

With world-class breweries, bars, and beer festivals to enjoy around the globe, and international travel beginning to open up, money.co.uk has revealed the best cities around the world for beer.

Where in the world is best for beer

Most LGBTQ+ accepting cities

It’s important to feel comfortable being yourself in the place you live or even go on holiday. We’ve compiled a list of the most accepting cities for those in the LGBTQ+ community.

The least prejudiced places to visit
A women looking at a painting in a gallery

Arty Areas

Art isn’t necessarily confined to gallery walls, it can be found in architecture, monuments, and even on the streets themselves. But which are the best cities in the world for art lovers?

Read More
image of woman at an event

Sporting capitals

Sport is a huge part of any area’s identity and local sporting teams are often the first thing people associate with certain locations around the world.

Read More
A photo of a woman in a wheelchair.

Most accessible cities

It’s increasingly important for cities to try to cater to visitors with disabilities, but which cities are the most accessible? Money.co.uk has analysed disabled parking spaces, wheelchair facilities at airports, restaurants and more at the 20 most visited cities in the world to find out which are the most accessible.

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A image of a woman holding money.

£1,000 around the world

Our personal finance experts have analysed the cost of living for major cities around the world to find out where in the world £1,000 can take you the furthest?

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A graphic of card reader and a hand holding a contactless debit card.

Cashless Countries

Using data from the World Bank and the largest debit and credit card providers, money.co.uk can reveal the most cashless economies in the world.

Read More
Woman holding her ears to cover sound

Europe's noisiest cities

Where are the loudest and most chaotic places to live in the Europe? To find out our experts have compared 23 major cities around Europe to find out where is noisiest.

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