If you're over 25 years old, you may be able to find cheaper van insurance compared to younger drivers.

Cheap van insurance for over 25 year olds is easier to come by, because most insurers offer lower premiums to more experienced drivers. They're statistically less likely to be involved in an accident, so insurers see drivers who are over 25 as less risky.

However, finding cheap van insurance for over 25 year olds shouldn't be your main priority. It's most important to get the right policy for your needs. Once you know what you want, you can compare quotes to get the policy you need at the cheapest price.

There are some tips later in this article on reducing the price of your over 25 van insurance.

Work out what cover you need from your over 25 van insurance

When you compare over 25 van insurance, you can choose from three levels of cover:

  1. Fully comprehensive: This offers the highest level of protection. It covers damage to your van which you cause while using it, and vandalism. It also includes all the cover that you'd get with the two types of policy below.

  2. Third party, fire and theft: This covers your van if it's damaged or destroyed by fire, or if it's stolen.

  3. Third party only: This just covers injury to other people, and damage to their property, which you cause in your van.

Here's some more information on what protection each level of cover gives you.

Don't forget that it's a legal requirement to have at least third party insurance if you want to drive your van on the road. The only other option is to declare a Statutory Off Road Notice (SORN) and keep your vehicle off the road.

To get van insurance over 25 you'll need to confirm whether you use your van for work

If you're getting van insurance over 25, and you use your van for work, you'll need to make sure you take out commercial insurance.

Commercial van insurance is great for builders, for example, who carry equipment in their van as part of their job. It can give you cover for:

  • Your tools

  • Goods you carry in your van

  • Several drivers using the same vehicle.

Here's more on what commercial van insurance covers.

The other types of van insurance over 25 that you might be interested in are:
Private van insurance: What you need if you use your van for social, domestic or pleasure.

  • Courier van insurance: You could get this if you do deliveries in your van. It usually includes cover for goods in transit.

  • Pick up van insurance: This is designed for vehicles which are open at the back.

Even if you find cheap van insurance for over 25 year olds, you'll pay more for optional extras

You can include additional cover on your van insurance over 25 policy. Of course you may have to pay extra for additional cover.

Optional extras that most insurers offer include:

Work out which extras you should add

Is age relevant when you buy any driver van insurance?

Any driver van insurance is what you need if multiple people drive your van. This could either be your friends and family, or it could be for work. Either way, it will be more expensive if any of the drivers are younger.

Are there any other tips for finding cheap van insurance for over 25 year olds?

  • Compare over 25 van insurance quotes: When you know exactly what you need from your over 25 van insurance policy, use our comparison. We'll help you to find the right policy at the cheapest price.

  • Add security features to your vehicle: Some insurers will give you a discount if you have added security features. This could include having an alarm, immobiliser or tracker fitted.

  • Increase your voluntary excess: If you increase the amount of voluntary excess you're willing pay, the price of your premiums will go down. There's usually a compulsory excess too. So, before you go ahead, make sure you could definitely afford to pay the combined compulsory and voluntary excess if you did need to claim.

  • Reduce your annual mileage: If you can reduce your annual mileage, the price of your insurance will go down as you'll be on the road less often.

  • Pay annually: You'll always pay less if you can pay for an entire year's insurance in one go. When you spread your payments, your insurer is effectively offering you a loan so you pay interest.

  • Only get what insurance you need: Don't pay for add-ons that aren't necessary. For example, if you already have breakdown cover, make sure you're not paying extra for this on your car insurance. There's no point in having it twice.

  • No claims discount: Don't forget to let your insurer know how many years of no claims you have. You'll get a discount based on the number of years you haven't claimed for.

Van insurance for over 25s FAQs


Does van insurance get cheaper when I turn 25?


It can become cheaper as you get older and more experienced, but there are lots of things that determine the cost of van insurance.


Do I legally need van insurance?


Is van insurance different to car insurance?


Both types of policy cover similar things, but van insurance protects vehicles used commercially and their contents, e.g. tools.


How can I get cheaper van insurance?


There are several things you can do to get cheaper cover. Try these 10 easy ways to cut your vehicle insurance costs.


How do I make a van insurance claim?


You need to call your insurer on their claims line, which is on your policy documents. The process should be the same as making a car insurance claim.


Does it cost to make a claim?


Yes, you usually have to pay an excess if you make a claim on your van insurance policy.


Can I cancel the policy if I change my mind?


Yes, you have a 14 day cooling off period which means you can cancel and get your premium refunded. However, you may be charged an admin fee.

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