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Salman Haqqi

Personal Finance Editor

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Salman Haqqi’s 10 year career in journalism started out writing for DRUM! Magazine in California, USA, where he interviewed and profiled some of the most famous musicians in the world.

He then worked as a journalist in Pakistan for Dawn and later, Newsline Magazine, reporting on breaking news events and doing investigative stories on current affairs and politics.

Salman moved to the UK to pursue a passion for personal finance and a desire to help people make informed financial decisions, writing for price comparison site, Finder, covering mortgages, loans, credit cards and insurance.

Now as a Personal Finance Editor at, he applies his knowledge of consumer finance, especially loans, credit cards, current accounts and savings accounts, to ensure all of our guides are helpful, relevant and up to date.

Salman is also a spokesperson and regularly gives his expert view on financial issues for local and national press such as The Financial Times, The Sun, and The Evening Standard.

When he’s not working Salman is an avid landscape and wildlife photographer and self-confessed news junkie.


  • Credit cards

  • Loans

  • Current accounts

  • Savings accounts


  • BS Journalism & Mass Communications, San Jose State University

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fans at a sporting event with the title The most expensive sports stadiums in north america for fans

The most expensive sports stadiums in North America for fans

Now that fans are allowed back into stadiums, sport is well and truly back. But supporting our favourite sports teams isn’t cheap, so which stadiums are the most budget-friendly?

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graphic of percentage rate and stack of coins

Bank of England base rate

The Bank of England base rate influences all loan and mortgage interest rates in the UK. When the BoE increases or decreases the bank rate, interest rates usually follow. The current base rate is 1.25%

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World's most loved theatres has conducted research to find the most love threatres in the world right now.

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Tax-free shopping

Tax-free shopping is a great way to pick up luxury items for less. Now that the UK has officially left the European Union, Brits can benefit more than ever before.

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Cashless Countries Europe Edition

Following the contact-free payment increase during the coronavirus pandemic, plus the recent announcement that old-school £20 and £50 notes will be obsolete by September 30th 2022, bank notes and coins are continuing to be phased out

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Image of Santander Everyday No Fee Balance Transfer Card


Santander Everyday No Balance Transfer Fee Credit Card July 2022

Santander Everyday No Balance Transfer Fee Credit Card review - our verdict on its rewards, benefits and costs and whether it is the right option for you.

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Michelin star guide

For over a century, the Michelin Guide has been the gold standard when it comes to fine dining excellence. But which Michelin star holding restaurants are the best of the best, and which offer the best value for money?

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The world's best airports revealed

As airports start to welcome travellers back through their gates, our travel experts reveal the best airports for holidaymakers?

Read the Airport report

Natural Beauty Report

The world can be a remarkable place and is home to some truly breathtaking sights and scenic landscapes. But which countries around the world can claim the most of these natural wonders?

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The Real Cost of Childcare Around the World

The real cost of childcare around the world reveals the cost of childcare around the world.

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Image of a white dog with writing 'most popular dog breeds over time'.

The most popular dog breeds over time

The popularity of different dog breeds changes from year to year, from Pugs to Labradors. Find out which dog breed comes out on top in our lastest study.

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Image showing Warren Buffet and one of his quotes

Top 10 Warren Buffett Quotes on Investments

When it comes to investing, we could take a little inspiration from stock market legend, Warren Buffet. We've rounded up Warren Buffett's top 10 quotes to help you share some of that wealth of knowledge.

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Image containing shelves of alcohol in a bar

The best value celebrity-owned alcohol

With so many famous faces creating their own line of alcohol, the personal finance experts at have revealed which one is the best value.

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A photo of a box which reads: Subscription Savers

Subscription savers | The cost of convenience reveals how much it actually costs to live from the most popular subscription boxes on the market.

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A photo of home under renovation.

The Renovation Nation Report

Where is the best place to buy a property to renovate? has analysed everything from prices to planning permission approval rates to reveal England’s best renovation location.

Read the Renovation Nation Report
Group of employees working at a table

What are rotating savings and credit associations?

Find out how these informal savings and lending schemes work and what to think about before you choose to take part in one.

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10 ways to get your Christmas shopping for free

Christmas can be an expensive time of year, but luckily there are ways to save money. Here's how to get your Christmas shopping for free.

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Collection of £1 coins

What is capital gains tax?

Find out what you pay CGT on, when you pay it, how much you have to pay and how to make sure you don't pay any more than you have to.

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Graphic with two dogs and words Emoji Quiz: Can you guess these popular dog breeds?

Discover the dog breed from their emojis in our pet insurance quiz

Take our pet insurance expert's Emoji Quiz to see how well you know the different dog breeds from around the world.

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Worried woman on phone

How do I get my money back if a company goes bust?

