Unlimited broadband lets you use the internet as much as you want, but whether you need it depends on your circumstances.

Is it more expensive?

No, unlimited is not always more expensive than regular broadband.

Most suppliers now offer unlimited downloads with their basic packages, so you might be able to get an unrestricted allowance at no extra cost.

Make sure you get the best deal by using our comparison to check:

  • Monthly cost: Check to see if the cost increases after your introductory offer period ends.

  • Contract length: You could save money by taking out a longer contract. This may restrict your ability to switch suppliers so check for early exit fees before signing up.

  • Up front costs: This could be the cost of equipment like your router, or charges for setup and installation of your broadband. Compare up front costs to get the best deal.

Are there any restrictions?

Yes, there will usually be a fair usage policy, which means that your speed may be reduced if you use excessive amounts of data each month.

This prevents you from downloading or uploading an unreasonable number of large files during peak times, and disrupting other users' access.

If you are a particularly heavy internet user, you may need a truly unlimited broadband package.

What is truly unlimited broadband?

It gives you more freedom than unlimited broadband because there are no caps on your data usage or speed, regardless of how much you use the internet.

You can access the same quality of broadband service no matter what time of day you go online, and you are free to download and upload as many files as you like.

You may have to pay a bit more for a truly unlimited plan but if you are a heavy internet user, you could save money long term by avoiding excessive use charges.

Unlimited broadband FAQs


Will I get faster broadband with an unlimited package?


No, unlimited broadband will not give you faster download speeds. Read our guide to getting the best broadband speed for more information.


What is a fair usage policy?


The restriction on how much data you can access in a month with an unlimited package. It varies so check terms with your individual supplier.


What is a traffic management policy?


It is the slowing down or throttling of your broadband speed at peak times to make sure everybody gets access to similar speeds.


What is a download limit?


Also called data limits, this is the cap on how much your supplier will let you use the internet each month. Read more in our guide to data limits.


Is there a difference between unlimited and truly unlimited?


Yes, unlimited broadband is usually subject to a fair usage policy, while truly unlimited allows complete freedom for you to spend as much time as you like online.

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