Plusnet broadband review

Established in 1997, Yorkshire-based Plusnet was acquired by BT a decade later and Plusnet now harnesses BT’s Openreach network. That means Plusnet is an option for most UK households. Plusnet promises low prices and good customer service, with a range of ADSL and fibre broadband packages. And, as might be expected from a BT subsidiary, it provides entertainment and phone packages along with its broadband deals.

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Plusnet broadband packages

At time of writing (October 2020), there are three types of Plusnet broadband for domestic use. These are Plusnet Unlimited, which is a basic ADSL package, and two fibre broadband packages – Plusnet Unlimited Fibre and the faster Plusnet Unlimited Extra.

Plusnet’s prices are competitive, while the company provides a wireless router for all contracts, including their rolling one-month ‘no contract’ provision. 

All domestic Plusnet broadband packages offer unlimited data as standard, with no traffic management or data caps. 

Plusnet Unlimited Broadband (ADSL)

Unlimited Broadband is Plusnet’s basic ADSL broadband package, promising average download speeds of 10Mbps. That makes it fine for small households using the internet for basic activities like email, internet surfing and streaming SD (standard definition) video from a shared device. It’ll probably be too slow for larger households with multiple devices, online gamers, or anyone who likes sharing files or watching 4K content.

Like Plusnet’s fibre broadband options, Plusnet Unlimited Broadband is available on a 12-month or 18-month contract. However, unlike the fibre options, it is also available on a rolling one-month basis as no-contract broadband. This makes it ideal from anyone who doesn’t want to commit to a contract, or only needs broadband for a short time.

Plusnet Unlimited Fibre

Households with access to fibre broadband can opt for either of Plusnet’s two fibre broadband deals. There’s a postcode checker on Plusnet’s website that tells visitors whether it’s an option for them. Fibre Unlimited has an average download speed of 36Mbps, which is good for streaming films, TV and music content, online gaming and file sharing. It’s usually enough for larger households, even if multiple people are online at the same time.

Plusnet Unlimited Fibre is available on a 12-month or 18-month contract. 

Plusnet Unlimited Fibre Extra

Unlimited Fibre Extra is Plusnet’s fastest fibre option, with an average download speed of 66Mbps It’s available on a 12-month or 18-month contract.

Plusnet broadband extras

Plusnet has several online security and parental control options available for use with their broadband services:

  • The Unlimited Broadband and Unlimited Fibre Extra packages come with Plusnet Protect, which is an antivirus and online security package for use on up to seven Windows devices

  • Plusnet Protect is also available with Fibre Unlimited, but it’s only free for the first three months, costing £2 a month thereafter

  • Plusnet Safeguard is Plusnet’s parental controls feature, and comes free with all Plusnet broadband deals. 

Plusnet TV and phone services

Line rental is included in all Plusnet broadband deals, though there is an installation charge for anyone who doesn’t already have a compatible line. Call charges are not included, but customers can bundle call plans (which cover landline and mobile calls) with their Plusnet broadband deal. The additional charge for adding evening, weekend, mobile and UK calls to an 18-month Plusnet Unlimited Fibre or Unlimited Fibre extra deal is around £5 at time of writing (October 2020). That looks like a good deal for anyone who likes to chat.

Plusnet call plans (including those bought with a broadband package) come with a range of optional extras such as call protect, call barring, voicemail and caller display.

Plusnet’s entertainment packages are less flashy than some of the bigger broadband companies, but still offer lots of content. Customers must have a Plusnet fibre broadband package and can opt for BT Sport and/or YouView TV. YouView TV offers 20 premium channels, 70 Freeview channels and BT Sport Lite. 

Customers need a set-top box to access all channels, and Plusnet offers a choice of the basic YouView box (£6.99 set up fee) and the YouView Plus box (£57.99 set up fee) which allows the user to record shows in HD. Both boxes can pause and rewind live TV. 

Plusnet router review

Plusnet supplies two different types of router – one for fibre deals and another for ADSL. 

Plusnet fibre broadband customers get a router worth £99.99 included in their deal. Currently this is the Hub One, a re-badged BT Home Hub 5 that seems popular with users. Many Plusnet Hub One reviews praise the router’s stability of connection and ease of use. Broadband Unlimited (ADSL) customers get a router worth £40 – currently the Plusnet Hub Zero. This has a more limited range and slower connection speeds than the Hub One.

While many are perfectly happy with these routers, customers are also free to buy a compatible third-party router for use with Plusnet broadband. 

Plusnet customer service reviews

Plusnet has won multiple awards for its customer service and products, most notably Uswitch’s annual Best Provider Customer Service award, which Plusnet has won for seven years in a row. 

In keeping with its Yorkshire roots, Plusnet’s UK-based customer service and sales teams operate from bases in Sheffield and Leeds. 

Plusnet broadband reviews

There is a wide range of opinions expressed in the reviews of Plusnet Trustpilot and similar sites have published. While many Plusnet reviews praise great customer service and reliability, others say they have found it hard to contact the company with service issues and queries, or complain about slow connection speeds. 

However, where organisations have conducted their own research into Plusnet with customers and/or members of the public, these frequently generate positive reviews.

Plusnet business broadband reviews

Plusnet business broadband is supplied on slightly different terms to its domestic packages. It currently offers four broadband options, with fixed-price broadband and line rental throughout the contract term. Plusnet also throws in Plusnet SafeGuard online content control, and provides 24/7 UK-based customer support for business customers. 

As with Plusnet’s home broadband, online reviews are variable. The competitive pricing and ability to bundle it with call plans (from £4 a month) make this an attractive option for small businesses, sole traders and anyone working from home.

Plusnet reviews: pros and cons

Updated 5 November 2020
Competitive pricing plansDoesn’t offer the fastest speeds
Good customer serviceBasic router for ADSL plans
Affordable business broadband, ideal for small enterprisesLimited TV options
Flexible contracts available, including monthly ‘no contract’No free public Wi-Fi
Offers TV and phone plans

How good is Plusnet broadband?

The answer to this question depends what the customer is looking for. Plusnet’s domestic broadband selection doesn’t offer ultrafast speeds or a vast array of TV channels and added extras, but it is competitively priced for both home and business broadband. In summary, it’s an attractive option for price-conscious customers and small households or businesses that simply want decent broadband without frills.