There are legal rights in place for consumers if a business closes down. Find out what they are and how they protect you and your money.

Who you need to call first
meta image video game merchant markups

In-game merchant markups

Revealing the best and worst games for selling your loot.

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Graphic of people eating Christmas dinner with a title reading: The best value Christmas Dinners Report

The best value Christmas Dinners Report

With Christmas just around the corner, our personal finances experts reveal the best supermarkets for both value and luxury Christmas dinner options.

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global celeb fashion icons meta

Most popular celebrity fashion icons

Using Google search data, have revealed the most popular celebrity fashion icons in (nearly) every country in the world.

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Dirty Delivery Meta Header Image

The Dirty Delivery Report 2021

The consumer spending experts at reveal the carbon cost of online shopping.

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Most trusted consumer brands

Most trusted consumer brands

Our personal finance experts reveal which brands are the most trusted by the consumers who use them.

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Most searched fashion brands

The most popular fashion brands around the world

The consumer spending experts at have analysed Google search data from around the globe to reveal the world's most popular fashion brands.

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Loans for Peer to peer lending July 2022

Peer to peer lending is also known as P2P or crowdfunding. It matches savers wanting a high return with borrowers needing a low interest rate. Peer to peer is closer to investing than it is to saving.

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What is Universal Credit?

The government are rolling out a host of changes to the benefit system centred on a Universal Credit that incorporates a host of existing benefits. Here's how the plans could affect your finances.

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The Doggy Daycare Report - meta

The Doggy Daycare Report

Revealing the cost of dog daycare facilities around the world.

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The UK's pension problem

The UK's pension problem

New data reveals data shows Brits are woefully underprepared for life after retirement. Our personal finance experts have analysed the nation’s understanding of pensions to reveal just how little we know about our future retirement funds.

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Elderly couple sitting on a bench looking out to sea

Where the world wants to retire to

Discover the most popular countries for retirement, as people around the world search for the destinations they'd like to settle down in the most.

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A graphic showing 2 billionaires.

Beloved Billionaires have analysed annual search volume data and social media sentiment across a range of the world’s richest business moguls to reveal the most searched, most loved and most popular of the world’s top 1%.

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Ultimate golf course bucket list

The ultimate bucket list of global golf courses reveals which of the world’s most prestigious golf courses are the best to visit.

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Image of an equipped Eco-friendly home

Eco-home report: The green improvements that homebuyers value the most

With the environment being a key concern for most, our loans experts wanted to discover which eco-conscious improvements home buyers value the most

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A image of a woman holding money.

£1,000 around the world

Our personal finance experts have analysed the cost of living for major cities around the world to find out where in the world £1,000 can take you the furthest?

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Startup Cities

The best locations for entrepreneurs

Where in the world boasts the best environment for launching a business? Our loan experts reveal which cities offer the most accommodating for a new business.

The best places to start a company
A photo of a content creator.

Creator credits

The personal finance experts at have analysed some of the biggest creative platforms to find out what percentage of earnings they take from their creators.

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Live music hotspots meta

Live music hotspots around the world

From jazz to country, pop to rock, the mortgage experts at reveal the destinations house hunters should consider to be close to the live music action.

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Fashion investments header

The top fashion investments

Discover the fashion brands to consider investing in to make the most profit in the future.

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Worldwide Wage Report

Worldwide Wage Report

Our personal finance experts have explored the minimum wages and living costs around the globe to create the Worldwide Wage Report.

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City street with luxury designer stores including Prada.

The most luxurious cities in the world

Discover the cities around the world offering visitors the most luxurious hotels, restaurants and designer stores per kilometre.

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Roadside attractions header

The USA's greatest roadside attractions

Our car insurance experts reveal the weird and wonderful attractions to stop at during your next roadtrip across the United States of America.

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The world's most beautiful palaces

The world's most beautiful palaces

Our home insurance experts studied the most popular palaces worldwide using the golden ratio to discover which palace is statistically the most beautiful.

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A photo of women running.

Sports Investments

Our latest study reveals which sports are choosing to invest more money in their male players than their female counterparts.

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Yosemite National Park photo

The world's most mindful national parks revealed

Discover the best open space to get away from the stresses of modern life for the perfect tonic for your mental health.

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Cycle Cities Meta

Cycle Cities Report

Revealing the safest and most affordable cities to rent bikes.

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Fans at music gig

How much does it cost to be a popstar superfan

Discover which mega pop acts cost the most, and least, for fans to support, from gig tickets and signed merchandise to album downloads.

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A graphic of a yellow sofa and a fireplace.

Designer Desire

The experts at have taken to Pinterest and to reveal the most lusted after interior design styles.

