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What is fleet van insurance?

Fleet van insurance can provide cover for two or more vans owned by your business under a single commercial fleet insurance policy.

This means you only need to manage one policy, rather than having separate cover for each van.

If your employees drive company vehicles it's your responsibility to buy insurance for your entire fleet.

What does fleet van insurance cover?

Fleet van insurance policies can offer quite a bit more than a standard car insurance deal.

Much like a commercial van insurance policy, there are options to include carriage of your own goods, haulage (i.e. carrying other people's goods) but you get more flexibility by choosing the fleet option.

Fleet van cover lets you add and remove vehicles at any time - either permanently or temporarily.

You can name employees individually as drivers on the policy or choose the ‘any driver’ option - although this generally costs more.

As well as standard vans, you can add other sorts of vehicle to your policy - including:

  • Tippers

  • Pick ups

  • Light vans

  • Vans with ingle or double cabs

  • Box/Luton vans

Motorbikes, minibuses, tractors, HGVs and more can also often be added to a fleet policy - just check terms to make sure your provider allows them.

New van registrations in 2022
How many commercial vehicles were registered in 2022 by type.

What can you use fleet van insurance for?

Carriage of own goods

This covers you for driving the vans while carrying your own tools and other goods for your business.

Haulage and courier

This covers you for driving your van to transport other people's goods - for example if you're operating a delivery service or helping people move home.

What can you use fleet van insurance for?

Carriage of own goods

This covers you for driving the vans while carrying your own tools and other goods for your business.

Haulage and courier

This covers you for driving your van to transport other people's goods - for example if you're operating a delivery service or helping people move home.

What does fleet van insurance cost?

Fleet van insurance costs are tough to pin down without understanding exactly what's being insured and running some quotes.

The good news is that we can explain how they're worked out. Put simply, your quotes will be based on:

  • How many vehicles you're insuring: The more vans, the greater the risk to the insurer.

  • What sort of vehicles you're insuring: A fleet of pick up trucks won't have the same risk as one of HGVs after all.

  • How you're using your vans: Running a moving firm will have very different risks to a plumbing business after all.

  • Your drivers' age and record: Young drivers and those who have been in several accidents could drive up the costs for everyone.

  • How secure the vans are: Everything from secure parking, immobilisers, on-site CCTV and more could affect the cost of insurance.

For smaller fleets of five vehicles or fewer, check what individual policies would cost too."

Pros and cons


Save on admin with only one policy and one renewal date
Cheaper quotes are possible than individually insuring each van
You can add more vans to the same policy as your business grows
All drivers are covered on every vehicle if you use an 'any driver' policy


One accident can drive up prices for all vans
Young drivers could increase overall costs for the whole fleet
There can be restrictions on how you use the van - i.e. excluding personal use
If you don’t update your policy when you buy or sell individual van, future claims may be invalid

How to find the right policy

When looking for the best multi-van insurance policy, think about the following:

Level of cover

Decide on the cover you want for your fleet from the following options: Fully comprehensive; Third-party, fire and theft; Third-party only.

Cover options

Work out what additional protection your vans need – this comparison shows whether insurers offer: Replacement vehicles, Breakdown cover, European cover.

Van usage

Look for a policy that covers the way you use your vans – for example, not all insurers cover vans used for haulage or courier services.

Multiple drivers

Will different drivers drive the same van? If yes, you need a policy with any-driver cover.

Find cheaper fleet van insurance quotes

If you have several vans, fleet insurance is usually cheaper than the combined cost of separate policies, but not always. 

Compare as many fleet insurance quotes as possible, but also include individual van insurance quotes for each vehicle to ensure you’re getting the best possible deal. When you’ve found the right policy, pick the one that offers the best price.

You can also try and keep the cost of your premiums down by...

  • Paying up front rather than in monthly instalments

  • Using experienced drivers with clean licences 

  • Installing security devices, such as alarms and immobilisers 

  • Only paying for the cover you need

  • Changing your excess levels

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How many vans do you need for fleet van insurance?

You need two vans or more owned by the same business for fleet van insurance.

In terms of how many vans you can insure, it depends on the insurer, but it can cover hundreds of vehicles.

Is van insurance different to car insurance?

Yes, van insurance is different to car insurance. Both types of policy cover the same things but van insurance can protect vehicles used commercially and cover their contents, such as tools.

Do I legally need van insurance?

Yes, you do legally need van insurance unless you have declared your van off the road.

How do I make a van insurance claim?

You can make a van insurance claim by calling your insurer on their claims line, which is on your policy documents. The process should be the same as making a car insurance claim.

Can I cancel the policy if I change my mind?

Yes, you can cancel the policy if you change your mind. There is a 14-day cooling-off period, which means you can cancel and get your premium refunded. However, you may be charged an admin fee.

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