Kyle Eaton

Small business expert

About the Author

Kyle joined the team in 2023 and has a long history both of writing and working in financial services.

Before joining, Kyle spent 10 years at the Financial Ombudsman Service. During his time there he worked across a range of product areas, resolving complaints in insurance, banking and investments before moving into the communications team. He was able to direct his passion for consumer fairness and an ambition to prevent complaints arising in the first place, tailoring comms and project work to fit with his overall value of doing the right thing with a keen interest in the small and medium-enterprises (SME) area.

His determination to make financial services simple and fairer for all, including the most vulnerable in our society, is something Kyle brings to his writing at Coupled with his passion for helping SMEs, Kyle likes to talk about financial products in a simple and way, providing clear information to enable readers to decide what's right for them or their business.

In his spare time, Kyle is a creative writer and author of a weekly blog on his personal website.


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