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Discover a range of research articles and personal finance resources from the team at money.co.uk

A feature image showing someone managing paperwork alongside the title '50+ Business Loan Statistics 2023'

50+ UK Business Loan Statistics 2023 | money.co.uk

How much are UK businesses borrowing? We’ve collated over 50 UK business lending statistics for 2023, covering average lending, approvals data and more.

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50+ UK Business Insurance Statistics 2023

What’s the average cost of business insurance in the UK? We’ve collated over 50 UK business insurance statistics for 2023, covering cost stats and claims data.

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Image of a man typing on a keyboard with padlocks overlayed to insinuate security.

Quarterly Fraud and Cyber Crime Report 2023

The 2023 Quarterly Fraud Report from our personal finance experts analyses police figures to reveal where in the UK has seen the biggest rise in fraud and cyber crime, and which are the most common types.

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Feature image with the title "UK business cost of living statistics 2023" and a business person at a desk calculating their finances with a pile of money next to them.

UK Business Cost of Living Statistics Report 2023

We’ve pulled together the latest UK business cost of living statistics and trends for 2023 covering the average cost of UK energy bills for small businesses, such as gas and electricity bills for different sectors and more.

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Banner image for where to invest in rental property in 2023 showing a street of houses

Rental Hotspots 2023

Money.co.uk reveals the best areas to invest in property in 2023 based on rental yields, rent and house price changes, and rental demand.

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The property ladder banner image showing a picture of a miniature house on top of coins.

The Property Ladder

Getting in the property ladder can be a real challenge but once you are on, what's next? Our first-time-buyer mortgage experts have dug into the date to discover how many homes Brits own in a lifetime, how quickly they move up the property ladder and their main reasons for moving house.

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Image split between a renovated house and house under contrustion

The Renovation Nation Report 2023

Money.co.uk finds 88% of Brits have invested in home renovations in the last year. This report reveals the best UK authorities to renovate your home.

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Where in England is your home most at risk of climate change header image

Where in England is your home most at risk from climate change?

It’s important for buyers to consider the effects of climate change when looking at the UK property market. From floods, heatwaves, and extreme wind, where in England is your home most at risk?

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Cost of a wedding abroad

Getting married abroad is becoming more and more popular but is it actually cheaper? Experts at money.co.uk have looked into the average budget for weddings in 190 countries and created a tool to reveal the cheapest and most expensive countries to get married overseas.

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A picture of a laptop showing graphs and charts. The title "UK small business statistics 2023" is written over the top.

UK Small Business Statistics 2022 (SMEs)

Explore our small business statistics to find out more about SME births and deaths, earnings, employment, growth and more in 2022.

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Feature image with the title 'UK savings statistics 2023' and a picture of someone putting money into a savings jar

UK Savings Statistics 2023 - Saving Facts and Stats Report

We’ve pulled together the latest UK savings statistics for 2023, covering market trends, types of savings accounts, factors affecting saving, and many more.

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Up-and-coming property index - meta image containing two men moving into a new house

Up and Coming Property Index

Where are the up-and-coming property areas in Great Britain and the USA? We analysed house prices, regeneration, the number of businesses and more to find out.

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Banner image for Hidden house costs showing a housing floor plan and pencil

Hidden House Costs

Buying a house is already expensive, but what are the hidden costs of buying a house? We reveal the actual costs of buying a house in 2023.

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The Most Searched For Scams In 2022 meta image

The most searched for scams in 2022

A new study reveals the scams people are searching for the most in 2022, as well as the scams that have seen the biggest increase in searches

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Credit card fraud banner

Credit Card Fraud

Credit card fraud is increasing year-on-year, but just by how much? We analysed credit card fraud data across the UK, USA and Australia to reveal all.

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Housing shortages vs Empty Homes Banner

Housing Shortages vs Empty Homes

With the UK experiencing a housing crisis, we reveal where the UK has the most empty homes, the fewest homes per 100,000 people and the most affordable homes.

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2022 Saving Report Banner

2022 Savings Report

How much did the UK manage to save in 2022? We surveyed the nation to reveal just how much is in our savings accounts.

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How financially literate is the average Brit? header image

Financial Literacy

Do you know your interest rates from your Lifetime ISAs? We surveyed the nation to reveal just how financially literate the average Brit is.

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 Milestone Savings banner

Saving for Milestones in Life

From marriage to retirement, we reveal the most expensive milestones in life, as well as how to save for these.

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feature image with mince pies with sugar dusting and a holly on the plate

Revealed: The best value mince pies of the year

Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without mince pies, and with the big day fast approaching, personal finance experts at money.co.uk have looked into and compared the price, weight and nutritional value of these festive treats across the UK’s largest supermarkets.

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map of the world on a website with an overlay 'Global fashion inspirations'

The most popular fashion brands around the world

Using Google search data, money.co.uk has once again crunched the numbers to discover the most searched-for fashion brand in countries around the globe.

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The best commuter towns for Gen Z & Millennials in the UK header image

Gen Z and Millennial Commuter Locations

We reveal the best commuter towns for Gen Z and millennials to live outside of the UK’s biggest cities.

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