The most popular BBQ equipment this summer

Each year when the weather starts to heat up, us Brits have one thing on our mind… BBQs. Well here’s where to bag yourself a bargain?

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The most popular BBQ equipment this summer - Image Module

With summer on the horizon, and temperatures starting to rise across the UK, it is almost that time of year again; BBQ season. 

With this in mind, our personal finance experts have uncovered the most in-demand, online BBQ ranges on offer for this summer, and who is offering the best value. 

If you are interested in putting the money you save on day to day purchases into something for the future then compare savings accounts to find the best deal for you.  

By comparing year on year search volume data, on the most searched for BBQs and BBQ accessories alongside their unit price from the retailer websites, the research reveals the average cost of each BBQ range.

The best online stores for BBQ equipment this summer  

BBQs are a fantastic way to enjoy the best weather that the British summer has to offer. They can also be an effective heatwave hack as they get you out of a stuffy kitchen and reduce your household energy bills. But where are the best places to shop online for a BBQ?

The most popular BBQ equipment this summer - Image Module
1. B&M

If you are looking to save yourself some serious cash on your BBQ equipment this summer, then you need to head over to the B&M BBQ section

With an average price of just £81, this is the perfect opportunity for picking up a BBQ on a budget, ready for the summer. 

And clearly, some people have already got the memo. 

Almost 418,000 searches took place between March and May 2022 for B&M BBQs. This represents an increase of 88% from the previous year and is the only retailer in our study to see an increase in search volumes over the last twelve months.                         

It would certainly be a missteak to pass up on such a bargain. 

2. Asda

Despite seeing an 89% decrease in search volumes since last year, Asda still remains high on our list, in second place. 

Nearly 843,000 searches took place between March and May 2022 for Asda BBQs, making it the fourth most popular in our study. 

However, in terms of value, you definitely get the Asda price feeling, with the average cost of a BBQ at £125 - the perfect solution for an affordable BBQ this summer. 

3. Argos  

With almost 5.5 million searches since the spring, Argos is the most popular place online to search for BBQs. Despite this, this figure is down by almost 50% from the previous year. 

In terms of cost, Argos takes third place on the podium, with the average price of a BBQ coming in at £164.99. 

So if you are wanting to have a BBQ on a budget this summer, it really is that easy; find it, get it, Argos it. 

4. Aldi 

Despite being crowned the UK’s cheapest supermarket for 2021, Aldi comes in a solid fourth position, in terms of BBQ cost. 

On average, a BBQ will set you back around £285 - certainly not the cheapest, but still excellent value for money. 

Aldi has subsequently seen a 72% drop in online searches for BBQs over the last 12 months. Yet, it still remains the UK’s sixth most popular retailer in our study. 

5. B&Q

B&Q remains a firm favourite with the British public for BBQs and accessories. 

Since last year, it has jumped from third to second in the online search rankings for BBQs, with an impressive 1.7 million searches taking place this season alone. 

We are now into the £300 range for BBQs, meaning you can grab yourself an elaborate gas BBQ, and still have plenty left over for food, drinks and BBQ accessories. 

6. Wickes

Wickes is not necessarily the first place that comes to mind for purchasing a BBQ. And that's definitely reflected in the search volume. With only 20,000 searches this season for Wickes BBQs, this is the lowest in our study. 

However, if you are after a top of the range BBQ at a reasonable price, then this is the place to shop.  

On average, a BBQ will set you back around £320, making it slightly more expensive than its DIY rivals B&Q, but with an equally extensive range of BBQs and BBQ equipment to match. 

7. Homebase

Similar to Wickes, Homebase is not an obvious choice for BBQs and BBQ accessories. 

It is the second lowest in our study for search results, with just over 76,000, which is a 45% drop on last year. 

Much like its competitors, Homebase will offer you a substantial selection of BBQs to pick from. With some elaborate makes and models, this does bump the average price up slightly towards £340. 

But with plenty of cheaper options available, it should definitely not be dismissed. 

8. Range

Rising up through the most popular search results is The Range. 

Despite numbers being down 35% since last year, it has springboarded from fifth to third, with over 1.2 million searches between March and May this year. 

However, in terms of average price, a BBQ from The Range will set you back almost £400; the third most expensive in our study. 

That said, you can pick up some impressive gas BBQs with side burners for a lot less, and still have some pennies left over - be prepared for a grilling if you overlook this as a viable purchase option. 

9. Ikea

According to Ikea’s slogan, they will make your home special, and this certainly extends to your garden and outdoor BBQ area. 

