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About Superscript

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Who is Superscript?

Superscript serves as an insurance broker catering to small businesses, sole traders, landlords, and high-growth tech firms. They are the first UK-based digital insurance platform to attain Lloyd’s of London broker status, they extend advisory and broking services through their Advised team. Additionally, they provide a fully self-service online platform enabling customers to swiftly purchase and manage their insurance within minutes.

With dual regulation across Europe, Superscript's global presence is expanding. Their proprietary machine-learning technology, coupled with a distinctive multi-carrier model, optimises service and delivery, accommodating varying levels of risk complexity, geographic locations, and industries.

What types of business insurance does Superscript offer?

Each type of coverage safeguards distinct facets of your business against potential liabilities in case of mishaps. While most policies cover one or a blend of the following, we also offer numerous industry-specific covers that can be included when obtaining a quote.

Public liability insurance

This coverage is relevant for most businesses and handles claims related to physical damage or injury involving non-employees.

Employers' liability insurance

If your business has employees, this insurance is mandatory. Failure to have it can result in a £2,500 fine per day.

Business contents insurance

Similar to home contents cover, this insurance applies to your business assets, even if your operations are home-based.

Professional indemnity insurance

Designed for professional services, it includes defense costs and compensation for client financial losses due to your services.

Cyber insurance

Often neglected but essential for businesses using computers, it provides coverage for data breaches, whether from cyber attacks or accidental breaches.

D&O insurance

Also referred to as management liability insurance, it protects directors or management teams from claims by employees, the public, or investors.

Office insurance

Essential for businesses in commercial premises, it safeguards assets and operations from risks like fire, flood, burglary, or unforeseen events at the office.

Business interruption insurance

Protects against disruptions to regular business activities, covering incidents affecting revenue, stock, and supply chains.

Who do they cover?

  • Charities

  • Contractors

  • Freelancers

  • Limited companies

  • Sole traders

  • Self-employed

  • Small businesses

  • Startups

  • Businesses working from home

Why Superscript?

We make it quick and easy to find, buy and manage your business insurance.

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Customisable cover for 1000s of business types
Superscript will help you find the different types of cover that are right for your business.
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Adjust your cover as you grow
Amend your cover with no admin fees, to address your evolving needs as your business grows.
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Simple claims process
Our customer portal allows you to enter the details we need to get your claim processed.

Superscript's claims process

The details of any claim can vary depending on the policy, here's a general idea of what to expect and how long it can take.

Notify them of the claim

It is crucial to inform them promptly, ideally within 30 days of noticing anything that may be covered by your insurance. Pay attention to any issues that might necessitate a payment on your part.

They'll acknowledge a claim within 24 hours

Upon receiving your claim, you will promptly receive email confirmation containing your Superscript claims reference and contact details for your designated claims handler. Within 48 hours, they will request any additional information required to advance your claim and keep you informed about the process.

A decision will be made

They will inform you of the outcome of your claim, whether successful or not. Unfortunately, we cannot always assist with every claim. Common reasons for claims being denied are outlined. However, if your claim is not covered, we will endeavor to provide guidance and support to help you return to normal. In the event of a successful claim, they will work swiftly with your insurers to settle it.