Van insurance for over 50s

Compare quotes from companies that offer van insurance for the over 50s and find the level of cover and features you need.

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How to find the right van insurance when you are over 50

If you are over 50 and looking for van insurance, you could have more choice and be able to find cheaper quotes than younger drivers.

This is because most van insurers consider older drivers to be less likely to be involved in accidents and make expensive claims.

Here is everything you need to know about van insurance

Compare as many quotes as possible

Comparing quotes is the easiest way to find the best van insurance.

Do not just buy on price alone; make sure you get a policy that gives you the cover your van needs.

Find out what protection you can get from your van insurance here.

How much does over 50s van insurance cost?

The main factors that determine the cost of your van insurance include:

  • Your driving record: How long you have been driving for, the number of accidents you have had and claims you have made

  • Your van: How much your van is worth, how powerful it is and its size

  • Your details: Your age, where you live and your job are all taken into account

Therefore, if you are over 50 with a clean driving licence and years of experience, you will probably pay less compared to a younger, inexperienced driver.

How to pay even less

If you want to cut the cost of your van insurance further, you could:

  • Pay for your insurance upfront, rather than monthly, because most insurers charge you interest for paying in instalments

  • Add extra security, because some insurers charge less if you have things like immobilisers and alarms installed in your van

  • Choose a higher excess, because most insurers reduce the cost if you are willing to pay more towards the cost of a claim

  • Shop around and compare as many quotes as possible to find the right policy at the cheapest price

Try these 10 ways to get cheaper vehicle insurance for more help cutting the cost of your cover.

Van insurance FAQs

It should become cheaper as you get older and more experienced. There are many factors that determine the cost of van insurance.

Yes, unless you have declared your van off the road to the DVLA.

Both types of policy cover the same things, however van insurance can protect vehicles used commercially and cover their contents, e.g. tools.

You need to call your insurer on their claims line, which is on your policy documents. The process should be the same as making a car insurance claim.

Yes, you usually have to pay an excess if you make a claim on your van insurance policy.

Yes, you have a 14 day cooling off period which means you can cancel and get your premium refunded. However, you may be charged an admin fee.

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By comparing van insurance you could save money on the policy. The best value van insurance will offer you the cover you need, at a price you can afford. Choose a cover plan from the best UK insurance companies and see the online discounts they offer.

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