If you need to drive a van for a few days or weeks, short term insurance can give you the cover you need. To find the best temp van insurance policy:

  • Decide how long you need temporary van insurance cover for

  • Get the level of short term van insurance cover you want

  • Shop around to get a cheap temporary van insurance deal

How long do you need temporary van insurance for?

Most temporary van insurance companies offer cover for between one and 28 days.

The longer the short term van insurance policy, the more you pay; so think carefully about how long you need a van for.

If you only need temp van insurance for 24 hours, you can compare one day temporary van insurance cover here.

What level of temporary van insurance do you want?

You can choose from two levels of short term van insurance cover:

  • Fully comprehensive

  • Third party, fire and theft

Most short term van insurance providers do not offer third party only cover.

Fully comprehensive temporary van insurance gives you the best protection, but third party, fire and theft could cost less. However, it does not cover damage to your van in an accident.

How much does short term van insurance cost?

How much your temporary van insurance policy costs depends on:

  • The van you are insuring

  • Your age and driving experience

  • How long you want temporary van insurance cover for

If you want a short term van insurance policy for more than 28 days it could be cheaper to buy annual van insurance, even though you will be charged a fee of up to £70 for cancelling the policy.

The best way to find the cheapest temporary van insurance cover is by comparing quotes to find the right policy at the lowest price. Use this comparison to find short term van insurance quotes.