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Some car insurance providers might not be on comparison websites

These providers would rather people compared their overall package rather than just who’s cheapest

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What are car insurance comparison websites?

Comparison sites first sprang up a little over 20 years ago as a way for people to quickly check prices between several providers. Confused.com was the first in the UK to offer car insurance comparison back in 2001.

To use, people enter their details once and the comparison site does the rest, sending these details on to a string of different insurance companies for quotes. 

The results are collected and ranked by price on a results page, so customers can find the cheapest policy that fits their needs.

Despite the comparison site model proving popular with customers, some companies feel they’re a little too simplistic a process to reflect what they offer customers. As a result, they choose not to have their car insurance policies listed on them.

Price comparison websites first sprang up a little over 20 years ago.

How to choose the best car insurance that's not on comparison websites

If an insurer is not on comparison websites, you’ll need to approach them directly for a quote. Beforehand, ask yourself:

What level of car insurance do I need?

Take a look at the different insurance options available from comprehensive, third party, fire and theft, or just third party.

Do I need specialist car insurance?

A policy like black box insurance or multi-car cover might be more appropriate and cheaper. You may also wish to consider classic car insurance or car insurance for a driver who is under 25.

Do I need extras?

There could be extras that you’ll need to add to your policy, to ensure you have cover that suits your needs. Explore all the optional extras before making a final decision.

Why are some insurance companies not on comparison websites?

Not all companies use comparison websites to sell their insurance policies. This could be because:

  • They can keep costs down by not paying commission to comparison sites

  • They may not want to be compared to rivals on cost alone when they feel they offer a more tailored service

Do I need to check car insurance that’s not on comparison websites?

Finding the best insurance quote means comparing as many quotes from as many insurers as possible to discover the perfect deal for you. By getting quotes from car insurers not on comparison sites you’re increasing your chance of finding the right policy for a lower premium.

This is especially true if there's anything non-standard about your car insurance needs. Comparison sites might not ask the exact questions needed to find you the best cover with every provider. But heading to a car insurer directly for a quote allows you to get into the little details.

Whichever route you follow to get car insurance just make sure to check the final quote offered against other competitors. This way you can rest easy knowing you’ve done all you can to get the right policy for the best deal.


Is it cheaper to pay annually or monthly?

In terms of whether it is cheaper to pay annually or monthly, annual payments are usually cheaper because most insurers charge interest on your policy. Paying monthly means you end up paying in total.

What does car insurance cover?

The range and level of cover you get with car insurance differs from one policy to another. It can be limited to injury and damage caused to other people and their property, or cover you for injury or losses as well.

What is a no-claims bonus?

A no-claims bonus is a discount you earn on your car insurance by not claiming. Here’s how a no claims bonus can save you money.

What is car insurance excess?

Car insurance excess is the amount you must pay towards any claim you make. Find out how car insurance excess works here.

Do I need added extras?

You might need added extras. Check what comes as standard with your policy before you add extras such as breakdown cover. Here is how to work out which extras you might need.

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