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About the Author

Kyle joined the team in 2023 and has a long history both of writing and working in financial services.

Before joining, Kyle spent 10 years at the Financial Ombudsman Service. During his time there he worked across a range of product areas, resolving complaints in insurance, banking and investments before moving into the communications team. He was able to direct his passion for consumer fairness and an ambition to prevent complaints arising in the first place, tailoring comms and project work to fit with his overall value of doing the right thing with a keen interest in the small and medium-enterprises (SME) area.

His determination to make financial services simple and fairer for all, including the most vulnerable in our society, is something Kyle brings to his writing at Coupled with his passion for helping SMEs, Kyle likes to talk about financial products in a simple way, providing clear information to enable readers to decide what's right for them or their business.

In his spare time, Kyle is a creative writer and author of a weekly blog on his personal website.


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Articles by Kyle Eaton

Alternative Ways to Fund Your Business

If you’re looking to start a new business or grow your existing business, it’s easy to immediately think about the more traditional means to fund your plan. But did you know there are many alternative options available too?

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De stress

Dealing With Stress As A Small Business Owner

The symptoms of stress can be both obvious and subtle, so as a small business owner it's important to be able to spot the signs and take the necessary time to look after yourself.

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Apprentice and business owner

Apprenticeships And Small Businesses - The Pros And Cons

Offering apprenticeships in your small business can benefit both your company and young workers in many ways, but it’s important to consider both the advantages and disadvantages.

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Five Tips To Help You Prepare For The End Of The Tax Year

Taking the time to organise your business’s finances and affairs at the end of the financial year can help you spring into 2024/25 with confidence.

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Stormy seas

Five Ways To Help Recession-proof Your Business

Recessions aren’t good news for anybody, least of all businesses, but there are some things you can do to help make sure your business is in the strongest position for when one comes along.

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Business support

How To Find Help For Your Business

Navigating the often complex and rarely straightforward path to a successful business is filled with potential pitfalls, but there is help out there as I explain here.

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A leap year

Five Unique Business Benefits Of A Leap Year

Leap years give way to a host of traditions and superstitions. But they could also offer some benefits for your business too.

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A picture of a person holding a tablet with some graphs. The title "UK business facts and statistics: 2022" is written over the top.

UK Business Statistics 2023 - Business Facts and Stats Report

What does it mean to be a business owner in the UK in 2023? We’ve collated the latest business statistics on size, age, owners, location, and more.

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Analysing 2024

Five Events Your Business Should Look Out For In 2024

Having a sense of what’s coming up in 2024 could help you to plan and mitigate against any significant disruption to your business.

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Selling items online

How New Tax Rules Could Impact Your Side Hustle Profits

New side hustle tax rules mean it’s very important to keep a clear record of any additional income.

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When should you apply for a business credit card

Discover the perfect time to apply for a business credit card and improve your chances of being accepted. Learn about the process and why it’s vital for small businesses.

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