It can cover the cost of repairing or replacing your business contents if they are damaged, lost or stolen. You can insure the contents of:

  • Small businesses, like shops or cafes

  • Large commercial premises, like offices

  • Businesses run from home

What does it cover?

Business contents insurance can cover:

  • Fixtures and fittings: This can include things like kitchen equipment, light fittings and fixtures, carpet, artwork, and interior decoration.

  • Equipment: This covers general business equipment like chairs, desks, computers, shelves, and payment machines.

  • Personal possessions: This can cover staff or clients' belongings. For example, items stored in lockers, wallets or mobile phones.

  • Stock: This covers goods kept at your premises, and can also protect them in transit. Seasonal increases are usually covered, e.g. higher stock levels at Christmas.

  • Machinery and tools: This can cover machinery you own or hire, and tools that are kept in a business vehicle overnight.

How to find the right policy

Look for a policy that can cover the type of businesses you run. For example, some policies are designed specifically to cover shops or offices, while others cover businesses run from home.

Use this comparison to get as many online quotes as possible. You can then choose a policy that offers the cover your business needs, at the cheapest price.

Business contents insurance FAQs


Can I insure my building and contents on one policy?


Yes, commercial property insurance provides cover for both your business premises and its contents.


Can I claim for contents stolen by an employee?


Yes, if you have theft by employees cover on your policy. Check to see if this is automatically covered, or if you can pay extra to add it to your policy.


Do I have to pay to claim?


Yes, you need to pay an excess if you make a claim on your business contents insurance. It varies between policies but is usually around 200.


Can I cover my business contents on my home insurance policy?


No, home insurance does not cover business contents. You need specialist cover if you keep commercial contents at your home.