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Best value theme park report meta image

Best Value Theme Park Report

Our spending experts reveal the most affordable theme parks for families

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Man holding smartphone

Smartphone apps that can help you save money

Whether it's setting budgets, monitoring your spending, or saving money, these apps can help you keep track of your finances and help you reach your financial goals.

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The World of Wine Report

The World of Wine Report

The investment experts at have delved into the world of wine to find out everything from which countries are the biggest wine exporters, and how much wine is drunk per person per year, to the most Instagrammable vineyards and things to look out for if you’re considering investing in wine.

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Elvis Presley Boulevard

Celebrity street names

From royals to rockstars, we found out if living on a celebrity street name could impact your property value before your next move.

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Marble Arch, London.

Revealed: Worst value tourist attractions In the UK

Everyone loves a day out but the cost of visiting famous attractions can often stack up, discover the best and worst value attractions in the UK here.

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Burbank / USA - July 2017 , "Central Perk" cafe set in Warner Bros studios

Explore Britain’s businesses inspired by TV and film

With the pressure on to get it right, naming your company is no mean feat. However, some UK entrepreneurs have found inspiration for their brand in the world of TV and film.

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A photo of an expensive house surrounded by a large garden.

Lustworthy Listings

View the most extravagantly expensive homes currently for sale across the UK with's Lustworthy Listings explorer.

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Florence art gallery

Insta Art Investing

As digital art continues to rise in value, the investing experts at have imagined the world’s most-liked Instagram photos as famous paintings

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A picture of an LGBTQ+ flag with a crowd of people.

LGBTQ+ Retirement Index

The pensions experts at rank the most LGBTQ+ friendly retirement destinations in Europe and the US, according to how progressive the laws and legislation are. 

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Image of spaniel

Furry Destroyers

The home insurance experts at have scoured pet forums to work out the most destructive breeds of all.

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Global Beer Lovers’ City Index

Global Beer Lovers’ City Index

With world-class breweries, bars, and beer festivals to enjoy around the globe, and international travel beginning to open up, has revealed the best cities around the world for beer.

Where in the world is best for beer
Panoramic shot of Los Angeles 2021

City style inspirations

Discover the cities around the world serving up the greatest inspiration for our fashion style and décor decisions, according to Pinterest data.

Read More reveals the UK brands which have been worst affected by data breaches over the last 20 years.

Breached Brands reveals which UK eCommerce, retail and technology brands have suffered the worst data breaches and how many people were affected over the last 20 years.

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Meta image for Driving Attraction

Hot wheels; revealing which cars improve your chances of a swipe right

Our car insurance experts reveal which make and model increase your curb appeal on Tinder.

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Anse Lazio beach at Praslin island, Seychelles

Revealed: The most beautiful beaches around the world

Discover the most beautiful beaches around the world to give you inspiration for your future getaways.

More on Beaches
A graphic of beach huts with a seagull on top alongside a title which reads: Beach Hut Britain.

Beach Hut Britain reveals how to find the perfect beach hut (including the spots where you can bag a bargain).

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The top influencer hotspots in the UK and US!

Influencer Hotspots

Discover which cities and states are the biggest influencer hotspots in the UK and US.

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Father;s day 2021

Best rated subscription boxes for Father's Day

With Father's Day just around the corner, the personal finance experts at have taken a look at how much Brits are set to spend this year, following a year of social restrictions and virtual celebrations.

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The Best Value BBQ Report meta graphic

The Best Value BBQ Report

Our personal finance team have scoured retailers across the UK to reveal the average cost of a Great British BBQ and which stores to head to for the best value items.

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Football transfer header image

Football transfer fever - the top 10 most expensive transfers in history

With the Football Association transfer window opening in June, the investing experts at looked back at the most expensive transfers of all time, and estimated what they would be worth today.

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condiments campaign meta

The world’s most popular condiments has analysed 43 condiments alongside 55 condiment brands from around the world to reveal which are the most popular in the 35 of the world’s wealthiest countries.

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Meta image for exotic animals

Where in the UK are dangerous animals being kept as pets?

The pet insurance team at reveal where in the UK is home to most exotic and dangerous animals being kept as pets.

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meta image for Luxury Fashion Index

Luxury Fashion Index

We delve into the world of luxury goods to discover the cost of iconic fashion around the world.

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meta image wedding pinterest report

Wedding Trends Pinterest Report

We’ve delved into Pinterest data to see which wedding trends are being pinned the most - from top bridal looks to popular destinations for the big day.

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Side hustles aren’t the only way to grow your earnings

The side hustle capitals of the world

See where in the world is spending the most time on their side hustle, with more and more of us looking to turn our passions into payments.

See the cities ranked top
The Delorian reimagined

Cars of the green screen unveiled

Our car insurance experts have reimagined classic cars from the silver screen, bringing the old fuel guzzlers right up to date with a green screen eco makeover.

