Guides on reclaiming charges

Our guides on reclaiming charges can help you receive a refund on everything from PPI payments to bank fees, and mortgage exit charges to energy meter overpayments, step by simple step.

How to reclaim your credit card charges

You do not need to accept all credit card charges and could get hundreds of pounds back. Here are the fees you could get back and how to get a refund.

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Mis-sold CPP card protection & identity insurance?

As the banking sector serves up yet another scandal, we show you how to claim compensation if you were mis-sold credit card protection and identity insurance.

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Can you reclaim your mortgage exit fees?

Thanks to an FSA ruling, mortgage customers can now ask their lender to refund a portion of their mortgage exit fees if the amount they had to pay was greater than the fee stated in their original contract. We explain how to make a claim.

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