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Coronavirus: How to enjoy a socially distanced rainy day

If the UK has managed to get one thing right this summer, it's the weather. With the coronavirus pandemic forcing us to adjust to socialising at a distance, being outdoors and enjoying the sunshine has made life much easier. But as Britain's trademark drizzle comes into view, it's time to adapt our plans for a socially distanced weekend.

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The coronavirus pandemic has changed a lot about how we go about our daily lives. From how we spend money, to the way we work and socialise — almost nothing is the same in our “new normal”.

Sadly, the post-lockdown sunshine is not going to be part of Britain 2.0. While people across the country have rejoiced in the sun since restrictions were eased, the busy parks, gardens, and beer gardens might soon be a bit quieter, with next week's weather looking particularly bleak. So put the cricket whites back in the loft, find some room in the shed for the barbecue and get ready to spend a bit of time indoors. 

Don't despair, however, as there is still plenty to do. Even if by the end of the lockdown slog, you've completed almost all of Netflix, finished your books and lost your mojo for Joe Wicks’s workouts, money.co.uk have rounded up four ways that you can keep entertained while staying indoors this weekend.

1. Experience art and history from your living room

During lockdown, many of the world’s most famous galleries and museums released free virtual tours. That dream holiday to take in Europe's top cultural sites may be on ice, but at least you can get the next best thing. Take some time this weekend to travel from the Vatican Museums, to the Musée d’Orsay, to London’s history museums — all within the comfort of your own house.

2. Enjoy front row seats at the theatre

Another change during lockdown was the way that people viewed live theatre. You can now enjoy some of the world’s best theatre productions without squashing into a tiny West End seat or worrying about catching the last train home. While The National Theatre have graced YouTube with some of their modern classics in recent months, you can still enjoy a 60-minute special of Cirque du Soleil, or watch West End and Broadway performances, such as Carousel, starring Kelli O’ Hara.

Additionally, if you have access to Disney Plus, you can stream the multi-award winning Hamilton, without having to remortgage to buy a ticket.

3. Crack open a new book

Get your head stuck in a good book (or two). Whether you want to get your teeth into Stephanie Meyer's newest addition to the Twilight series, escape with the long-awaited “Finding Freedom” biography, explore Zadie Smith's lockdown essays "Intimations", or dive into Ali Smith's "Summer" — there really is no excuse not to curl up with a good book.

4. Have a clear out

Under usual circumstances you probably wouldn’t want to spend August weekends cleaning your home and having a sort out. And while it may not be the most glamorous activity, decluttering your home can help you keep a clear head in stressful times. More importantly though, the rewards could earn you a small fortune!

Turning to online marketplaces such as eBay, Shpock or Facebook Marketplace could pocket you some useful extra money. You never know what hidden gems might be gathering dust in a forgotten draw or which forgettable computer game may now be a cult classic.

For more information on selling with online marketplaces, money.co.uk have put together a useful guide.

5. Catch up with the latest streaming releases

Lockdown measures triggered a huge surge in TV viewing. With the release of Disney Plus breaking streaming records, and the cult popularity of Netflix's Tiger King, it’s unsurprising that time spent in front of the box went up by 31%. However, despite lockdown easing, new releases are still coming in fast.

Top picks this weekend include Matt Berry's "Squeamish about..." (BBC iPlayer), "I Hate Suzie" starring Billie Piper (Now TV), the second Test of England v Pakistan (Now TV) and "Immigration Nation " (Netflix).

If these aren't for you and you feel as though you are still spending ages trying to find a film to watch, money.co.uk are here to help you out.

We have scoured through Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and Disney Plus to rank the new films and classics that have been released or are returning in time for this rainy August weekend.

August Releases: Ranked


With reports across the UK that internet speeds have been badly affected by the weather, be sure that you have got the best broadband connection you can get.

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