If several people need to drive your business van, you need insurance that covers multiple drivers.

Most policies only cover one driver, but you can find multi driver van insurance.

Who can get van insurance for any driver?

You could get any driver cover with:

  • Commercial van insurance: For example if you run a business with several employees.

  • Personal van insurance: For example if you only use your van for social and domestic use.

How many drivers you can add to a policy varies between insurers, but some cover up to four people to drive the same van.

How to find the right cover

When you have found van insurance that lets you add multiple drivers, make sure the rest of the policy offers what you need. Some policies offer cover for:

  • Any tools you carry for work so they will be protected if lost or damaged by fire, theft or an accident.

  • Goods you transport, for example if you run a delivery service. These will be covered against damage or theft while being transported in your van.

  • Trailers you attach to your van against damage, loss and theft.

Work out what cover you need from your van insurance you get quotes. You can find everything that van insurance covers here.