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If multiple people drive your van, a policy that covers any driver could help you save. Compare quotes from companies that offer the insurance you need when someone else is driving your vehicle.

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Last updated: 5 October, 2020

What is any driver van insurance?

If lots of people drive your vehicle, you ideally need any driver car insurance or van insurance.

When it comes to business car insurance, any driver policies can cover all the drivers who you work with, so they can drive your vehicle.

When it comes to personal vehicle insurance, having an any driver van insurance policy means your friends and family can drive your van. It’s not always the best option for personal vehicle insurance.

Most car insurance policies aren’t ‘any driver’ policies, so they only cover one lead driver. But, with the right kind of any driver insurance, you’re automatically covered for any other drivers who might need to drive your van. It offers excellent flexibility.

You can usually arrange to add a small number of named drivers to a regular vehicle insurance policy.

Any driver van insurance saves you adding named drivers to a regular vehicle insurance policy. It also saves you having lots of insurance policies for different people. It’s a straightforward and efficient way to arrange insurance for multiple drivers. It can be more expensive than adding named drivers to a policy, but it’s usually cheaper than having individual policies for each driver.

As with all car insurance, you can choose to have:

  • fully comprehensive

  • third party, fire and theft

  • third party.

Who can get any driver car insurance or van insurance?

A lot of the time, any driver insurance is used by people who have vans. You can usually get any driver insurance as part of your commercial van insurance or personal van insurance.

It’ll be part of your commercial van insurance if you run a business with several employees. This might be a delivery company, for example.

It’ll be part of your personal van insurance if you use your van for social and domestic use.

If not many other people use your van, it’s probably cheaper to add named drivers to your existing policy. That’s because with any driver car insurance or van insurance, the insurer doesn’t know who might be using your vehicle. They therefore don’t know anything about their experience or driving history, so they have to charge more to cover themselves.

Here’s how commercial van insurance works

How many people can I add to my any driver insurance?

Any driver car insurance or van insurance means that anyone can drive your vehicle. Some policies do want you to list the names of the people who will be driving. Most don’t, but they might include restrictions on the policy. Every policy is different.

Some insurers will cover a few named drivers to drive the same van on a regular insurance policy. This might mean you don’t need to get any driver van insurance. The main driver must be the person who uses the vehicle the most, and the named drivers can use it occasionally.

But, if you’ll have more than a handful additional drivers, you’ll need any driver insurance. With this, there’s no limit on how many people can drive your vehicle – although there might still be restrictions on who can drive.

How to find business car insurance any driver can use

When you’ve found any driver van insurance, you’ll then need to make sure the rest of the policy offers what you need.

Every policy is different. You might like to find one which includes cover for:

  • Tools you carry. If your work means you have to carry tools, you might want to protect these. With the right insurance, you could have cover for if they get lost or damaged by fire, theft or an accident.

  • Goods you transport. If you run a delivery service, for example, you could have cover for the packages or goods you transport. This would protect them against damage or theft while being transported in your van.

  • Trailers. If you attach a trailer to your van, you could protect this against damage, loss and theft.

Work out what cover you need from your van insurance before you get quotes. That way you can make sure you’re comparing the right kind of policies for your needs.

You can find everything that van insurance covers here.

Are there any restrictions on any driver van insurance?

There can be restrictions on any driver van insurance, but what they are depends on the insurer. For example, some insurers might not offer any driver van insurance to those under 25 years old.

You should also be aware that any driver van insurance covers one vehicle. If you need to cover several vehicles, you need a different type of insurance called multi-van insurance.

How much does any driver insurance cost for a van?

The price of any driver insurance can vary. It’s usually more expensive than adding named drivers to a regular insurance policy, but it also means more people can drive your van.

The factors that might affect the price of your any driver van insurance include:

  • Your age. If you’re under 25, it’s likely you’ll have to pay more.

  • Whether it’s for business or personal use. Any driver van insurance for a business will be more expensive than any driver van insurance for personal use. This is because the van’s likely to be used a lot more within a business, and by more people.

  • The size of your van. The bigger the vehicle, the more expensive the insurance. Lorries or large vans are likely to have higher premiums.

  • Whether you’re transporting goods and/or machinery. If you’re transporting goods or machinery this will raise premiums, as they’re at risk of being damaged or stolen.

What are the alternatives to any driver car insurance or van insurance?

There are a couple of alternatives to any driver car insurance or van insurance.

You can get temporary car insurance for the additional drivers. This is good if other people will only be driving your van for a short period.

Or, you can usually add a small number of named drivers to an existing car insurance policy. If you choose to do this, you have to be sure that the main driver is the person who drives the van the most. You should make sure that the named drivers are people who just drive it occasionally. Listing the wrong person as the main driver in an attempt to get a cheaper policy it’s called car insurance fronting. For example, somebody might list the most experienced driver as the main driver, even if they don’t drive the van the most. This is illegal.

The final option is to get separate insurance policies for all your drivers. This usually works out more expensive than getting any driver insurance.

Any driver van insurance FAQs

Is any driver van insurance more expensive?

It may cost more than a policy for one driver, however it will probably be much cheaper than buying several separate policies for the same van.

Who can I add to an any driver policy?

Check the policy because there may be age restrictions, for example you can only add drivers over 21. Anybody you add must have a full UK driving licence.

Is van insurance different to car insurance?

Both types of policy cover the same things, however van insurance can protect vehicles used commercially and cover their contents, e.g. tools.

How do I make a van insurance claim?

You need to call your insurer on their claims line, which is on your policy documents. The process should be the same as making a car insurance claim.

Does it cost to make a claim?

Yes, you usually have to pay an excess if you make a claim on your van insurance policy.

Can I cancel the policy if I change my mind?

Yes, you have a 14 day cooling off period which means you can cancel and get your premium refunded. However, you may be charged an admin fee.

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