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Compare goods in transit insurance policies that can cover your items if they are lost or damaged while they are being transported or with a courier between locations.

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What is goods in transit insurance?

Last updated: 13 April 2021

Goods in transit insurance (GIT insurance) covers business items being moved from one place to another from theft, loss or damage. This could include:

    Here is more about how business insurance works

    Do you need goods in transit insurance?

    You need GIT insurance if you offer:

      You should also think about goods in transit insurance if you transport business equipment between locations. For example, if you have multiple business premises, or if you are moving.

      How much does GIT insurance cost?

      The price of your goods in transit insurance policy will depend on:

        You can save money on your goods in transit insurance by paying for your policy annually, instead of monthly. You should also compare quotes online before you buy goods in transit insurance. UK providers usually offer discounts if you buy a policy via their website, so you may be able to get a better deal than over the phone.

        How to find the best policy

        Use this comparison to get quotes online from different insurers so you can compare goods in transit insurance, UK wide. Check to see if they cover:

          Once you find policies that offer the cover your business needs, pick the goods in transit insurance policy with the cheapest annual premium.

          What else should you consider?

          You are required by law to have certain types of business insurance. For example, if you employ staff you need to have employers' liability insurance.

          If your business uses vehicles, you are required by law to have third party commercial vehicle insurance. This covers injury to third parties and damage to their property.

          There are also some industries where it is compulsory for you to have professional indemnity insurance, like financial advisers and insurance brokers.

          Other types of business insurance are optional, but you should look into property cover if you have a mortgage or long term lease on a commercial premises.

          You may also want to consider taking out a package business insurance policy to cover the rest of your business activities. For example, you can insure your liability as a business, and your business premises and contents.

          Speak to a broker if you need help deciding what cover your business needs.

          Here is more on how to find the right insurance for your business

          Personal insurance

          If you are registered as self-employed, you should think about other types of personal insurance. This is because you will not earn the same benefits that come with standard permanent employment contracts.

          You could consider:

            How to make a claim

            If you need to claim on your goods in transit insurance, UK insurers need to be contacted immediately.

            Most business insurers will have a 24 hour claims helpline that you can find on your policy documents. Make sure to give them as much detail as possible.

            Your goods in transit insurance provider may also want to visit you before they settle your payout, to discuss your claim in more detail.

            Goods in transit insurance FAQs

            Yes, because goods in transit insurance does not cover the vehicle itself. You can compare van insurance here.

            No, it only covers goods once they have left a location and are already in transit. You need separate contents insurance to cover this.

            Yes, as long as the vehicle is locked and parked in a secure site, e.g. with gated access, or security. Check your policy documents for details.

            Yes, if European cover is included in your insurance policy. If you transport goods worldwide, speak to a broker about international shipping cover.

            It depends, as some policies are specifically designed for some types of vehicle. Check your vehicle can be covered before you buy insurance.