Statistically, older drivers have fewer accidents and make fewer claims than young drivers. So if you're in this age category, you should seek out the best over 25s van insurance so that you get quality cover for an affordable price.

However, not all policies are the same and the level of cover and benefits included can vary hugely between policies that are comparable in price.

For this reason it's important that you undertake a cheap van insurance for over 25s comparison before you buy.

What to look for when you compare over 25 van insurance

With hundreds of policies from dozens of specialist van insurers available on the market, finding the right cover at the right price can seem like a challenge.

A good place to start is with an insurer who specialises in over 25s van insurance. These companies may offer cheaper terms as they specialise in insuring more experienced drivers who generally make fewer claims.

When you compare over 25 van insurance, make sure you consider:

  • Whether there is a minimum or maximum age for drivers insured on the policy

  • What type of vans the insurance covers (some policies have weight or size restrictions)

  • What discounts are offered for more experienced drivers

  • Whether the insurer charges you any more for paying by monthly direct debit

  • Whether the policy covers you or other drivers. If several people over the age of 25 are to be driving the vehicle it makes sense to consider a 'van insurance any driver over 25' policy

  • Whether you'll get a replacement vehicle if yours is off the road following an accident

  • What no-claims bonus the insurer expects. Drivers aged over 25 are likely to have built up a bigger no-claims bonus and so it's important that an insurer will accept all of your no claims

  • Whether you're able to protect your no claims discount

Shopping for the cheapest over 25 van insurance

The best over 25s van insurance policy for you is likely to be the one that includes all the cover you need at the keenest price.

In order to find the cheapest over 25 van insurance policy you should get van cover quotes from as many different van insurers as possible.

Even though you may be tempted to just take out the cheapest insurance available, this may not always give you the cover you need, so be sure to look for quality as well as price.

However, when you undertake your cheap van insurance for over 25s comparison you should make sure you compare the features and benefits offered by individual policies as well as simply the cost. Doing so will mean you'll find a cheap van insurance over 25 policy that gives you value for money protection against claims.

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