Lustworthy Listings

From helipads to swimming pools and cinema rooms, we bet you’re curious to know what is hiding behind the closed doors of the homes of millionaires up and down the nation.
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A photo of an expensive house surrounded by a large garden.

Our Lustworthy Listings Explorer will take you behind the scenes of the UK’s most extravagant houses, so you can really see how the ‘other half’ live. What’s more, the tool lets you search by your own postcode, so you can feed your fascination and snoop on the most budget-busting properties in your neighbourhood right now. 

In each section, you’ll find the fanciest pads, all updated in real time so you can keep coming back for more. Looking for something more than a three-bed semi? We’ve got country mansions, seafront homes and more envy-inducing properties from around the UK.

If you're currently considering purchasing your dream home, you may want to compare mortgages.

Go on, dim the lights and indulge your curiosity by scrolling through's Lustworthy Listings explorer:

To coincide with the launch of Lustworthy Listings and to understand a little more about our obsession with expensive homes we surveyed 2,000 of you*, to find out the extent of the nation's property vices.  

More than half (56.6%) of the UK spends their free time browsing property portals like Zoopla and Rightmove, spending upto 75 minutes every week lusting over listings. 

Interestingly, those aged 16-24 spent the longest, almost two hours (108 minutes) per week - that’s almost four full days a year!

We also asked how realistic those property searches were, and almost all (81.8%) admit they use the sites as a form of escapism, and were searching for homes priced ‘significantly higher’ than their top-end budgets. 

Home-focused entertainment 

If you search #interiors on Instagram, you’ll find 28.4m posts to swipe through, and our survey reveals that it’s one of our most pleasurable pastimes.   

Over a quarter (28%) said they follow these aspirational accounts for inspiration when decorating their own homes, with homeware, bedroom design and colour themes ranked as the top three areas inspired by Instagram. 

And it’s not just social media that’s influencing our property preferences. Altogether, Brits watch shows like Location Location Location, Grand Designs, Homes Under The Hammer and Escape To The Country, an average of 10.36 times per month! 

Relocation, relocation, relocation?

Almost two fifths of Brits (37%) would consider moving to another area of the UK if it meant being able to afford a property more aligned with their idea of the perfect home, with a further 23% unsure at present of whether they’d be able to make such a significant life change. 

Unsurprisingly, more than half (51%) of those living in the notoriously expensive region of Greater London would be happy to relocate in order to find a more affordable home, while just a fifth of people from the North-East of the UK feel similarly (22%). 

*Nationwide survey conducted by Censuswide 2021