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Why do I need holiday let insurance?

If you own a holiday home that might be left empty or occupied by renters when you’re not using it, the right insurance policy helps you protect it.

Holiday let insurance usually covers your property against things like theft, fire or weather damage, as well as protecting you and any holidaymakers when you rent it out.

Whether the property is unfurnished or furnished, holiday let insurance can give you crucial protection and peace of mind.

Here’s more on how to insure your holiday home.

What countries are covered?

You should be able to get a policy that covers you in the UK, as well as policies for properties in most popular European countries including France, Spain, Portugal and Italy. Different insurers will offer cover for different locations; some cover up to 40 different countries outside the UK. Check the insurer's list before you sign a contract to make sure your holiday home will be protected.

If your holiday home is in a country where natural disasters are common, you may find that its location is excluded by some insurers. Others cover homes in countries prone to earthquakes or extreme weather but may restrict your cover.

What kind of holiday let cover can I get?

When you rent out your property think about having the following holiday cottage insurance in place:

  • Accidental damage: protects your contents against any damage caused by renters, and can also include replacement locks if your keys are lost

  • Public liability insurance: protects you if people staying in your property are injured and take legal action against you

  • Employer's liability insurance: protects you if you employ anybody, like cleaners or gardeners, who get injured working for you

  • Loss of rent or income: covers any rent you lose if you’re unable to let your home due to damage covered by your buildings insurance, e.g. flood or fire.

Consider landlord insurance if you rent out your home to paying tenants, even if they’re family members. While it’s not a legal requirement,  your mortgage provider may also insist you take out a landlord insurance policy. 

Here’s more information about landlord insurance if you rent out your property all year round.

What are the other benefits of holiday home insurance?

Most holiday let insurance policies offer extra protection like:

  • Extended unoccupied periods: most policies can cover your home if it’s empty for 30–60 days. Different insurers off different periods, so shop around

  • Cover for properties abroad: even if your property is overseas, UK companies may still insure it. Many policies can cover overseas holiday homes, including those in France or Spain

  • Emergency travel cover: if your home is damaged – whether it's a house, apartment, flat, cottage, chalet, villa or static caravan – you may be able to claim back the cost of a return flight to inspect the damage. This cover should apply if there is some sort of emergency, such as a burst pipe or a break-in

Work out what cover you need for your holiday let, then use our comparison to get quotes and find the right policy at the best price.

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