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Our business guides cover a wide selection of topics, ranging from insurance to getting the best business utility tariffs. Our guides can help you cut some of your company's everyday costs.

Bootstrapping for Startups

Find out how bootstrapping could help get your new business off the ground.

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How to Find and Nurture Relationships With Angel Investors

Angel investors can provide crucial funding for small businesses. Here’s what you need to know to secure angel investor funding in the UK.

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Is SEIS and EIS Right for My Small Business?

Learn how the Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS) and the Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) can help you secure funding to grow your small business.

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How to Protect Your Small Business From Cyber Attacks

Prepare your SME to fight back against the rising tide of phishing, ransomware and other forms of cybercrime.

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How to Open an Online Shop

Find out everything you need to know about selling products online with your own web-based store.

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Online Business Ideas to Dominate the Digital World

From dropshipping to online coaching, discover over 30 successful internet business ideas to get your online venture off the ground.

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How to Budget as a Plumber

Running a successful plumbing business requires sound financial planning. Find out more with our guide to budgeting for plumbers.

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Small Business Jargon Buster

Make sense of business jargon and corporate buzzwords with our down-to-earth A-Z guide.

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Learn How to Open a New Shop or Retail Business

Discover how to launch a successful retail outlet. We show you how to create a business plan, research your market, secure the right finance and more…

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How To Take Payments From Your Customers

Collecting payment by card, cash, or invoice doesn’t have to be difficult. Find out how to make it easy for your customers to pay.

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Investment Strategies for Plumbers

Growing your plumbing business is a noble ambition, but it takes time and planning. Here are some strategies to consider if you want to expand your operation.

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How to Make Social Media Work for Your Small Business

Discover how to use social media marketing to promote your business and help sell products and services to a wide audience.

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Understanding Business Insurance for Plumbers

All plumbers can benefit from insurance. But what cover do you need, how much does it cost and is it tax deductible? Find out with this no-nonsense guide…

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What Financial Products Do I Need as a Plumber?

A successful plumbing firm is always looking for more business opportunities. The right financial products can help turn your plans into reality.

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How to Save and Plan for Retirement as a Plumber

Discover the best way you can save for retirement as a plumber so you can enjoy a comfortable life once you stop working.

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Can You Use a Personal Account for Business?

You may be able to use a personal current account for business in some cases, but is it a good idea? This quick guide explains what you need to know…

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Taking Cash From Your Business Bank Account

Sometimes you need to take cash from your business bank account, but you need to follow the rules if you want to avoid trouble.

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Do You Need A Business Bank Account

Business bank accounts benefit freelancers, gig workers, and limited companies alike. Find out whether a business account could change your finances.

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How to Switch a Business Bank Account

Why stick with a business bank account that doesn’t work for you? There are plenty of alternatives that may suit you better, so why not switch? Here’s how.

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Benefits of a Business Bank Account

Discover why a dedicated business bank account is a smart move for sole traders, freelancers and startups as well as established businesses.

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Getting a Business Overdraft

Business overdrafts are useful if you face unexpected expenses or have a short-term cash flow crisis. Here’s how to get one.

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How To Manage Your Business Accounts

Having the right business bank account and managing your accounts properly can help your start-up or established SME thrive. Find out more with our short guide.

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Are Business Accounts Protected by the FSCS

The Financial Services Compensation Scheme protects you if a bank or financial institution goes bust. This guide explains whether your business banking is protected

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How To Set Up A Business Bank Account

Your business finances are important. Whether you’re a sole trader or running a limited company, setting up a business bank account is quick and easy.

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What To Do If You’ve Been Rejected For a Business Bank Account

Banks carry out various checks before offering you a business bank account. Here’s what to do if your business bank account application is rejected.

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Helping You Get Started in IT Support

Find out what you need to know about working as an IT service technician and making a career in user support.

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Pave The Way To A Career In Garden Landscaping

Landscaping involves hard graft and imagination in equal measure, making it the perfect job for anyone who relishes working in the great outdoors.

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Learn How to Become a Private Tutor

Find out how to become a private tutor. Discover private tutor rates and get practical tips to help you start your own private tutoring business.

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Calculating Your Move into Accounting

Interested in becoming an accountant? This five-minute guide shows you how to get started in accounting.

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Manage Your Way To Social Media Success

Discover how to become a social media manager with our essential five-minute guide.

