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The most popular Christmas films across the world

Christmas 2020 is starting a little early for many as they turn to festive movies to lift spirits during lockdown. But which Christmas movie is the world’s favourite and does it differ from country to country?
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Our broadband experts analysed the number of online searches made for over 30 popular modern and classic Christmas movies across 18 countries around the world to find out. 

Love Actually is the most popular Christmas film across the world, taking the top spot in five out of the 18 countries included in our research. Interestingly while it also had the most searches in the UK as a whole it was actually only the most searched for in England, every other country in the UK was searching more for Elf.

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Discover which films took the top three spots in all 18 countries we researched below:

The most searched for festive films around the world

Getting the best deal on your broadband

Once you’ve decided on your favourite festive film for your family, you’ll want to make sure you’ve got the right broadband deal to ensure your streaming isn’t interrupted.


Using Google data from its Keyword Planner tool. We collated a list of films synonymous with Christmas and fed these into the forecasting tool, which then let us view historical metrics from last year. We then totaled up the average monthly searches from October 2019 through to December 2019 to give us our overall figures.

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