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Dan Moore has been a financial and consumer rights journalist since the 1990s, during which time he has been the lead finance and consumer affairs investigator for Which? and branched out into motoring and business journalism.

Aside from writing for The Sun, The Times, Telegraph and Saga, among others, Dan has represented consumers on various groups, including the HM Treasury Insurance Signposting Committee, which presented its finding (subsequently approved) to the Government.

He also worked with two Association of British Insurers’ committees on Comparison Sites and Travel insurance benchmarking, and was also on a Power of Attorney working group that reported to Number 10.

Dan has been the British Insurance Brokers’ Association Journalist of the Year, following this up with other awards for consumer and investigative reporting.


  • Personal finance

  • Consumer affairs


  • MA in Journalism, the University of Westminster

  • BA (Hons) in English, History and Art, the University of Bedfordshire

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