Broadband guides

Our broadband guides can help to highlight the best packages for those in search of good value or combined media packages with technical tips to help you get the most from your existing package.

Graphic to show broadband speed checker

Broadband Housing Index | compare internet speeds and house prices

Find out the impact of broadband speed on house prices. The broadband checker reveals the best places for fast home broadband in 50 states across the USA.

Image of 2 blond girls watching a screen

Revealed: The UK's Most Family-Friendly Streaming Service 2020

Broadband experts rank the best and worst streaming service for families, based on price, functionality, and selection. And it's not Disney+...

Mi-Fi dongle plugged into computer

What is a Mi-Fi dongle?

To get online when you;'re away from a reliable broadband connection, you'll need a Mi-Fi dongle. Find out what they are here.

Bits and bytes

Bits and bytes explained

What are bits and bytes in relation to your internet service? Our guide has the answers you're looking for.

Man frustrated with bad internet connection

How to fix internet connection problems

There's nothing more frustrating than an internet connection that won't get going. Our guide covers the most common problems and how to fix them so you can get a consistent connection once and for all.

Woman's hand choosing broadband

How to choose a broadband provider

With so many factors to consider, how do you choose a broadband provider? Our guide runs through some of the things you should consider.

Person using laptop

What is a static IP address?

You might hear about a static IP address in connection with your broadband, but what is it? Are there any advantages to having one? Our guide covers everything you need to know.

Woman using broadband

Broadband for low income families

With broadband now an essential service, what are the options for those on lower incomes? Our guide covers everything you need to know.

Broadband signal strength indicator

What are broadband boosters?

There's nothing more frustrating than a weak internet connection. Find out how a broadband booster could help strengthen your connection in our guide.

Girl using laptop with VPN

What is a VPN and do I need it?

You might have heard of VPNs, but do you know what they do? And do you need to know? Our guide has the answers.

Second home by beach

Broadband for second homes

Those with holiday homes or second properties to escape to are lucky in a sense, but also need to figure out the best way of supplying that home with broadband in an inexpensive way. Our guide tells you how to do that.

Couple looking at contract containing their broadband consumer rights

Why you need to know your broadband consumer rights

You have consumer rights when you buy or sign up to anything, and broadband is no different. Find out what you need to know about your consumer rights here.

Man changing router settings

How to change your Wi-Fi router settings

If you're having problems with your router, you might need to change its settings. Find out how to do so in our guide.

Elderly woman on laptop

Broadband for the elderly

As the group who find it hardest to get online, how easy is it for pensioners to get a broadband deal that works for them? Our guide has all the answers you're looking for.

Belfast skyline

Broadband in Northern Ireland

How does broadband work in Northern Ireland compared to the rest of the UK? Are the same deals available at the same speeds? Our guide has all the answers you need.

People in a shared house using broadband

Broadband for rented homes and shared houses

Broadband in rented or shared houses can be a bit more complicated to set up than broadband in your own home. Find out how to sort broadband in rented homes in our comprehensive guide.

Family enjoying fair usage policy

What is the fair usage policy?

It's important that everyone has access to a good level of internet, which is why the idea of a fair usage policy has been adopted by most broadband providers. Find out more in our guide.

ADSL broadband in action

What is ADSL broadband?

If broadband isn't fibre optic, it'll probably be ADSL. But what is ADSL broadband? Our guide answers your key questions to help you decide if it's a good option for you.

What is superfast broadband?

We all want fast broadband, but should we be looking at even faster broadband instead? All your questions about superfast broadband and whether it's worth your consideration are answered in our guide.

Woman using WiFi hotspot in cafe

Free WiFi hotspots and where to find them

Free WiFi hotspots are always useful, especially if you're somewhere without decent 3G or 4G. This guide tells you what you'll need to log in, where the most likely hotspot locations are and more.

Man using postcode broadband checker on laptop

Why use a postcode broadband checker?

When you're looking for a new broadband deal, postcode broadband checkers are one of the more important resources you can call on to help make your decision. Find out why you should be consulting them in this guide.

Person watching TV using the internet

What is IPTV?

You might not have heard of IPTV but if you've ever watched internet TV using broadband, you'll have used it. Our guide explains what it is and why you need to know about it.

Man using laptop online with an IP address

What is an IP address?

For the non-technical among us, IP address might be an alien term. But if you go online regularly (and who doesn't?), you should have a working understanding of what it is - our guide is here to help.

Closeup of a wireless router

What is a wireless router?

Wireless routers are key bits of kit for any broadband-connected household. If you're not sure what they are, our guide should clear up your key questions.

Happy couple using broadband

How do I get no credit check broadband?

When signing up to a broadband contract, it's usually necessary to undergo a credit check. This isn't always the case, though - if you'd prefer not to go through a check, read our guide to find out how.

Fibre broadband with network cable

Can I get fibre in my area?

Fibre broadband is the cutting-edge of internet access - to find out how you can see if you can get fibre in your area, read our guide.

A wireless router on a table

What is the best wireless router?

The best wireless router is always a hotly-debated topic - find out how you can decide which is the best for you in our guide.

Moving house boxes

How to cancel broadband contracts early

When circumstances or living situations change, households may need to cancel broadband contracts early. This guide explains how to do it and what your rights might be.