Lustworthy Listings 2022

In 2021, launched the Lustworthy Listings explorer and now it’s back for 2022, in the form of a celebrity edition! Sit back and scroll as some of the most expensive celebrity homes in the UK and around the globe are ranked.

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From helipads to swimming pools and cinema rooms, we bet you’re curious to know what is hiding behind the closed doors of the homes of millionaires up and down the nation.

The Lustworthy Listings Explorer allows you to take a sneak peek into some of the most expensive homes in the UK today. Simply enter a postcode and start snooping.

Although many of us will just be browsing, if you’re looking to snap up your dream home, make sure to compare mortgages to secure the best deal for you.

In addition, the consumer spending experts at have ranked the most expensive celebrity homes in the UK and worldwide.

Most expensive celebrity homes in the UK

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1. The Beckhams’ £31,500,000 London home

Taking the top spot is the home of David and Victoria Beckham. Coming in at £31,500,000, this property is hard to beat. Located on Millionaire’s Row in Holland Park the family have many well-known neighbours including Simon Cowell and Elton John. 

This isn’t the only home the Beckhams own, and it’s said that the couple has a property portfolio of £73,000,000, iIncluding a farmhouse in the Cotswolds and a penthouse in Miami.

2. Wayne Rooney’s £20,000,000 estate

Wayne Rooney’s £20,000,000 estate located in Cheshire takes second place. The estate, which Rooney shares with his wife, Coleen and their children, has 16 bedrooms and goes by the name High Lake Manor.

The footballer has a large property portfolio with homes in Barbados and Florida as well as others in the UK.

3. Robbie Williams £17,500,000 property

Neighbour of David and Victoria, Robbie Williams’ home comes in third on the list of the UK’s most expensive celebrity homes. The property which is on Millionaire’s Row is worth an estimated £17,500,000.

The mansion was previously home to Michael Winner and boasts 46 rooms including a cinema room and swimming pool. 

This isn’t the only property on the singer’s portfolio as he also has a Beverly Hills mansion worth £26,000,000.

It may be no surprise that 7 out of 10 of the most expensive celebrity homes are located in London.

Let’s look at some of the top rankers in more detail.

RankCelebrity NameHome LocationEstimated Value (GBP)
1The BeckhamsLondon£31,500,000.00
2Wayne RooneyCheshire£20,000,000.00
3Robbie WilliamsLondon£17,500,000.00
4Harry KaneLondon£17,000,000.00
5Paul McCartneyLondon£16,500,000.00
6Harry StylesHampstead Heath£15,000,000.00
7Dawn Ward & Ashley WardCheshire£14,500,000.00
8Simon CowellLondon£10,000,000.00
8Frank LampardLondon£10,000,000.00
10Jamie OliverLondon£8,900,000.00
11Steve McManamanManchester£7,000,000.00
12Elton JohnWindsor£6,500,000.00
13John TerrySurrey£6,250,000.00
14The BeckhamsCotswolds£6,000,000.00
15Amanda HoldenSurrey£5,000,000.00
16Michael OwenFlintshire£4,000,000.00
16Roy KeaneIpswich£4,000,000.00
18Gareth SouthgateYorkshire£3,750,000.00
19Ed SheeranSuffolk£3,700,000.00
19Harry RedknappDorset£3,700,000.00
21Ryan GiggsManchester£3,500,000.00
22Alex FergusonManchester£3,470,000.00
23Raheem SterlingCheshire£3,100,000.00
23Aaron RamseyWales£3,100,000.00
25Steven GerrardAinsdale£3,000,000.00
25Peter CrouchSurrey£3,000,000.00
27Paul PogbaCheshire£2,900,000.00
27Gary NevilleBolton£2,900,000.00
29Pep GuardiolaManchester£2,700,000.00
30Paul ScholesGrasscroft£2,500,000.00
30Rio FerdinandCheshire£2,500,000.00
30Kevin KeeganWynyard Park£2,500,000.00
33Patrick VieiraCheshire£2,200,000.00
34Gary LinekerSurrey£2,040,000.00
35Les FerdinandCheshire£2,000,000.00
36Peter AndreSurrey£1,700,000.00
37Joey BartonTyneside£1,400,000.00
38Stacey SolomonEssex£1,200,000.00
38Marcus RashfordManchester£1,200,000.00
40Sam HeughanScotland£1,000,000.00

If you want to discover even more celebrity homes keep reading as the research also reveals the most expensive celebrity homes worldwide.

