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Going on holiday

What you need to know to get as much holiday for your money as you possibly can - from where to go, how to get there, the best way to spend while away and what your rights are if anything goes wrong


Holidays - whether at home or abroad - are all about getting away from the day-to-day and heading somewhere special.

But where should you go to see the best beaches, experience vibrant nightlife, see stunning scenery or, just, well, get some sunshine for the least amount of cash?

Here are our guides to the best places to head - to offer up a little inspiration:

Remember: Buy your insurance when you book your trip

if you don't, you might not be covered if you have to call it off later

Getting ready

What to do before you go to makes sure you get the best deals and protect your holiday from disaster.

Our guides take you through what you need to know - from making sure your trip is protected to steps you can take now to get more from your holiday for the same price.

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Getting there

Holidays start from when you leave the house - but the journey to your chosen destination can make or break the trip.

This is what you need to know to make sure you don't spend more than you need on boring essentials, leaving you with more of your hard earned money on things you can enjoy.

We've also got tips to help make the journey itself more pleasant - from free flight upgrades to getting access to the food, drink and comfy chairs found in exclusive lounges.

Have you got your travel money sorted?

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Holiday spending

How you choose to pay when on holiday can add hundreds to the cost of your trip - and that's money being lost for no good reason at all.

But are you better off paying in pounds or the local currency, do travel cards really make a difference and when is cash still king?

This is what you need to know:

Paying in pounds vs the local currency

What's the smart move when the card terminal or ATM you're using on holiday asks if you'd like to pay in pounds? We explain all.

These days everything from ATMs to payment terminals in shops offer you the choice to "pay in pounds" when they recognise a UK card.

But should you?

The first thing to know is that whichever currency you choose to pay in, your bank or card provider will still treat it as an overseas transaction - so you'll get hit with any fees for that either way.

The second thing to be aware of is that, when you choose to pay in pounds, the retailer or ATM sets the exchange rate itself.

While they might do this in your favour, the odds are low.

Paying in the local currency, by contrast, means you get the Visa or Mastercard exchange rate instead - which is generally about as good a deal as you can find.

That means, while it might be a little harder to understand the cost by choosing the local currency option, you'll generally get a much better deal that way.

Person paying with a card, using a terminal, dollars, euros and pounds by the side

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no credit check travel cards for spending overseas

Travel rights

Cancelled flight? Hotel not built yet? Trouble with a purchase? The good news is there are plenty of rules in place to protect you.

Your rights abroad aren't quite the same as they are at home, but you might be surprised about how many of your legal protections are packed with you when you head overseas.

We take you through your rights when it comes to taking holidays as well as when you're abroad.

Save and protect - travel credit cards

Getting a specialist travel card could save you a bunch on fees while abroad, while offering extra protection on spending

Travel hacks

The inside line on how people are making significant savings on their holidays.

People in the know are finding ways to cut the cost of everything from flights to hotels to the exact day they fly on.

Read on to get the inside line on the clever ways people are saving cash and holidaying for a lot less:

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