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Discover a range of research articles and personal finance resources from the team at money.co.uk

A picture of a person holding a credit card in front of a laptop. The title "Credit card facts and statistics 2022" is written over the top.

Credit Card Statistics 2022

We’ve collated the latest credit card facts and statistics for 2022 including; users, usage, transactions, credit cards and providers, credit scores, crime, and more.

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Global Tourist Taxes

Which city is charging the most tourist tax? By investigating the rates of tourist taxes around the world our experts have revealed the cities which are currently charging visitors the most.

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Image of a wedding venue with the title 'The most popular wedding venues'

The most popular wedding venues

A new study reveals the most popular wedding venues around the world. Casa Loma in Toronto, Moana Surfrider in Honolulu and London’s Claridges take the top three spots.

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Graphic of a birdseye view of houses with the title ' quick to sell areas'

Quick to sell areas

When you’re selling or buying a house, you always want the sale to go smoothly. But in which parts of the country do houses sell the quickest? And what time of year is best to buy and sell?

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The Best Value BBQ Report meta graphic

The Best Value BBQ Report

Our personal finance team have scoured retailers across the UK to reveal the average cost of a Great British BBQ and which stores to head to for the best value items.

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A picture of a diverse team having a group meeting. The title "Diversity in business statistics" is written over the top.

UK diversity in business statistics 2022

Celebrate diversity in business with our statistics on women in business and ethnic minorities and more.

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A picture of a laptop showing graphs and charts. The title "UK small business statistics 2022" is written over the top.

UK Small Business Statistics 2022

Explore our small business statistics to find out more about SME births and deaths, earnings, employment, growth and more in 2022.

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Graphic with a calendar and flowers with the title wedding budget planner

Wedding budget planner

One of the first things to think about when planning a wedding is your wedding budget and how much you can afford to spend, ahead of setting the wedding date.

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Cryptocurrency coins on a colourful background

Mortgages in the metaverse

Interested in purchasing virtual property? Wondering how much a mortgage in the metaverse costs? We delve into the potential future of real estate to find out.

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Image of a man stealing an object from a womans bag with the title ' pickpocket hotspots'

Pickpocket hotspots

When travelling abroad, it’s important to be switched on to the threat of pickpockets, but which cities do tourists say have the most pickpockets?

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fans at a sporting event with the title The most expensive sports stadiums in north america for fans

The most expensive sports stadiums in North America for fans

Now that fans are allowed back into stadiums, sport is well and truly back. But supporting our favourite sports teams isn’t cheap, so which stadiums are the most budget-friendly?

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Image containing family of 3 standing outside a house with the title "world relocation report".

World relocation report

In this age of remote working, many people are considering packing their bags and relocating to another part of the world. But which major cities are the best for those looking to move?

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students in a communal room with the title student housing hotspots

Student housing hotspots

We’ve all noticed more and more student accommodation popping up in towns and cities across the country, but where have they taken over the most?

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A picture of a person holding a tablet with some graphs. The title "UK business facts and statistics: 2022" is written over the top.

UK Business Statistics and facts 2022

What does it mean to be a small business in the UK in 2022? We’ve taken a deep dive into business statistics to find out everything from how much small businesses make and who owns them to what they’re borrowing and where the UK’s entrepreneur hotspots are.

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Woman at a spa in a robe and head towel with the title "The cities with the most spas" as an overlay

45 cities with the most spa break locations

Looking for a spa break? The personal finance experts at money.co.uk reveal that Paris, Barcelona, and Brussels are the best places to go.

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Planning a holiday with guaranteed sunshine

Exploring the amazing cities of the world is one of life’s great pleasures. So there's always a good excuse for planning a holiday in the city; whether it’s for a romantic getaway, to spend more time with friends and family, or simply by yourself for some mindful me-time, making sure you have a holiday plan is vital.

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Rural house prices

House prices are on the rise across the country, but are would-be buyers in rural areas being hit particularly hard?

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Animal Crossing homes

Animal crossing addicts can spend hours in-game pruning their gardens and decorating their interiors, but what is the real value of your virtual Animal Crossing house?

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The UK regions getting the best return on their council tax

With the cost of living on the rise, money.co.uk conducted a study to find out which UK regions were offering the best return on council tax.

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Tourism recovery across the world following covid

Research reveals which countries are recovering the quickest from tourism lost as a result of COVID-19.

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Smelly Places Index

From exhaust fumes to air pollution, and cigarette smoke to fly-tipping, there are lots of things that can give cities an unpleasant odour, but where in the UK are these smelly places located?

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couple on wedding day

Most popular dates to get married

It seems like there are more weddings than ever before in 2022, as thousands of couples who were forced to postpone their weddings finally get to tie the knot. But which days are the most common?

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