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A graphic reading: Pubs to people

Pubs to people

The consumer spending experts at have studied government data to discover which area in the UK has the best pub to people ratio.

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A picture of a dog with a title which reads: Dog Theft Hotspots. Which area in the UK suffers the most from dog thefts?

Dog Theft Hotspots requested information from police forces up and down the country on the number of dog thefts people have reported in the last five years, as well as which types of dog were most commonly stolen.

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Mellonsfolly Ranch, Ruiatiti, New Zealand

From Arizona to Sweden here are the towns you can actually buy

Mortgage experts reveal where in the world you can buy a whole town.

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From plants to profits: How to turn your houseplant obsession into a lucrative investment

House plants have grown massively in popularity, and are almost a staple in a millenial living room. researched the most in demand houseplants and discovered which ones can make you a great profit in the long run.

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Pride of place campaign meta image

Pride of place: car product placement in film and TV

The most advertised cars in film and TV and the most valuable product placement deals

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Meta image - ultimate lockdown home

Ultimate lockdown home

Analysing the most sought-after property features for home buyers pre and post-pandemic.

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Mortgage Affordability Report meta image

The Mortgage Affordability Report

Discover the world's most affordable places to buy a house

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Most searched for investments by country

Analysing the most popular searched for stock investments in each country around the world.

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A graphic of the ultimate Oscars dress with the title: Ultimate Oscars Dress: What's the winning formula?

The Ultimate Oscars Dress

Research from into the outfits of previous winners alongside expert fashion analysis reveal the dress nominees should be wearing in order to win a coveted statue.

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Photo of a watch with packaging and title reading Pricey Packaging Report

The Most Valuable Luxury Brands’ Packaging

Discover which empty packaging from your favourite luxury brands could be worth up to £160.

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The most watched dogs on TikTok

Discover which breed of dog has the most views on TikTok and which famous dogs are cashing in on social media.

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Meta image forThe Celebrity Investments Index

Celebrity Investments Index analysed $11.9bn of total funding for 339 different investments to determine who is the most prolific celebrity backer.

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A dog tattoo stencil which reads: The ultimutt guide to the world’s most popular dog tattoos.

The world’s most popular dog tattoos

Discover the world’s most pup-ular dog breeds for tattoos, as well as other favourite pets people get inked on their bodies.

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Meta image: Mortgages on the Moon brochure

Mortgage on the moon

A comprehensive guide on how to get a mortgage on the moon.

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A graphic which reads: The most in demand University degrees.

Degree Demand Report

Deciding whether to undertake a higher education qualification is a large financial and life decision made by many every year. But how has the coronavirus pandemic affected degree demand? And how do job prospects differ by degree discipline?

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EV University header image

The EV University league

From EV charging points, the cost to charge to the number of EV parking spaces available on campus, the EV University league from reveals which institutions provide the most support for green transport.

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Photo of stamp collector's collection and magnifying glass

The world’s most popular collectibles

From sports memorabilia to vintage wine, we look at the collectibles the world loves to splash out on and work out which collectibles have the highest price tag.

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Lucrative Landmarks Report

Lucrative Landmarks Report

The postcode premiums of the world’s greatest landmarks revealed in a new report from

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A graphic which reads: Most searched for luxury cars around the world.

The most searched for luxury cars around the world

These are the world’s most wanted luxury vehicles, according to Google.

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girl listening to music in front of pink background

Plays for property - the streams musicians need to pay the mortgage

Our team of mortgage experts have explored how many streams musician on Spotify need to achieve to pay for the mortgages on their epic homes.

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icon representing Money’s news article

Princess Diana's diamonds still UK No. 1

Research from has revealed that Princess Diana's engagement ring style is still the most sought after, in their 2021 study of the most popular engagement rings.

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meta image graphic for innovation investment index

Innovation Investment Index

Governments around the globe recognise the need to promote, protect and finance the innovation economy to help new businesses to flourish. But which of the world’s economies are doing the most to drive innovation?

The places providing the most help
Dickens Birthplace

Great (financial) expectations

Experts from reveal the true value of the homes, flats and mansions that inspired the works of Charles Dickens.

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Work life balance pebbles

Work-Life Balance Index 2021

The mortgage experts at have delved into data to uncover where you should locate to, if you want to chase a good work life balance.

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Ranked: Europe's most pet-friendly cities for 2021

The most pet-friendly cities in Europe

If an overseas home move, or even just a visit, is on the cards in 2021, the mortgage experts at have ranked 20 of Europe’s most densely-populated cities, based on the things that matter most to owners of furry, scaly or feathered friends.

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icon representing Money’s news article

T-day sees Brits rush to move credit card debts

Monday will see so many Brits rush to transfer their credit card balances, that money experts have dubbed it Balance Transfer Day.

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