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What is one-day van insurance?

One-day van insurance is a type of short-term policy that insures you to drive a van for 24 hours. It can be helpful if you’re using a van on a one-off basis or before arranging an annual policy.

Even if you only need to use a van for one day, you must ensure you’re insured to drive it. Driving without insurance is illegal.

When might I need one-day van insurance?

A temporary van insurance policy might be useful if you’re:

  • moving home and need to borrow a van to move your furniture

  • driving home in a van you’ve just bought but have not yet covered with an annual policy

  • sharing the driving on a holiday or long trip in someone else's van

Can I get one-day van cover?

Possibly. One-day van insurance often comes with certain restrictions. These include:

  • Age limitations: for instance, you must be over 21 and under 75 years old

  • Licence requirements: some policies state that you must have held a full licence for at least a year and that there are no more than eight penalty points on it

  • Maximum vehicle value: your van cannot be worth more than a certain amount, for example, £60,000

  • Weight limits: your van cannot weigh more than a certain amount, such as 3.5 tonnes

Not all insurers share all of these restrictions, so check the policy documents before you buy.

How to get van insurance for one day

The cheapest way to cover a van for one day is with a short-term insurance policy. If you were to buy an annual policy and cancel it, you could be charged a fee of up to £70. Short-term van insurance gives you the same protection as an annual policy.

Use our comparison to find van insurance policies that could fit your needs. Compare as many quotes as possible to find the right cover at the cheapest price.

Here’s what van insurance covers

Should I become a named driver?

If you borrow a friend's van, you could be added to their policy for a short period rather than taking out 24-hour van insurance.

However, this may affect their policy and no-claims bonus if you have an accident while driving their van. They may also be charged administration fees to add you as a named driver, which could be higher than the cost of a temporary policy.

Here’s how short-term van insurance works

One day van insurance FAQs

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By comparing van insurance you could save money on the policy. The best value van insurance will offer you the cover you need, at a price you can afford. Choose a cover plan from the best UK insurance companies and see the online discounts they offer.

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