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What is home emergency cover?

Home emergency insurance – also known as home emergency assist – provides professional help if something goes wrong in your home. If an accident happens while you’re covered, your provider will send a registered tradesperson to perform emergency repairs to fix the problem.

Home emergency insurance covers you for anything that:

  • makes your home unsafe

  • makes your home vulnerable to thieves

  • causes permanent damage to your home

  • risks your health and wellbeing

Do I need home emergency cover?

Only homeowners need home emergency insurance. But before taking out separate home cover, however, check your standard home cover policy as some buildings and contents policies include home emergency insurance. Others offer it as an extra.

Also, check your bank: if you pay a monthly fee for a packaged current account, you may find that home emergency cover is included as an extra.

If you’re a tenant, any emergencies in your home should be handled by your landlord. Landlords can get specialised landlord home emergency cover rather than a standard policy. This provides professional help if something goes wrong in your rental property.

What does home emergency insurance cover?

Homecare insurance covers damage that could impact your health, such as broken heating, or damage that could become permanent, like a broken roof.

It can cover boiler breakdowns, too. But you might get better protection through a specific, separate boiler insurance policy.

Your policy may also include plumbing cover, which includes any issues with your home’s plumbing and drainage.

Discover exactly what’s covered with our guide to home emergency cover.

What does home emergency insurance cover?

What are the different types of home emergency assistance cover?

Here we run through the types of cover available to homeowners and landlords:

Always study a policy’s requirements before committing to it. Some insurance providers are very specific about what they’ll cover or pay out for – for example, some may only cover combi boilers under a certain age. 

What’s not included in home emergency cover?

Some of the things likely to be excluded from your policy are:

Should I get standalone home emergency insurance or just add it on to my regular home insurance?

It depends on your circumstances. Some prefer to add home emergency cover to their existing home insurance policy. It’s usually cheaper than taking out an additional home emergency policy, and you’ll only have to deal with one company if you need to claim.

On the other hand, standalone insurance offers many other benefits, including:

  • Maximum protection: separate home emergency cover is usually more comprehensive than that offered by regular home insurance

  • Flexibility: tailor your policy to add the exact amount of cover you want

  • Budget control: save money with a basic policy

  • Good value: allows you to include elements like boiler servicing to provide more than just emergency cover

How do I find the best home cover?

Think about the specific areas you need to cover and focus on these when comparing home emergency policies to decide which is right for you.

When comparing quotes, also check how much cover you get for each claim, and whether there’s an excess you need to pay – most policies don’t charge this, but if they do, make sure you can afford to pay it in an emergency.

Also read other people’s home emergency cover reviews to compare experiences and find the best home insurance companies that offer policies you can rely on.

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