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The most popular romantic films across the world

Valentine's Day is fast approaching and many people are celebrating from home by turning to their favourite romance films. Money.co.uk analyse which film is the world's favourite, and how countries differ.

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The most romantic day of the year is fast approaching, and as with most celebratory events in the last year, plans are looking different to usual. With many couples enjoying Valentine's Day from the comfort of their home, our broadband experts have delved into data to find out what romantic films people will be turning to this year.

Through analysing the number of online searches for over 100 modern and classic romance movies, we discovered what people are watching across 22 countries around the world.

Research revealed that the musical movie Mamma Mia has been crowned the most popular romance film across the world, taking top spot in eight of the twenty two countries analysed. This is closely followed by the multi award winning film, Call Me By Your Name, which took top spot across five countries.

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The most popular romantic films across the world mapped

We have also uncovered which films took all top three spots in the 22 countries we researched below:

romcom table

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We collated a list of over 100 most popular romance films, and analysed them using Google -search data, from the Keyword Planner tool. We analysed historical metrics from January 2020-December 2020, in order to uncover the average monthly search volume per country.

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