Here we look at ways that you can find the cheap van insurance for over 50.

What is over 50s van insurance?

If you are over 50 and need van insurance, you can search for over 50s van insurance. Due to your age, you can benefit from heavily reduced prices because of these factors:

How long you've had your licence for - Insurers will see you as a lesser risk if you have held a driving licence for a long period of time.

How many no claims years you have - If you have had multiple years of motor insurance without making a claim then you will be seen as low risk by an insurer.

Limited motoring convictions -The more responsible you appear on your licence, the lower the risk to the insurer that you'll claim.

What is covered?

You are required by law to have third party insurance cover as standard, which offers you cover for damage caused to others and their property. You can opt for comprehensive cover if you want to cover yourself against accidents to you, your van, and others around you in addition to the cover you receive under third party.

There is no special cover available based on your age, so you won't miss out by shopping around from as many providers as possible.

You can find van insurance over 50 policies that allow a maximum vehicle weight up to 7 tonnes gross, though most van insurers will cap you at 3.5 tonnes, so be cautious if you intend to carry large loads. If you exceed your designated weight your van insurance will become invalid.

When shopping around for van insurance you have the option of upgrading your policy to cover not only personal, but business usage as well.

Any upgrade comes with an extra cost so make sure you are certain how you want to use your van before taking out a policy.

What to consider when taking out over 50s van insurance?

If you are worried about becoming too old to get van insurance you needn't worry. Most providers will offer insurance as long as you have a valid UK driving licence although some can't offer you cover after you have exceeded a certain age, such as 70 years old.

This does not mean you can't have cover if you have reached 70 years old, it means that you will need to shop around for a new policy as some have an age limit up to 100 years old.

As the price for over 50s van insurance is usually considerably cheaper compared to policies for younger drivers you can enhance your policy by adding extra benefits, such as:

  1. Breakdown Cover - Engineer based support, anytime, anywhere (subject to your policy)

  2. Overseas Cover - Cover extended into Europe

  3. Legal Cover - Cover against the cost of motor related legal cases.

All extras come at an additional cost, so make sure you need them before adding them to your policy, especially if a lower price is more important to you than the extra cover.

Compare prices

Once you have decided what level of cover you need, you can search online and shop around for the best deals and compare prices to find cheap van insurance for over 50s .

Make sure to check several providers to make sure you are comparing the prices of the same level of cover for your needs.

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