Wedding guides

Our wedding guides explain how to prepare for the big day, what to expect financially once you have tied the knot and the benefits and drawbacks of a prenuptial agreement.

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10 budget friendly honeymoon destinations

From Bali to Bournemouth, there’s a honeymoon to suit every budget and here we look at the 10 most affordable honeymoon destinations.

Where to go for less
Person dropping a coin into a jar to save for a wedding

How to save for a wedding

From the dress and suits to the canapes and cake, weddings are an expensive business and no matter what you have planned you’ll need a savings plan to pay for it.

Where to put your cash
Group of friends out on a hen do

Cheap hen do and stag do ideas

Weddings are back and that means hen and stags are too, but what are the best stag do locations and who pays for the hen do? We look at everything you need to know to plan a brilliant but budget-friendly celebration.

More fun, less spending

Getting married without breaking the bank

Everything you need to know to plan the best wedding you can for the money you have - all the way through from what to spend on the engagement ring to deceptively cheap honeymoon destinations

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How much does a wedding cost in the UK?

Now that big weddings are back on the agenda again, the cost of hiring venues, catering, photography and wedding dress purchase have all risen. But what does it cost for a wedding now?

What people are spending getting hitched
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The best month to get married

You’re engaged and starting to plan your wedding but will it be in June or January? We look at how to pick the best time of year to get married.

How to set your date
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Weddings on a budget - tips and tricks

Whether you are looking for a big, traditional wedding or a small and intimate ceremony, it is important to work out how much you can afford in advance. We look at budget wedding ideas and how to have a wonderful Big Day without breaking the bank.

Where you can save cash
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How much should you spend on a wedding gift?

Getting an invitation to a wedding is an exciting prospect but deciding what gift to give the happy couple and how much to spend on it can be a concern. Read our guide to find out how much to spend on a wedding gift and how to choose the right wedding gift for friends or family.

What's expected from you
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Are prenuptial agreements fair or unromantic?

We take a look at when they are a smart idea and whether you should get one if you are tying the knot in the near future.

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How to make a wedding insurance claim

If you have wedding insurance and something goes wrong on your big day, your policy is there to cover the cost. Here is how to claim on your wedding insurance policy.

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How will getting married affect your finances?

We all know that tying the knot can affect your day-to-day money management, but exactly what effect does marriage or a civil partnership have on your financial status? We take a look.

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What are the best ways to pay for your wedding?

Your wedding will be an amazing day, but an expensive one. Choosing the right way to pay for your big day could help you come in on budget.

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How to pay for your wedding abroad

One in five British couples are getting married abroad to cut costs without sacrificing quality, but many are losing out by overlooking their options when making overseas payments.

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8 easy ways to save money on your wedding

The average cost of a wedding is now well over £20,000 but you do not need to spend a small fortune to have the best day ever. Here are eight easy ways you can save money on your wedding without compromising your dream day.

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What is wedding insurance?

Your wedding could be one of the most expensive things you ever pay for, so it is worth having insurance in case something goes wrong. Here is how wedding insurance works.

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