Salman HaqqiSenior Personal Finance Writer

Salman Haqqi’s 10 year career in journalism started out writing for DRUM! Magazine in California, USA, where he interviewed and profiled some of the most famous musicians in the world.

He then moved to Pakistan, writing for the Dawn and later, Newsline Magazine, reporting on breaking news events and doing investigative stories on current affairs and politics. 

Salman left the world of journalism and moved to the UK pursue a passion for personal finance and a desire to help people make informed financial decisions, writing for price comparison site, Finder, covering mortgages, loans, credit cards and insurance

Now as a Senior Personal Finance Writer at money, he applies his knowledge of personal finance, especially loans, credits cards, current accounts and savings accounts, to ensure all of our guides are helpful, relevant and up to date.

Salman is also a spokesperson and regularly gives his expert view on financial issues for local and national press such as The Financial Times, The Sun, and The Evening Standard.

In his free time, Salman is a self-confessed news addict, and an avid travel and landscape photographer. You can find him on LinkedIn

Man holding smartphone

Smartphone apps that can help you save money

Whether it's setting budgets, monitoring your spending, or saving money, these apps can help you keep track of your finances and help you reach your financial goals.

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The World of Wine Report

The World of Wine Report

The investment experts at have delved into the world of wine to find out everything from which countries are the biggest wine exporters, and how much wine is drunk per person per year, to the most Instagrammable vineyards and things to look out for if you’re considering investing in wine.

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Elvis Presley Boulevard

Celebrity street names

From royals to rockstars, we found out if living on a celebrity street name could impact your property value before your next move.

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Marble Arch, London.

Revealed: Worst value tourist attractions In the UK

Everyone loves a day out but the cost of visiting famous attractions can often stack up, discover the best and worst value attractions in the UK here.

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Burbank / USA - July 2017 , "Central Perk" cafe set in Warner Bros studios

Explore Britain’s businesses inspired by TV and film

With the pressure on to get it right, naming your company is no mean feat. However, some UK entrepreneurs have found inspiration for their brand in the world of TV and film.

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A photo of an expensive house surrounded by a large garden.

Lustworthy Listings

View the most extravagantly expensive homes currently for sale across the UK with's Lustworthy Listings explorer.

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Florence art gallery

Insta Art Investing

As digital art continues to rise in value, the investing experts at have imagined the world’s most-liked Instagram photos as famous paintings

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A picture of an LGBTQ+ flag with a crowd of people.

LGBTQ+ Retirement Index

The pensions experts at rank the most LGBTQ+ friendly retirement destinations in Europe and the US, according to how progressive the laws and legislation are. 

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Image of spaniel

Furry Destroyers

The home insurance experts at have scoured pet forums to work out the most destructive breeds of all.

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Global Beer Lovers’ City Index

Global Beer Lovers’ City Index

With world-class breweries, bars, and beer festivals to enjoy around the globe, and international travel beginning to open up, has revealed the best cities around the world for beer.

Read More reveals the UK brands which have been worst affected by data breaches over the last 20 years.

Breached Brands reveals which UK eCommerce, retail and technology brands have suffered the worst data breaches and how many people were affected over the last 20 years.

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Couple holding piggy bank outside house

Should I use my savings to pay off my mortgage?

We weigh the pros and cons of using your savings to clear your mortgage.

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