The insurance policy you need will depend on what type of caravan you own:

  • Touring caravan insurance: This covers caravans that you tow behind your car. Your car insurance may include cover, but it will only be a basic level of protection.

  • Static caravan insurance: This covers caravans and parkhomes that are kept at a fixed location, like a holiday park.

  • Motorhome insurance: This is a legal requirement and covers any caravan you can drive, like a motorhome or campervan.

How to find the best policy

Once you know the insurance you need, think about what cover you want. Most policies cover:

  • Accidental and malicious damage

  • Third party liability

  • Theft

  • The contents of your caravan

Some policies offer new for old cover, which means your caravan or contents will be replaced with a new, equivalent model if they are destroyed or stolen.

You can also add optional extras to your policy including:

  • Breakdown cover

  • European cover

  • Cover for your friends and family to use your caravan

Cut the cost of your policy

You could get cheaper caravan insurance by:

The best way to get cheaper caravan insurance is to compare quotes from as many insurers as possible.