Most expensive celebrity homes worldwide

Image showing worth of celebrity homes worldwide

From businessmen to A-list singers, well-known stars from a variety of professions feature on the top 10 list of most expensive celebrity homes worldwide. Here are the top three:

1. Michael Eisner $225,000,000 compound

Michael Eisner, ex-Disney CEO recently listed his oceanfront Malibu compound with an eye-watering price tag of $225,000,000. If a sale is agreed it will make history as the most expensive property ever sold in the state.

The property is spread over five acres and consists of multiple guesthouses, a pool, a gym, a cliff-side elevator and much more.

2. Bill Gates $125,000,000 home

Described as a ‘mega mansion’, Bill Gates' home in Washington has made the list as the second most expensive celebrity home.

Set on the water’s edge there are phenomenal views of Lake Washington. The sand was also imported from the Caribbean to make up a stunning garden space along with a man-made stream filled with salmon. 

Heading indoors there is a trampoline room, 7 bedrooms and 18 bathrooms.

3. George Lucas $100,000,000 ranch

In third place is the ‘Skywalker Ranch’, owned by George Lucas It takes its name from the famous Star Wars film series. 

Although the name might make you think of a modern, futuristic home, this is actually a traditional-style mansion set on a 26-acre estate. 

Being the home of one of the most successful film directors this property comes equipped with a 300-seat theatre, plus an animal farm and vineyard. Perfect for any young Padawan or Jedi Master.

RankCelebrity NameLocationEstimated Value (GBP)
1Michael EisnerCalifornia, USA£190,062,000.00
2Bill GatesWashington, USA£105,590,000.00
3George LucasCalifornia, USA£84,472,000.00
3George ClooneyLagilo, Italy£84,472,000.00
3Oprah WinfreyCalifornia, USA£84,472,000.00
3Miranda KerrCalifornia, USA£84,472,000.00
7Beyonce & Jay-ZCalifornia, USA£74,335,360.00
8Mark WahlbergCalifornia, USA£73,913,000.00
9Ryan SeacrestCalifornia, USA£71,801,200.00
9Jeff FranklinCalifornia, USA£71,801,200.00
11Jeff BezosMaui, Hawaii£65,888,160.00
12Tina TurnerZurich, Switzerland£64,198,720.00
13The WeekendCalifornia, USA£59,130,400.00
14Scooter BraunCalifornia, USA£54,906,800.00
15Angelina JolieCôte d'Azur, France£51,527,920.00
16Kim KardashianCalifornia, USA£50,683,200.00
17Tom CruiseColorado, USA£49,838,480.00
17Eric TrumpFlorida, USA£49,838,480.00
19AdeleCalifornia, USA£48,993,760.00
20Kanye WestCalifornia, USA£48,402,456.00
21Lewis HamiltonNew York City, USA£48,149,040.00
22Johnny DeppFrance£46,881,960.00
23Howard SternFlorida, USA£46,375,128.00
24Tiger WoodsFlorida, USA£45,952,768.00
25StingNew York City, USA£42,236,000.00
25Cindy CrawfordCalifornia, USA£42,236,000.00
27Tommy HilfigerConnecticut, USA£40,124,200.00
28Ellen DeGeneresCalifornia, USA£38,012,400.00
28Adam LevineCalifornia, USA£38,012,400.00
28Demi MooreNew York City, USA£38,012,400.00
31Sean CombsCalifornia, USA£36,829,792.00
31Dr, DreCalifornia, USA£36,829,792.00
33Rob LoweCalifornia, USA£35,900,600.00
33Will SmithCalifornia, USA£35,478,240.00
35Tom BradyCalifornia, USA£33,788,800.00
36Celine DionFlorida, USA£32,521,720.00
37Khloe KardashianCalifornia, USA£31,254,640.00
37Kris JennerCalifornia, USA£31,254,640.00
39Kylie JennerCalifornia, USA£30,832,280.00
40Gwen StefaniCalifornia, USA£29,565,200.00
40Lori LoughlinCalifornia, USA£29,565,200.00

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Where are the most expensive homes in the UK?

