Yes, but many credit cards specify a minimum income. If you earn less than this each year, you will not be able to get the card.

For example, if a credit card is only available for people who earn more than 15,000 and you earn 13,000 a year before tax, you will be turned down if you apply.

Where can you find a card?

Our low income table above shows every credit card in the UK that may accept you if your salary is 10,000 or less. It also shows for each card:

  • The APR

  • The interest free period on the first purchases you make

  • The length of the balance transfer deal if it offers one

Will you be accepted?

Even if your income is enough to get a credit card, you may also need to be:

  • Employed or self employed

  • Living permanently in the UK

  • More than 18 years old

They will also look at your credit record when you apply to check your financial circumstances meet their requirements.

Here is what you can do to find a credit card that will accept you.

What if you have no income?

Some credit cards do not specify a minimum income in their terms and conditions, but they will still check you will be able to afford repayments. Even if you do not have a regular wage, they could count the following as income:

  • Self employed income

  • Benefits payments

  • Your pension

  • Savings interest

  • Rental income

Other types of credit card

There are also specific cards designed for you if you are a student or if you have bad credit. These guides explain how to get a credit card if:

Use credit cards carefully

If you need to borrow money urgently, a credit card could make your financial situation worse unless you use it very carefully. You will need to avoid:

Here is how to use your credit card so you can avoid fees and increasing what you owe.

Dealing with financial difficulties

If you are considering a credit card to pay your mortgage or another urgent bill, here are some less risky ways to pay it.

Low income credit card FAQs


What charges come with credit cards for low earners?


They come with the same charges as other credit cards but sometimes have higher APRs, which determine how much interest you pay.


How do I get my first card?


Here is how to find a card more likely to accept you even if you have never used one before and what you need to know about using credit cards.


Does my credit record matter?


Yes, looking at it helps lenders decide whether to accept you as well as what APR and credit limit they offer you.


Can I get a card if I have bad credit?


Can I get a joint credit card?


No, they are held and paid off by one person, but adding a supplementary card holder gives them a card in their name that is linked to your account.


Can I get more than one credit card?


Too many credit cards can hurt your credit record, but having cards for different uses can suit some people. Work out how many is too many here.


Can I get a cedit card if I am retired?


Yes, many credit cards could accept you as long as your retirement income and credit record meets their minimum requirements.

About our credit cards comparison


Who do we include in this comparison?


We include all of the personal credit cards you can get in the UK, apart from those offered exclusively through other companies. They are all from lenders regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). Here is more information about how our website works.


How do we make money from our comparison?


We have commercial agreements with some of the companies in this comparison and get paid commission if we help you take out one of their products or services. Find out more here.

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