With an average BBQ price of over £650, don’t be fooled into thinking this is only for the ostentatious barbecuer. 

Prices do start from as little as £50 for a portable charcoal BBQ, all the way up to £1,300 for an entire outdoor kitchen BBQ area

These are a great opportunity to entertain friends and family and fully enjoy the summertime together. 

You certainly can’t buy happiness, but you can buy a BBQ, and that is pretty much the same thing. 

10. John Lewis 

Completing our top 10 best online stores for BBQs and accessories is John Lewis

With a reputation for high-end products and high-quality brands, it is probably little surprise that John Lewis ranks bottom of our study for price. 

On average, a BBQ will set you back about £1,000. Although there are plenty available that fall well below this value, there are equally as many lavish products on offer that push into the thousands. 

John Lewis has seen a 61% drop in its online searches for BBQs and BBQ accessories since last year - probably an indication that people are looking to save money in the face of rising living costs.

The most popular BBQ equipment this summer - Image Module

B&M is leading the way in terms of value. At £81 for their average BBQ price, this is £40 cheaper than their nearest competitor, Asda, who have suffered almost a 90% drop in search traffic compared to 2021.  

As well as being the cheapest, on average, B&M are also the only retailer to have seen an increase in their search traffic over the last 12 months for BBQ and BBQ equipment (a whopping 88%). 

Despite this, Argos still remains a public favourite for BBQ and BBQ equipment by a country mile, despite seeing a 50% drop in search traffic from last year. 

Whatever BBQ and BBQ accessories you’re after this summer, a lot will depend on your individual needs and requirements, as well as how much you are prepared to spend on that all important purchase. 

You certainly can’t buy happiness, but you can buy a BBQ, and that is pretty much the same thing. 

Save on your BBQ this summer

With this in mind  our personal finance experts have provided some guidance on how to have a budget-friendly BBQ party this summer.

  • Making your own gourmet spin on your meats - burgers are a staple part of BBQs in Britain. To save money, you can jazz up the cheaper ones yourself by stuffing blue cheese or chopped bacon inside your burger patties before you grill them. 

  • Reduce excess fuel use - one layer across the bottom of the pit is enough to cook for one to two hours. 

  • Invest in a good quality grill - A quality BBQ can last for years, especially if you look after it well. 

In terms of more general money saving tips this summer, we’d suggest always noting down your expenses in order to keep track of everything and be aware of what you are spending. You could also see if there are any subscriptions services or non-necessities you spend on each month and either revert to the free version or cancel if they are no longer needed.

We’d also recommend creating a savings goal or even opening a savings account. Whether it's short term or long term, to have something to strive for and keep you on track.


What does BBQ stand for?

Although many think the letters individually stand for something, BBQ is simply the written abbreviation for the word barbecue.

How to safely put out a BBQ?

If you are using a coal fired BBQ, you must be very careful when you are done cooking and ready to pack away. Make sure the BBQ is in a safe place away from any flammable items. Close the lid and all vents in order to cut off all oxygen to the coals. Leave this to cool for a minimum of 48 hours.

How to grill safely?

When cooking on a grill there may be moments where the temperature is not consistent or other factors that need to be considered from a food safety perspective. There are various steps you should follow to avoid any mishaps, as outlined in the CDC’s helpful guide.

When you’ve bagged a bargain and the sun is knocking at the door, there are plenty of other things you should consider for a hot summer. Check out the guides below to find everything from the best BBQ food essentials to heatwave hacks.

Methodology and sources

  • With BBQ season approaching, the money saving experts were curious to uncover the most in demand BBQ ranges in stores and their average BBQ prices. The experts were also keen to investigate if BBQ equipment was more in demand this year or last year.  

  • To do this, used a range of high street stores that had their own BBQ equipment section and curated a list of top 10*.  

  • To find out the estimated organic search traffic from search engines, put each store's BBQ range site into the organic trafficAhrefs tool.  

  • They then filtered the dates to only see the traffic data from the first day of spring (March 20, 2022) to the present (May 11,2022).

  • To find each store's average prices for BBQs, used a web scraping tool to pull all the prices and created an average. 

  • The data between March 20, 2021 and May 10, 2021 was then collected to uncover which year saw the most estimated organic traffic from search engines. 

  • All data was collated in May 2022 and is accurate as of then.

*Not all sites had a BBQ designated landing page, sold BBQ’s or were able to have their data read by the Ahrefs tool, meaning they were excluded from the study. This includes Dunelm, Wilko, Currys, Sainsburys and Tescos.

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