The most expensive homes in the UK are located in and around South East England and the City of London. According to research, the most expensive property currently on the market in July 2022 is located in London and is worth a staggering £55,000,000. 

How do mortgages work in the UK?

When taking out a mortgage to purchase a property in the UK you usually pay back the amount borrowed, plus interest over a certain period. Typically the period lasts around 25 years. The payment will be taken from your bank account in monthly instalments.

There are several types of mortgages including fixed rate, variable rate, interest-only, offset mortgages, plus many more. Each type of mortgage comes with pros and cons and should be researched carefully before selecting the mortgage type that works for you. 

All mortgages are secured against the property until paid in full.

How are mortgages worked out?

There are several aspects that are considered when borrowing for a mortgage including, salary, credit score, existing debt, and monthly outgoings. These are a select few but an extensive list will vary per provider.

What are interest rates on mortgages?

Just like a loan, a mortgage allows you to borrow a certain amount of money that will be repaid over a given period of time. The capital is the total amount paid for the property and the interest is the extra amount charged for the privilege of borrowing.

Interest rates vary depending on several factors including the type of mortgage and the provider. You can view some of the best fixed-rate mortgage deals from in the mortgage section.

Lustworthy listings 2021

Our Lustworthy Listings Explorer will take you behind the scenes of the UK’s most extravagant houses, so you can really see how the ‘other half’ live. What’s more, the tool lets you search by your own postcode, so you can feed your fascination and snoop on the most budget-busting properties in your neighbourhood right now. 

In each section, you’ll find the fanciest pads, all updated in real time so you can keep coming back for more. Looking for something more than a three-bed semi? We’ve got country mansions, seafront homes and more envy-inducing properties from around the UK.

To coincide with the launch of Lustworthy Listings and to understand a little more about our obsession with expensive homes we surveyed 2,000 of you*, to find out the extent of the nation's property vices.  

More than half (56.6%) of the UK spends their free time browsing property portals like Zoopla and Rightmove, spending up to 75 minutes every week lusting over listings. 

Interestingly, those aged 16-24 spent the longest, almost two hours (108 minutes) per week - that’s almost four full days a year!

We also asked how realistic those property searches were, and almost all (81.8%) admit they use the sites as a form of escapism, and were searching for homes priced ‘significantly higher’ than their top-end budgets. 

Home-focused entertainment 

Lustworthy listings #interiors

If you search #interiors on Instagram, you’ll find 28.4m posts to swipe through, and our survey reveals that it’s one of our most pleasurable pastimes.   

Over a quarter (28%) said they follow these aspirational accounts for inspiration when decorating their own homes, with homeware, bedroom design and colour themes ranked as the top three areas inspired by Instagram. 

And it’s not just social media that’s influencing our property preferences. Altogether, Brits watch shows like Location Location Location, Grand Designs, Homes Under The Hammer and Escape To The Country, an average of 10.36 times per month! 

Relocation, relocation, relocation?

Lustworthy-listings - moving home

Almost two fifths of Brits (37%) would consider moving to another area of the UK if it meant being able to afford a property more aligned with their idea of the perfect home, with a further 23% unsure at present of whether they’d be able to make such a significant life change. 

Unsurprisingly, more than half (51%) of those living in the notoriously expensive region of Greater London would be happy to relocate in order to find a more affordable home, while just a fifth of people from the North-East of the UK feel similarly (22%). 

*Nationwide survey conducted by Censuswide 2021

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Methodology and sources

Initially, the 10 most expensive celebrity homes in the UK and around the world were identified, which resulted in over 100 celebrity homes collectively. This was done by analysing existing lists that appear on the first page of Google for a variety of related search terms that were published within the last year. From here the celebrity homes with the largest value were ranked to reveal the top 10 most expensive celebrity homes in the UK and worldwide.

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