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Funeral planning: a comprehensive checklist

Planning a funeral in the wake of losing a loved one can leave you feeling lost and exhausted. To help you organise proceedings and to make sure you've got everything covered you can use our funeral checklist below.

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These tasks will help you plan a funeral without missing anything out.

  • Choose a funeral director

  • Choose between burial and cremation

  • Choose a burial site or crematorium

  • Choose the location of the service

  • Choose whether to arrange family viewing

  • Plan and write an obituary

  • Transportation for those attending funeral

  • Send invitations to family and friends

  • Choose a coffin/casket/urn

  • Choose flowers

  • Choose outfit for deceased

  • Pick a photograph to be shown at funeral

  • Organise the Order of service

  • Choose hymns & music

  • Choose a eulogyscripture and poems

Please note: Every item above will be personal to you, so this list is designed as a guide to support you rather than a must-do checklist.

Where can you get further support planning a funeral?

If you would like to arrange your money in preparation for a funeral you can read our guide How to Prepare Your Finances for Death.

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