Guides on selling endowments

Our guides can help you decide what to do with your endowment policy, whether to stick with it until it matures or cash it in early, and explain what you can expect from each one.

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Should you sell your endowment?

Selling your endowment policy gets you a lump sum now. You could get more than if you cancel the policy, but less than if you wait until it matures. Here is how to decide what to do.

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How to sell your endowment

You could get a cash lump sum now by selling your endowment policy. Here is how selling to a third party could make you more money than selling it back to your provider.

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Everything you need to know about endowments

Here is everything you need to know about selling endowments, including how they work and how they may be taxed.

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Endowment tax issues explained

An overview of the possible tax issues associated with endowment policies.

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