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How to Become a Mechanic

Discover how to become a mechanic from acquiring essential skills and qualifications to launching your career as a self-employed or freelance mechanic.

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Unblock Your Path To Becoming A Plumber

Plumbers are always in demand, making this a good job if you want variety and a regular income. All you need is enthusiasm and the right qualifications.

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How To Get Started In Web Development And Design

Ready to work with the web? Discover how to level up your web design skills, learn web development essentials and find out what you could earn building websites

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Getting Started in Copywriting

Find out how to become a copywriter. Discover freelance copywriter rates and get practical tips to help you start your own copywriting business.

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How To Get Started As A Health Advisor

Want to help people? A career as a health advisor can help you gain qualifications and a strong pension, and you get to aid those in need. Find out more in our guide.

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What is Public Liability Insurance?

Discover what public liability insurance is, what it does and doesn’t cover and how it could protect your business from costly claims.

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What Insurance Does a Small Business Need?

Running a business should be exciting and profitable, but it also comes with risks that could harm your firm. Business insurance offers a safety net should something go wrong.

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What Is Professional Indemnity Insurance?

Discover how professional indemnity insurance can help safeguard your business if a service you provide causes a client or customer to lose money.

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Do You Need Business Interruption Insurance?

Business interruption insurance could save your company if an unexpected event, such as a fire or a burglary, stops you from trading.

When it pays out

How to Claim on Your Business Insurance

Follow our step-by-step guide to making a successful business insurance claim.

What you need to make a claim

The Average Business Loan Interest Rates For 2024

Does a low interest rate always mean you’re getting the best deal on a business loan? Find out with our 2024 business loan interest rate guide.

10 Small Business Ideas

How Do Business Loans Work?

A business loan lets you borrow money to help grow or run your business. We look at how they work and the different types of business loans available.

10 Small Business Ideas

Small Business Marketing Ideas For Growth

Learn how to best promote your business with these 10 smart marketing ideas for small businesses.

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Starting a Business from Scratch

Find out everything you need to know about starting a business from scratch, including tax, finances, insurance, market research and advertising.

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Raising Money For a Business Without a Loan

If you’ve been rejected for a business loan, there are lots of finance options to consider. We run through the options from invoice finance and angel investors to bootstrapping and business grants.

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Starting a Business With No Money

Starting a business doesn’t always require huge amounts of money. Here are the best ways to get your company up and running without cash.

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How to Create a Memorable Brand for Your Business

Set your business up for success by following our tips on creating a memorable brand identity.

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How to Get Funding for a Business

There are plenty of options for small business funding, from bank loans and government grants to angel investors and crowdfunding. We explain the benefits and pitfalls of each approach.

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How To Access Emergency Business Funding

Many small businesses need an urgent cash injection at some point. Find out how to get emergency business funding with our five-minute guide.

10 Small Business Ideas

What Is A Business Line Of Credit, And What Can It Do For Your Business?

A business line of credit is a flexible form of borrowing. Find out if this alternative to business loans and credit cards is the right option for you.

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Repaying Your Business Loan and Managing Debt

Defaulting on business loan repayments can have serious consequences for you and your company. Find out more with our quick guide to repaying your business loan.

10 Small Business Ideas

How to Get a Business Loan

Find out how to get a business loan to expand or operate your business, including the documents you need to apply and what to consider when choosing a loan.

10 Small Business Ideas

What Is Equity Finance For Businesses?

If you have a new business with little credit history, equity finance could help you get the funding you need. Our guide explains how it works.

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Is It Worth Getting A Loan To Start Your Business?

Is a start-up loan the best way to fund a new business? What are the pros and cons? Find out what you need to know before taking out a business start-up loan.

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What to Do if Your Bank Has Closed Your Business Bank Account

Find out what to do if your business bank account has been closed and how to recognise and challenge your bank if it has acted unfairly.

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How to Register a Trademark in the UK

Protect your business’s critical brand elements like slogans, logos and product names with this step-by-step process for registering your trademark.

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Strategies to Make Your Small Business More Efficient

Making your small business more efficient can save you money and time. Our short guide to improving business efficiency shows you how.

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How to Track and Keep on Top of Business Expenses

Take control of your business expenses to boost your profitability, reduce your tax bill and ensure your accounts remain accurate and up to date.

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How to Manage Business Debt as a Small Business

Follow these seven steps to help manage business debt and get your business finances back on track.

