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Festive calories around the world

Whether it’s mince pies, Bûche de Noël, icing sugar cookies, panettone, or spiced eggnog, festive sweets are one of the best parts of the holiday season but where in the world has the healthiest and most indulgent Christmas foods?

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Whether you’re in the UK eating mince pies or in the US sipping on hot cocoa with extra whipped cream, the energy experts at Money.co.uk analysed 76 holiday treats from 26 countries around the world to find out which countries indulge the most for the holidays.

While you’re here, you can also review the charts below to see how different holiday desserts compare around the world, and discover the global top 10 most calorific Christmas treats.

The healthiest holiday sweet treats

Table graphic revealing the healthiest festive sweet treats

It’s been widely reported that Christmas is the day most people consume the highest number of calories over any other day (about 6,000 calories, according to one report), and while this list isn’t to keep you from enjoying your favourite holiday desserts (after such a difficult year we deserve a treat or two), it may help us decide what to enjoy on Christmas Day.

The most calorific holiday sweet treats

Graphic table of the most calorific festive sweet treats

Calorific Christmas around the world

For many of us, it doesn’t feel like Christmas time until your home is filled with the smell of fresh holiday cookies in the oven.

Our energy experts also analysed the energy cost to bake our favourite Christmas treats. The data uses the average serving size for each dessert to determine the total calories in each serving

In the United States, the average electricity rate is 13.19 cents/kWh, so a batch of gingerbread cookies that bakes for about 10 minutes would cost 2.17¢, while pecan pie baking at about 35 minutes would cost 7.58¢.

Most calorific American holiday treats

In the Britain, the average electricity rate is 18.54p per kWh, so it costs about 18.54p to bake a traditional mince pie for 20 minutes. A traditional treat in many countries, including the UK, Christmas pudding usually needs to be boiled or oven-steamed for eight hours, costing about £4.45 to home bake.

Your energy

Whether you are whipping up an oven fresh festive treat in the kitchen or cranking the heating up and enjoying a glass of something special, compare energy prices to see if you could be on a better energy deal.

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