Caravan insurance explained

Caravan insurance can protect your caravan in the event of an accident or theft. Read on to find out how it works and how to get the right policy to cover your caravan.

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What is caravan insurance?

Caravan insurance is a type of insurance policy that will pay out if your caravan is damaged in an accident or stolen or if your caravan causes any property damage or injury to third parties. Most policies last for 12 months and you can choose to either pay annually or monthly.

Do you need caravan insurance?

Unlike car insurance, which is a legal requirement, most types of caravan insurance are optional. However, having cover in place could offer valuable financial protection.

Additionally, if you are thinking of taking your caravan overseas you might find caravan insurance is a legal requirement there. 

Many car insurance policies only extend to third party cover when it comes to caravans, and then only while being towed. This means if you’re towing a caravan and damage someone’s property or injure them, your car insurance would pay out. But any damage to your caravan wouldn’t be covered and you’d have to pay for any repairs yourself. 

The same applies if your caravan is detached and gets damaged or is stolen – your car insurance wouldn’t cover you. 

You also risk being held liable if something goes wrong when your caravan is detached from your car. If your caravan rolled away into something or was put on its stand incorrectly and fell over, damaging property or injuring someone, that’s not covered by your car insurance

If something came detached from your caravan and damaged nearby property or injured someone, or if your caravan had something sharp sticking out of it that caught a passer-by, for example, that’s not covered by your car insurance either. You could be held liable for the damage caused. 

Taking out caravan insurance, however, can mean you’re protected. 

Note that if you are driving a motorhome you must have insurance by law (more on this below).

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What are the different types of caravan insurance?

There are three main types of caravan insurance and each is tailored to a different type of caravan:

    Motorhomes are not classified as a caravan as you can drive them as well as use them for accommodation purposes. If you have a motorhome, it’s a legal requirement to take out dedicated motorhome insurance as your standard car insurance will not provide cover.

    What does caravan insurance cover?

    Standard caravan insurance usually covers:

      The level of cover for each of these areas varies depending on the policy, so always check the limits of each are enough to cover the value of your caravan.

      Are there any optional extras?

      If you would like more comprehensive cover you can usually pay for optional extras to be added to your policy. These include:

        What is new for old cover?

        How insurers assess the value of your caravan and belongings depends on the type of cover they offer.

        Some cover the current market value of your caravan and items, while others pay for the cost of a new caravan of a similar model — this is called new for old cover.

        If you choose a policy with new for old cover, you will get new replacements or be paid the equivalent value of those new items if your belongings are stolen or damaged. Note that new for old cover will cost you a little more. 

        Are there any exclusions with caravan insurance? 

        When comparing caravan insurance, you may find you won’t be covered for:

          Always check the terms and conditions of your policy before you buy so you know exactly what cover you are paying for.

          How much does caravan insurance cost?

          The cost of your policy depends on lots of different factors, including:

            How can you save money on caravan insurance?

            The best way to save money on caravan insurance is to compare quotes for the cover you need from a wide range of insurers.

            However, other ways you could make your caravan insurance cheaper include:

              How do you make a claim?

              If you need to make a claim on your insurance policy, contact your insurer straightway. Most insurers have a 24-hour helpline number listed on your policy documents. You will also need:

                If something has been stolen, or you suspect damage was caused intentionally, contact the police immediately to report it and get a crime reference number.

                Tips to make claiming easier

                To make your claim easier, make sure you:

                    Compare caravan insurance

                    Compare policies and view cover features like accidental damage, new for old contents cover or breakdown insurance to protect your caravan.