Salman HaqqiPersonal Finance Editor

Salman Haqqi’s 10 year career in journalism started out writing for DRUM! Magazine in California, USA, where he interviewed and profiled some of the most famous musicians in the world.

He then moved to Pakistan, writing for the Dawn and later, Newsline Magazine, reporting on breaking news events and doing investigative stories on current affairs and politics. 

Salman left the world of journalism and moved to the UK pursue a passion for personal finance and a desire to help people make informed financial decisions, writing for price comparison site, Finder, covering mortgages, loans, credit cards and insurance

Now as a Personal Finance Editor at money, he applies his knowledge of personal finance, especially loans, credits cards, current accounts and savings accounts, to ensure all of our guides are helpful, relevant and up to date.

Salman is also a spokesperson and regularly gives his expert view on financial issues for local and national press such as The Financial Times, The Sun, and The Evening Standard.

In his free time, Salman is a self-confessed news addict, and an avid travel and landscape photographer. You can find him on LinkedIn

Image of an equipped Eco-friendly home

Eco-home report: The green improvements that homebuyers value the most

With the environment being a key concern for most, our loans experts wanted to discover which eco-conscious improvements home buyers value the most

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Startup Cities

Startup Cities: The best locations for budding entrepreneurs

Where in the world boasts the best environment for launching a business? Our loan experts reveal which cities offer the most accommodating and affordable environments for a new business to thrive and grow.

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Live music hotspots meta

Live music hotspots around the world

From jazz to country, pop to rock, the mortgage experts at reveal the destinations house hunters should consider to be close to the live music action.

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Worldwide Wage Report

Worldwide Wage Report

Our personal finance experts have explored the minimum wages and living costs around the globe to create the Worldwide Wage Report.

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City street with luxury designer stores including Prada.

The most luxurious cities in the world

Discover the cities around the world offering visitors the most luxurious hotels, restaurants and designer stores per kilometre.

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A photo of women running.

Sports Investments

Our latest study reveals which sports are choosing to invest more money in their male players than their female counterparts.

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The world's most beautiful palaces

The world's most beautiful palaces

Our home insurance experts studied the most popular palaces worldwide using the golden ratio to discover which palace is statistically the most beautiful.

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Roadside attractions header

The USA's greatest roadside attractions

Our car insurance experts reveal the weird and wonderful attractions to stop at during your next roadtrip across the United States of America.

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Yosemite National Park photo

The world's most mindful national parks revealed

Discover the best open space to get away from the stresses of modern life for the perfect tonic for your mental health.

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Cycle Cities Meta

Cycle Cities Report

Revealing the safest and most affordable cities to rent bikes.

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Fans at music gig

How much does it cost to be a popstar superfan

Discover which mega pop acts cost the most, and least, for fans to support, from gig tickets and signed merchandise to album downloads.

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A graphic of a yellow sofa and a fireplace.

Designer Desire

The experts at have taken to Pinterest and to reveal the most lusted after interior design styles.

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