Why do you need short term van insurance?

Whenever you drive a van, even if it's for just one short journey, legally you must be insured. Short term van insurance cover is perfect if you only need a van for a few days as you can get cover from 1 up to 28 days.

So if you want to borrow a van for the weekend to move house you can purchase 3 days of insurance and only pay for the cover you need.

This will be a far easier and cheaper option than taking out a 12 month policy and cancelling it once you no longer need it as this will incur a cancellation charge.

Bear in mind that you will only be covered for exactly the number of days you have chosen, so if you're still driving after midnight on the last day you'll be breaking the law.

What cover will I need?

You need to make sure that the policy you get provides you with suitable cover should you damage your vehicle or someone else's.

You can get third party insurance or a fully comprehensive policy so have a think about what suits you best. Third party is the minimum legal requirement and will be cheaper, but will only protect you against any injury or damage to a third party you cause while you're driving. Fully comprehensive will cost you more but it will give you more protection.

If you're transporting expensive items, as may be the case if you're moving house, make sure that the value of these items is included in your cover.

Keep in mind the level of excess you'll be required to pay should you need to make a claim, and make sure this is an amount you can afford to pay.

Have a look at any optional extras that you might need. Even for a short term policy it's possible to get breakdown cover or motor excess protection.

I am eligible for short term van insurance?

It's important you look at the eligibility rules of each insurer to ensure you are eligible to take out a policy. Some companies only insure drivers who are at least 21 years old for van insurance, and this could be even older depending on the type of vehicle and the insurer. There will also be an upper age limit, likely to be 75 years old.

You can take a look at our Temporary Van Insurance Under 21 comparison to see what polices are available to younger drivers.

You may also struggle to get a policy if you have any prior driving or criminal convictions, more than 6 points on your licence, or had any previous insurance policies cancelled or made void.

There may also be restrictions on the van you use. Most insurers won't insure a van that weighs over 3.5 tonnes, or has a value of more than 45,000.

Compare short term van insurance quotes

Once you've established that you're eligible and understand the cover you need you can start to search for cheap short term van insurance by comparing quotes online.

Make sure you use our short term van insurance comparison and get quotes from several different providers that offer the level of cover you need, so you can be sure you're getting the best price possible.

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