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How To Protect Your Business from Payment Fraud

Payment fraud is an increasing issue for businesses. Protect your company with these payment fraud prevention tips.

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What Business Tax Relief Are You Entitled to?

Find out how you can qualify for tax relief that could potentially reduce your small business' tax bill.

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How to Start a Side Hustle

The cost-of-living crisis has hit everyone hard. But there are a number of ways to make a little extra cash, if you can spare the time

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10 Small Business Ideas for 2024

Keen to set up a small business in 2024? Here’s our pick of the best businesses to start this year.

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Finding a Personal Guarantee for Business Loans

A personal guarantee can help you get a business loan and grow your business, but you need to understand the risks involved before acting.

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Managing VAT for Small Businesses

Learn more about which businesses need to register for VAT, the pros and cons of doing so, and how to complete your VAT return.

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How to Create a Website For Your Business

Learn everything about creating a business website, from finding the best domain registrar and hosting provider to building a website people will revisit.

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How To Improve Cash Flow For Small Businesses

Find out how to improve your business cash flow and increase your chances of success.

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The Best Sustainability Ideas For Businesses

Discover green business ideas for existing businesses and new startups, the benefits of running a sustainable business and how to implement green initiatives.

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What can a Financial Adviser do for your Business?

The right financial adviser can help you grow your business and ensure it is profitable in the long term. Learn how to pick the right adviser for your company.

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Managing Mental Health in the Workplace

Boost productivity and cut costs with these five strategies to improve mental health in the workplace.

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Sole Trader vs Limited Company: What’s Best for You?

Deciding whether to operate as a sole trader or a limited company is a key decision for a small business owner. Here are the pros and cons of each approach.

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A man is facing a whiteboard with lots of writing and mind maps on it.

How business savings accounts can help SMEs to grow

A savings account isn’t a legal requirement, but it can support your business in the long run.

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Serious young business owner using laptop in his workshop

How borrowing could boost your business

With the right type of borrowing you could pursue business opportunities that would otherwise pass you by, here's how.

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Two happy and smiling young woman florist working together in flower shop.

6 easy ways to get finance for your business

If you want your business to grow and reach new heights you may need to borrow money. Here is a closer look at your different business finance options.

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Woman paying with her phone in a shop using a contactless payment terminal

How card payment terminals work

Payment terminals, or card payment machines, are a handy way to pay for goods and services while you’re out and about. Here we explain all about payment card readers - including how to get one for your business.

What's going on behind the screen

How to turn business ideas into a profitable company

What's involved in turning a business idea into a going concern - and should you bother in the first place Here we explain how to tell if you idea for a business is actually a good one in reality, and what the next steps to making it happen.

How to tell if a business idea is any good
Bill, invoice, tax man laptop

How to make an invoice

If you’ve set up your own business, knowing how to create an invoice correctly is crucial to ensuring you get paid, as we explain.

Full guide to making an invoice
Home working, self employed, startup, entrepreneur, laptop, phone call

How to register a business?

Here’s everything you need to know to make sure your side hustle is legitimate including the difference between being a sole trader and a limited partnership, which might be right for you, and the deadlines and paperwork you need to consider

What you need to get ready now
Man writing a business plan, filing accounts for a small business

How to write a business plan

Why will your business thrive and be successful when so many others fail? The answer will be found in your business plan.

Business plans made simple
A woman putting clothes into a box, surrounded by other boxes, home business, side hustle, entrepreneur, small business

Can you start a business from home?

Everyone’s heard the stories of billionaires starting their businesses from a bedroom at home, but setting up a start up takes careful planning and there are hidden costs. This is what you need to know to get it right

What you need to check for
A toddler, dressed in a suit, carrying a load of cash

How to fund your business idea

If there’s one thing budding entrepreneurs have in abundance it’s ideas. But great concepts often amount to nothing without the financial oomph to make them real. Here we explore how to get the money needed to earn your fortune.

Where yo look for the money you need
A woman interviewing another woman for a job in an informal setting

How to employ someone

If your business becomes successful enough, or you need a hand to get it started, you will need to think about employing staff to help out. But how do you pay them, what responsibilities do you have, and how much does it cost to employ someone?

What you need to check for
woman in cafe working on laptop

What small businesses need to know to survive during the COVID-19 outbreak

The government has rolled out an unprecedented package of relief measures for businesses and individuals in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. This guide will help find the resources that could be helpful for your business.

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