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Our guides show you the best ways to make your money go further and work harder. They contain all the latest financial information and are set out clearly to help you make smart decisions.

Money insights

Latest insights into what's going on behind the headlines, and what you can do to make your cash work harder for you from the money.co.uk team:

Bank of England building in London
22 June 2023

What the new 5% base rate means for your savings

The Bank of England has increased its base rate to 5% in an attempt to tame inflation.

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A couple are sitting on a sofa with a laptop in front of them and they are high-fiving
16 June 2023

Up to £32,000 free cash per person on offer from the government - just for using the right savings account

A lifetime ISA rewards your savings habits with a huge bonus, but all that extra cash comes with a couple of strings attached.

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Woman is looking at her phone and is wearing a Christmas jumper and hat.
09 June 2023

How to save £1,000 in time for your Christmas shopping this year

The secret to a stress-free festive season is to start saving your money today

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Someone is putting spare change into a purse
02 June 2023

13 life hacks to help you save money each month

Small changes that can make a big difference to your savings pot

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Multiple wooden blocks with a percentage symbol and up arrow
26 May 2023

When interest rates stop being the most important thing about a savings account

We look at the top interest rates for fixed-rate bonds and compare them to more flexible savings accounts, and ask if that’s really what matters the most.

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Women is sitting on a chair smiling and looking at her laptop.
17 May 2023

Why changing your savings account can earn you 322% more interest

Savings accounts are offering higher interest rates compared to last year, so now is the time to move your money if it’s in a low-interest account.

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Latest guides

See our most recently published comprehensive guides to money matters across all categories:

Two friends relax in a hotel room while on holiday
28 June 2022

How to find cheap hotel rooms

Getting a great deal on accommodation can slash the cost of your holiday. From using comparison sites, to when a travel agent is best – here’s everything you need to know about finding cheap hotels

Tricks to saving money and finding cheap hotel accommodation
A toddler, dressed in a suit, carrying a load of cash
27 April 2022

How to fund your business idea

If there’s one thing budding entrepreneurs have in abundance it’s ideas. But great concepts often amount to nothing without the financial oomph to make them real. Here we explore how to get the money needed to earn your fortune.

Where yo look for the money you need
Woman sightseeing on holiday in Tallinn, Estonia
01 April 2022

Where to go for a super cheap holiday - best destinations

If you’re hoping to get away this year, our guide will help you discover the cheapest places to go on holiday and how to cut the cost of your trip.

Cheapest destinations for holidays named
A man in an airport looking at the duty free section
01 April 2022

How do duty free allowances work now?

From alcohol and cigarettes to perfume and electronics, if you’re buying duty free items and bringing them back to the UK, here we explain the rules you need to follow.

How much you can legally being back
The picturesque harbour in Mousehole, an old fishing village in Cornwall
01 April 2022

How to find cheap UK holiday destinations

With millions of Brits choosing to go on holiday without leaving the country, discover our top tips on how to find cheap holidays in the UK.

Where to go for a cheap UK holiday
A woman in glasses sits in front of piled of work while a man taps his watch behind her
31 March 2022

Your legal right to go on holiday explained

The UK has strict laws around how much holiday you have a right to take each year - but when it comes to exactly which days you can take off things get a little murkier.

Your rights to take holiday

Research and reports

At money.co.uk we don't just report the news, we also carry out our own research and investigations to help make better sense of personal finance. Here are our latest reports:

icon representing Money’s news article
14 February 2022

Petrol prices rocket to record high: Is it time to go electric?

Petrol prices have hit a record high after soaring to a whopping 148.02p a litre over the weekend - eclipsing the previous high set in November last year.

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icon representing Money’s news article
11 February 2022

UK economy rebounds 7.5%: what does this mean in real terms?

The UK economy grew at its fastest rate since the Second World War last year after GDP surged by 7.5%, official figures from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) have revealed. The resurgence comes after a devastating 9.4% collapse in 2020 as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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01 February 2022

How much does it cost to pop the question?

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and many lovestruck Brits are gearing up to propose on the most romantic day of the year. As much as this can be exciting, it’s easy to get stressed by the financial implications of the whole process.

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icon representing Money’s news article
01 February 2022

House price hike: top tips and tricks to save for a mortgage

House prices have grown at their fastest annual rate since June 2021 due to high demand and low supply, according to Nationwide building society. The lender today revealed that prices have rocketed by 11.2% year-on-year in January, while Lloyds Bank has launched its cheapest ever 10 year mortgage this week.

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icon representing Money’s news article
31 January 2022

Universal credit: Are you missing out on payments of up to £7,300 a year?

More than 1.3 million people could be missing out on Universal Credit payments of up to £7,300 a year, according to data from ​​the New Economics Foundation. The number of Brits eligible for the benefit has skyrocketed thanks to a rule change in the Autumn Budget.

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icon representing Money’s news article
24 January 2022

Brits urged not to delay in submitting tax returns despite HMRC extension

This year HMRC has waived the penalty for missing the self assessment tax deadline (January 31st), effectively meaning that individuals have until February 28th to file their tax returns

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